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ID twin boys (2.3 years) seem to have plateaued in their development. ADVICE NEEDED PLEASE!!

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MrsBramStoker Wed 19-Sep-12 23:58:51

My identical twin boys (2 years, 3 months) seem to have, for want of a better word, stopped in many aspects of development. They're way behind in language (currently have the same few words, gestures for about 6 months) and one of the boys has started crawling the last few days (?) to get around - only sometimes though.

They're being referred for SALT and should be seen soon. I feel I play/read, print off and put up pictures/flashcards all over the house, talk as much as I can to them (also have older 4 yo DD) but I know this terrible, but am losing heart and some days I think - 'what's the point?' as it doesn't seem to make a difference.

I'm finding it all very, very frustrating, as there's been no acceleration of language, plus they're very active and easily frustrated too so hard to play with or get them to sit anyway. They are also very happy, smiley, communicative little fellas though and creche worker not worried about their social skills.

I think I'm just worn out and frustrated as wondering when they'll start to develop language as at the moment, they seem more like one year olds. Hard to play/chat to them as they seem more keen on climbing/wrecking the house, etc. I want to be a better mother and be enthusiastic but it feels like a bit of a struggle at the mo.

I know I prob sound very critical but just want reassurance it will happen. Am worried about ASD and am terrified about what SALT will say at the assessment.


TheWonderfulFanny Thu 20-Sep-12 20:25:41

Disclaimer - I know nothing.

However I am a twin myself, and it may be that they're just quite happy in their own world for now... You day the nursery isn't worried about their social skills, and twins do often do things later than singletons - and then do them together or within days of each other.

Or they could be terribly advanced and deliberately messing with your mind... wink

Try not to worry?

BlueberryHill Thu 04-Oct-12 17:19:31

Try not to give up, twins are really hard work, mine are the same age as yours and I feel drained most of the time. See what the outcome of SALT is. They sound a lot like my oldest boy, he didn't say a lot (now we can't stop him chattering) he was just really interested in climbing, running, jumping, destroying things etc

Hang on in there.

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