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When did you get fed up with being pregnant with twins/multiples...?

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mrsdaisaku Wed 12-Sep-12 14:41:27

WARNING: Could turn into a bit of a moan...

I'm 24weeks pregnant today with ID twin girls, I've not had the easiest pregnancy so far. I started getting seriously ill about 7weeks pregnant and by 11 weeks had been admitted into hospital twice due to Hyperemesis. During that time I lost over a stone in weight and even got so down at one point I even considered termination as an option (obviously not something I considered properly, heat of the moment, desperation kinda thing).

Finally managed to get the sickness under wraps with Ondansetron and Metaclopramide, but I got serious constipation from this. Thankfully by 18weeks I could come off the meds, which meant being back to regular bowel movements PHEW!. Two weeks of feeling a bit better, awfully tired still and adjusting back to work and starting to eat more. Then the back ache from my work chair started... two weeks of agony and finally bursting into tears, I seek out my GP who declares I now have spd, YAY! Yet another thing to add to the list of woes... Referred for physio, work do an assessment and order me a new chair (which still hasn't arrived hmm). This I can cope with.

And then this week... Over the weekend I lose sight behind a bright spot in my eyes and zigzags across my vision, get incredibly tired and unsteady on my feet. So I get checked out at hospital on Monday, apparently a migraine, cue me feeling foolish and sent home for bed rest for a few days and told to slow down and not push myself. Hard when you have a family eh and a house that needs rearranging to make room for two more children. AND to top it all off the last two weeks have seen the start of restless legs at night and heartburn triggered by spicy foods... I could whinge some more about the later two ailments, but I'm sure its something you've all experienced. To put it lightly... I want them out NOW!! Does it get any worse? I know I will eventually lose my mobility... but really, could they give me a break, PLEASE!!

Chopstheduck Thu 08-Nov-12 09:23:53

Oh and I wouldn't put too much faith in estimated weights, scans are actually very difficult later on with twins.

According to the sonographer AND paediatrician, one of mine was head down (even though I could feel two sets of feet dancing on my bladder) and they were both expected to be 8.5-9lb. They were both born breech, and 7lb and 7lb6.

DigestivesWithCheese Sat 10-Nov-12 11:31:38

Thank you Mrs & Chops for your reassurance on the sizes. I have bought a few really small baby suits & nappies just in case but I am not going to worry anymore about them being little - unless the Dr mentions it as a problem.

I've now got bad heartburn and am so tired of people pointing at my bump, when I'm out, and saying "Any day now for you" or "you look ready to pop"!!

But, on the more positive side, I am starting to get really excited! We went out & got more bottles, nappies etc this morning & after having a nap, I am going to get up again and pack my hospital bag. I still can't take in that I will actually be lucky enough to bring two babies home from hospital (probably why I am panicking at everything so much!).

Mrs - it's annoying that the hospital haven't set a date for you yet, it's nice to have an end in sight. The current NICE guidelines say that women with twins should be offered delivery at 36 wks 0 days for identical twins £ 37 wks 0 days for non-identicals. It also says that if mothers refuse this, then they should have the risks of going for longer explained to them. So, it might be worth printing that out & taking it along to your next apt if you are having any trouble pinning then down for a date.

Are you planning a natural birth? If I hadn't had previous sections, and the babies were in a good position, I think I'd have given it a go as it would be nice to be able to pick my toddler up when I come home.

mrsdaisaku Sun 18-Nov-12 12:39:16

Thankyou so much chops thats all very reassuring.

Digestives How are you? Sorry for the delay in responding, its been nice talking to someone who is only a little while behind myself. I made another thread about csec, I was refused by my consultant and he scoffed at the Nice guidelines of 36weeks and seems to want me to go further along than that. Which doesn't fill me with a huge amount of enthusiasm (feeling more and more like a beached whale as I go).

How did the hospital bag go? I've got three, my own bag of bits, a bag for the babies and my going home bag (mainly because I didn't have enough room in my hospital bag). I can't wait to meet my little girls now, just have them in my arms, see what they look like, rest my cheek on their heads and see them with my little girl. Its those thoughts that keep me going...

But I definitely get your comment about panicking over everything. I think back to my first pregnancy 8years ago and I was so blase about everything and just took everything as it came. This time i'm worried over a tight feeling in my bump, a look on the sonographers face, the possibilty of going into labour prematurely etc etc

FestiveDigestive Wed 28-Nov-12 15:15:47

Hi MrsDaisaku, how are you? You must be exhausted by now! I am 31+3 and I think my body has given up. I've arranged for a cleaner to start coming but wish I'd done if earlier because, at this stage, even the thought of having a conversation about the cleaning makes me feel exhausted!

Plus I haven't wrapped any Christmas presents or sorted through dime bags of clothes for the babies coming. I thought I would have longer before everything got so painful & impossible sad

I have been having almost constant Braxton Hicks contractions for a couple of weeks now & twin 1's head has gone so far down I can hardly walk. I've been in & out of hospital being monitored & had steroids just in case but so far my cervix is still closed - even though some of the Braxton Hicks are so painful that I have to grit my teeth & breathe through them. I drove my car today for the last time as it is just too hard to fit behind the wheel & sit up straight.

Anyway, moan over!! I just can't imagine another 6 weeks like this hmm

Rowan1204 Wed 28-Nov-12 15:42:58

am I allowed to moan yet?! I am 8 weeks PG(today!) with Momo twins and the sickness is killing me....oh dear I am getting worried now!

FestiveDigestive Wed 28-Nov-12 18:00:44

Rowan - you are definitely allowed to moan! I think the beginning & end of pregnancy is similar because of the tiredness. Although you obviously don't have the big bump to cart around yet (I hope this thread hasn't scared you too much!) you still have the sickness and worry so I think it all evens out.

I wasn't actually sick at the beginning of this pregnancy - I just couldn't eat ANYTHING at all - even when I was hungry. We went on holiday at 10 weeks & everyday there would be an amazing Italian buffet in our hotel. It had all my favourite types of food but all I could actually eat was plain bread because everything else made my stomach turn, it felt so unfair!

One of the good things I can say about this pregnancy is that it has really flown by. I think that having lots of apts & scans has been part of that because there has been so much too focus on since about week 20. Because you have the rarer type of twins, I'm guessing that you will get many more apts & scans so hopefully it will go quite quickly for you. Good luck & I hope your sickness eases off a bit soon smile

mrsdaisaku Wed 28-Nov-12 21:32:49

Hi digestives Sounds like you are having things a little rougher than myself. So far I've not done too badly with braxton hicks and only occasionally feel like the babies heads are too low down. I just get sudden shooting pains down my legs as I walk, the sciatic nerves and just down the inside of my legs. I still manage to do a little walk around town as I have still got xmas shopping to do and like you not even started on the wrapping. I'm going to endeavour putting the decorations up this weekend, I get the feeling I will be sitting on the sofa directing where I want everything. But I am a massive control freak over the christmas tree (it has to be 'just' right. Oh dear, my poor hubby).

Like you I wish I had arranged a cleaner, but unfortunately my work have messed me around so much that I just can't afford one at the moment sad. I do at least find driving okay still, my steering wheel moves in and out, THANK THE LORD. I love having that freedom, I can waddle to the car and into someones house. Do you find that one twin sits higher up than the other? One of mine I swear is trying to escape out the top of my bump. Do your docs think it's likely that you will last much longer? For them to have given you steroids?

mrsdaisaku Wed 28-Nov-12 21:40:20

Rowan Please moan away, I HATED the first 18weeks of pregnancy. I was so sick that I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis and was admitted into hospital twice and put on a drip. Those 18weeks dragged soooooo much and were so tough I'm actually thankful for how I feel now. If you're really struggling with sickness go and see your doctor and they may be able to prescribe something that will help, I wish I had before being admitted into hospital. But then, I didn't know I was expecting twins till 10weeks.

But as digestives said, time does speed up once the sickness passes, the constant scans and consultant appointments keep you busy and its so lovely to see your two babies swimming around and kicking out at each other on the screen so regularly. I was even lucky enough to get some 4d scan pictures free right at the beginning. But not seen their faces for a long time as they have been head down for so long. Best of luck though, your journey is only just beginning smile But its such an exciting journey.

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