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Twins Club 5! All welcome! :-)

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mandasand Mon 24-Sep-12 00:35:44

Hello! I was a relative newcomer to the last Twins Club thread. I thought I should start a new thread as the last one I filled up with a bit of chatter towards the end. The last thread was really useful to learn from others also carrying multiples and to get the benefit of recent 'graduates' (when they had a minute between sleeping and feeding newborns!)

I'm 37 and 16+5 with twins. I live in Oxfordshire with DH and these are our first children!

Be lovely to get some chatter going on the thread so please come and introduce yourselves :-)

bernadette1980 Sat 06-Oct-12 04:49:09

Congrats gardenpixie fab weights glAd your all doingg well

Natalietwins Sat 06-Oct-12 13:25:53

Hya girls just a quick 1. I had my show and lost my plug bout 3 days ago now woke up 2day with bad cramps still no water braking though I am 36 weeks with my girls I don't no what to expect what a contraction feels like and am getting a lil more pressure down below feet have swelled up loads to what douse any1 think are my baby's close what did other mums experience? X

mandasand Sat 06-Oct-12 23:05:56

Exciting, Natalie! I have no idea! Phone your midwife if you don't get the advice you need on here, I think. Good luck! Let us know how you get on :-) Thinking of you...

Queenmarigold Mon 15-Oct-12 09:51:21

Hi all,

I think i would like a CS birth. I can't get my head around giving birth to 2. And I don't think my body is up to it - stress incontinence and pain since birth of DC1.

However midwife and consultant are 'refusing' me.

Any advice? Is it me being psychologically unprepared? Or am I right and I know my own body best??


DreamingOfPeace Mon 15-Oct-12 20:04:00

queenmarigold, I had a third degree tear and slow recovery after my DD and i chose an elcs for my twins. Consultant was perfectly happy for me to try for a natural delivery, but I thought with the increased risk of instrumental/ assisted delivery of twin 2 I wasn't prepared to risk re-tearing with the potential long term continence issues etc so stated if I went into labour early I'd try for a natural delivery- pre 35 weeks- but past that, with bigger babies, I wanted elcs. I got to 37+6 and had my planned section and it was great, great recovery for me too. I do think you know your own body and if you've those issues already, and want a CS I'd argue bloody hard for it. I'm sure you've weighed up the pros and cons yourself!

mandasand Thu 18-Oct-12 14:27:12

Just checking in to say we had a really good 20-week scan today. Everything looks to be good. Both breech at the mo with heads above my belly button now! Cute as pie, elbowing and prodding each other smile Not long now - best start painting and buying stuff for the nursery! Hope everyone else is doing well.

gardenpixies32 Thu 18-Oct-12 15:44:04

Good news Mandas smile

I am tired but madly in love with my girls. I cannot believe they are mine!
Endless feeding and nappies but it is lovely getting to know them. I am amazed but how different they are already!

mandasand Thu 18-Oct-12 16:04:28

gardenpixies that sounds absolutely lovely and makes me even more excited about meeting our two babies! enjoy every minute smile even the knackered ones! xx

skitoo Sun 28-Oct-12 15:57:34

Hello twin mummies to be, are you still around?

I used to post on the previous twins club thread but graduated with non id boys who are just coming up 7 months - it is absolutely amazing and very special to be a twin mummy grin.

I just wanted to pop on and see if anyone would be interested in my old maternity clothes. I have a variety of tops and a few skirts/dresses/trousers both casual and smarter office wear, in sizes 8/10/small. They are from the likes of Topshop, H&M, JoJoMamanBebe, Seraphine, New Look. All in good condition, not too stretched!

I don't want any money for them but if you're interested then would just want to be reimbursed for the postage. Please pm me if you're interested and I can send you a list of what I've got.

Wishing you all the best with your pregnancies.

mandasand Sun 28-Oct-12 17:26:07

Hello and what a generous offer, skitoo! I'd love to take you up on this, but I'm a 12, bordering on a 14 on top, so not for me, I'm afraid. Cheered by your kindness, though!

Hurray that your boys are thriving! I'm now coming up to 22 weeks pregnant with my DCDA twins. We're going to leave the sex a surprise! Currently feeling grotty with a bad cold but otherwise the pregnancy is going really well smile

How's everyone else doing on here?

bernadette1980 Wed 31-Oct-12 11:18:20

Hi hope everyones doing well my girls are now 15 weeks and very tiring but soo amazing watching them both smiling and giggling altho still not paying attention to each other very often elisha had started sleeping through but was woke by livia last night was tough strange how fast you get used to not getting up to feed 2 in the night lol

gardenpixies32 Thu 01-Nov-12 13:31:50

Hi everyone.

An endless routine of nappies, feeding, washing and cuddles here. Girls are getting bigger and now weigh 7lb & 7lb2. Getting them weighed again on Friday.

The routine is getting better each day, babies feeding at 10pm, 2am & 6am.

Cannot believe how snuffly newborn babies are when they sleep! They sound like a choir of bull frogs, grunts, whimpers, farts and astounds me!

Have posted some photos on my profile if anyone wants a peek smile

DigestivesWithCheese Thu 01-Nov-12 13:55:16

GardenPixies - they are gorgeous! I love the one of them cuddling up together and of course, of the pumpkin hats!! Lucky you.

DreamingOfPeace Thu 01-Nov-12 20:57:17

Oh the scrummy gorgeousness gardenpixies, they are delightful!

Can't believe my boys are 7 months in a few days... And feed/wake way more overnight than yours do!!!!! Argh!!!@ gutted smile . My DD was sleeping 12 hours by now. Ah well, they're gorgeous smiley, giggling creatures now, with very different personalities and they are really loving each other. They cuddle up, reach out for each other, giggle together, hold hands and are lovely and scratch each other sometimes, or snatch toys and make the other cry

Totally worth the hard work ladies, keep going!

mandasand Fri 02-Nov-12 00:11:12

Adorable, gardenpixies! Thanks so much for sharing! I'll be picking your brains about that relatively civilised night feeding routine in a few months' time, for sure! I've heard lots of people say that their sleepy noisiness has meant they moved into their own room sooner than expected!!

So nice to hear good, positive stories - thanks, ladies.

I am now 22 weeks and everything seems to be going well. The 20-week scan was fine. Had a panic-scan last week as I could no longer feel one of them moving (they had been either side of my belly) but - of course - they had just shifted position! And next week I'm having my 2nd cervix scan and a consultant appointment to discuss birthing options. I can't believe how quickly time is moving on! It is slowly dawning on us that we are going to have two actual babies to look after before long!

Family and friends have been great in donating cribs, cots, car seats, gumbos - the place looks like Mothercare! Mothers are in a knitting / crocheting frenzy. We're desperately trying to redecorate the house after a lazy two years of putting up with indifferent decor, knowing full well if we don't do it now we never will! But we're starting with a cleaner tomorrow which should help us keep on top of things. I know we're going to need a lot of back-up.

I'm beginning to get huge. Much, much bigger than others due at the same time from my MN-FB group! I guess that is to be expected!

fastscooter Fri 02-Nov-12 18:17:13

Hello - 22 weeks, DCDA girl twins. Have x2 DSs already, so pleased DTs girls to even numbers out at home.

Don't want my first post to be a whinge, but is anyone else utterly exhausted? I know I live with a tiny insomniac, but is this pregnancy MUCH harder than the others, or is it a girls thing?

DreamingOfPeace Fri 02-Nov-12 20:01:53

No no fastscooter its really, really hard. My DD was 10 months old when i got pregnant with my twins, and i realised how much I sailed through in comparison- I found twin pregnancy a hard time of crippling tiredness (not helped by my DD deciding to give up sleeping...), almost constant sickness and pains, the worst for me was rib pain though many others too . Oh, and heartburn, let's not forget the heartburn smile . Ranitidine from the consultant was a godsend for that.

Oh, and my DD was first, my twin pg was twin boys!

DreamingOfPeace Fri 02-Nov-12 20:06:16

And y y manda, I only lasted 5 weeks with the dts in my room. They're also no longer sharing a cot, they stopped at 4.5 months as they had such bad colds I wedged each as upright as possible in their own cot with a pillow under the mattress etc and mine do sleep better separately though they are still pretty shit sleepers despite being treated exactly the same as DD was who slept brilliantly by now . Panic scans, we all do them! Panic-wise I had them at 14 weeks for pain, 16 weeks for spotting, 29 weeks for lack of movement from one, and 32.5 for the same, plus various ctg monitoring at the end... My DT2 is still much quieter and calmer than his brother smile

mandasand Fri 02-Nov-12 20:15:46

I have nothing to compare it to, fastscooter, but I certainly have a lot less energy than normal! I usually have a full 12-hour day at the desk (at home, so not too bad) easily but this week, for example, I'm flaking out at 4pm, needing a big nap! Though MUCH better now in 2nd trimester than 1st when I could hardly keep eyes open, but difficult to know as doc put me on sleepy antihistamines rather than my usual ones without bloody telling me, grr!

dreaming when does the rib pain kick in?! glad it's not just me with the pain-scans! It's great having so many extra ones ordinarily, though. I feel a bit greedy compared with my expecting singleton mates on the due-in-march thread!

I'm 22 weeks and find the pressure from above my vagina area mildly alarming. At first I though cervix was opening, but no, everything seems to be fine. Don't know if it's weight of babies or related to the hip pain I started with 6 weeks ago? Physio did show me pelvic floor muscle on a skeleton model of pelvis and it's precisely there.

Must admit I've been crap at pelvic floor exercises...

No heartburn yet (or any sickness), just mild nausea in first trimester = reason to be thankful!!

DreamingOfPeace Fri 02-Nov-12 21:38:49

Um, think about 25,26 weeks for me. I'm relatively small and carried all out at the front. Even the day I had them you couldn't tell I was pg from behind. 'Rib flare' is the worst description ever!! I did have it with DD but I had weeks and weeks of too painful to sleep with it this time... But others have none, or minimal. I don't do pg well it seems, I puked for England too, only came off anti emetics around week 20 and I was still puking then, it was just more managable, (but still bad enough work had to do a risk assessment and adjust what I did) so don't worry smile

mandasand Sat 03-Nov-12 00:39:37

Thanks, dreaming - fingers crossed I don't get the 'rib flare', yeouch!

Me too re not looking pregnant from behind, though thankfully not from vomiting. The nausea was enough to lose a bit of weight. At 16-week MW appt I had got back to my 6-week appt weight. Be interested to know what I am now though (no scales in this house!) as I'm only putting it on on the bump and everywhere else a bit thinner than usual. Weird, as am eating well now.

From the side though, goodness me! And there's a fair bit of growing got to happen yet! DH keeps trying to explain volume, weight and circumference, but I remain a bit terrified! When I freak out, though, he just says 'Babies!' and I forget about the fear smile

Night all...

DigestivesWithCheese Mon 05-Nov-12 12:06:36

Hi everyone! I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who is/was extremely tired. Not glad in a mean way! Just in a: "at least it's not just me being a wimp" sort if way grin

manda - I can also identify with the panic scans! I am now 28 weeks and thought I would be calmer by now. Instead I am feeling more anxious than ever. I have been to hospital twice in the last week. Once totally convinced that my waters were leaking (they weren't blush ) and then again a few days later because I couldn't feel any movement from the bottom twin.

When I went with reduced movement, the midwife couldn't get the heartbeat on monitor. She tried, then another midwife tried... For about 30 minutes. Then it flashed up a few times with a heart rate in the low 90's. they were asking "is this the baby with reduced movement?" and when they decided to bleep the Dr, I started to think there was something seriously wrong! But the Dr arrived with a little portable scanner and confirmed both babies had heartbeats and he could see movement smile. The bottom twin had just got itself in an awkward position which was why they couldn't pick up the heart beat. I'm seeing the midwife later today, fingers crossed that they baby has moved a bit so she can listen in to both of them...

I'm hoping that will be the last time I rush over to hospital thinking that something is wrong, but I'm just so scared of going into early labour & not getting steroids in time. It's lucky that midwifes are so nice and patient.

gardenpixies32 Mon 05-Nov-12 12:48:15

Digestives I was exactly the same. Thought I had leaking waters at 16 weeks, I didn't. But do keep an eye on it as I had very slow leaking waters at the end and didn't even notice. I had to have an emergency section at 34+5 because twin 1 had no fluid at all. All was fine though.

I also went to triage in a panic at about 30 weeks with reduced movement. All was fine again. The worries don't stop. I still worry now they are born. Doctors surgery think I am mad.

mandas, 22 weeks are getting there and will soon have 2 snuggly babbas smile

dreaming thanks smile I think they are lovely too!

mandasand Mon 05-Nov-12 20:10:53

Glad it's not just me with the panics! Gosh, yes, I bet there's even more to worry about when they arrive!

Digestives that sounds really scary with the MWs unable to find the heartbeat of one of the babies! Yikes! But 28 weeks is a GREAT place to be, I'm sure!

Garden ooh that's also alarming about the slow-leaking waters. I've had increased discharge this past week (sorry, TMI!) but it's just usual consistency not in any way watery, so I'm not worrying.

But I will mention it to the consultants tomorrow when I've got my appt in the high risk clinic. Must remember to take some food this time as I was there for about 3 hrs for my last series of appointments!!

mandasand Wed 21-Nov-12 00:21:07

I'm 25 weeks with my twin bump today and I'm just wondering if anyone else at a similar stage is getting a freaky amount of movement? I've got two anterior placentas so I didn't feel anything till 21 weeks but now, sometimes, it's as if I've got a belly full of snakes! Not just kicks and nudges now, but kind of ripples too, high up across the bump. Sometimes it's a bit much and I have to take my mind off it completely! I'm sure there's worse to come as they get bigger and stronger smile

Hope everyone's doing well?

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