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When did you get fed up with being pregnant with twins/multiples...?

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mrsdaisaku Wed 12-Sep-12 14:41:27

WARNING: Could turn into a bit of a moan...

I'm 24weeks pregnant today with ID twin girls, I've not had the easiest pregnancy so far. I started getting seriously ill about 7weeks pregnant and by 11 weeks had been admitted into hospital twice due to Hyperemesis. During that time I lost over a stone in weight and even got so down at one point I even considered termination as an option (obviously not something I considered properly, heat of the moment, desperation kinda thing).

Finally managed to get the sickness under wraps with Ondansetron and Metaclopramide, but I got serious constipation from this. Thankfully by 18weeks I could come off the meds, which meant being back to regular bowel movements PHEW!. Two weeks of feeling a bit better, awfully tired still and adjusting back to work and starting to eat more. Then the back ache from my work chair started... two weeks of agony and finally bursting into tears, I seek out my GP who declares I now have spd, YAY! Yet another thing to add to the list of woes... Referred for physio, work do an assessment and order me a new chair (which still hasn't arrived hmm). This I can cope with.

And then this week... Over the weekend I lose sight behind a bright spot in my eyes and zigzags across my vision, get incredibly tired and unsteady on my feet. So I get checked out at hospital on Monday, apparently a migraine, cue me feeling foolish and sent home for bed rest for a few days and told to slow down and not push myself. Hard when you have a family eh and a house that needs rearranging to make room for two more children. AND to top it all off the last two weeks have seen the start of restless legs at night and heartburn triggered by spicy foods... I could whinge some more about the later two ailments, but I'm sure its something you've all experienced. To put it lightly... I want them out NOW!! Does it get any worse? I know I will eventually lose my mobility... but really, could they give me a break, PLEASE!!

Lulabel27 Wed 12-Sep-12 19:33:21

I'm so sorry I could have written your post!! I'm 23 weeks with mcda and already the same size as I was full term with dd. After awful morning
Sickness subsided at 14 weeks I got food poisoning at 16 weeks ended up being in hospital on a drip and off work for a week. 20 weeks I got a chest infection followed by burst ear drum! I'm just getting over them and back to work again but the commute is killing me. Often I don't get a seat and can't even squeeze past the vestibule to get to where the seats are to ask for one!

I'm moving house in 6 weeks time and dd is finishing at her childminders. I really don't know how I'll cope as I'm sure I'll be much much bigger by then! I can't see me getting to 36 weeks at this rate...

Sorry this isn't what you want to hear but you are not alone! Hopefully someone can come and reassure us both?!!

TwelveLeggedWalk Wed 12-Sep-12 19:37:19

I know what you mean, I vomited for 16 weeks, then had problems with waters which meant scans every 20 minutes, howling heartburn, then awful spd from about 24 weeks. I definitely remember moaning about being pregnant and saying I couldn't do another 2 months of it.

Without meaning to put a dampener on the thread, I didn't have to. My two arrived at 30 weeks and I would have given ANYTHING to have them back inside me. I would've had every symptom 10 times over of it meant my boy wasn't ventilated and both hooked up to a million lines, in separate incubators. They're doing fine now but I still wish I could turn the clock back.

So I guess what I'm saying is be careful what you wish for! smile and try and keep em in!

Handsfulloffun Wed 12-Sep-12 21:32:51

Oh no it sounds like your having a really tough time, how many DC have you got already ? Is there any chance friends family could help out a bit.......even if its just help with school runs.

I was quite lucky in comparison I had sickness for the first 16 ish weeks, then migraines up until 24 weeks then I was just huge and uncomfortable.

Like Twelve I had my /dt's at 30 weeks, so I cant really tell you how hard it will be beyond that.

If people offer to help bite their hand off, and if they dont offer ask.

Good Luck mrsdaisaku and lulabel27

Nancy54 Thu 13-Sep-12 09:46:34

Hi everyone - just thought it might cheer you up to hear that my pregnancy has actually got better with time SO THERE IS HOPE!!!!

Had lots of complications around the 20 week mark and got signed off work, had a month of bedrest, lots of stress etc.

Now at 35+6 (never quite thought i'd get here!!!) and actually feeling so much better than i have done for rest of pregnancy. Was seriously anemic so last week they gave me iron intravenously every other day so i think that has helped.

I am however the size of a camper van.

I hope you start feeling better soon Mrsdaisaku ans lulabel27!!

amillionyears Thu 13-Sep-12 09:56:01

I didnt.My multiples pregnancy was much the same as my others.More morning sickness and huge,but apart from that,not much different.It just felt special.
Not being much help am I.I do remember not being able to drive from about 30?weeks onwards. I got I was too far away from the steering wheel and pedals.
You really are going through the mill arent you.
As MN says,this will pass.Hope you all have a lovely life together.

DigestivesWithPhiladelphia Thu 13-Sep-12 10:55:40


I've only got time to post quickly but regarding your SPD - have you thought about seeing an osteopath privately?

In my last (single) pregnancy, I was signed off work (for the whole pregnancy), on crutches and co-codamol. By 28 weeks I was immobile and had to inject myself daily to prevent blood clots because I was always in bed, at 32 weeks in hospital on morphine because of muscle spasms... It was awful.

The NHS physio just gave me leaflets and a belt and a private chiropractor didn't help much. However, I am now 20 weeks pregnant with twins and I have to carry my 18 month old around too. I am currently fine grin. This is definitely down to the fact that I saw an osteopath at 17 & 18 weeks, when the pain had really started to flare up again especially in my back. He re-aligned my pelvis. After the second session I had a day of agony where I could hardly walk... The day after- it was like a miracle. I actually can't believe it! I can walk, climb, do anything I want really without pain. Also, my tiredness has reduced massively. OThe osteopath said that when your muscles are all in a protective "lockdown" that it causes stress and tiredness for your whole body.

I am seeing him again next week, and then every month if I continue to feel so well. I wish SO much I had gone to see this man last time. I keep telling everyone about the miracles he has worked - I was quite skeptical when I first went & am still stunned that it had really worked for me.

DigestivesWithPhiladelphia Thu 13-Sep-12 10:58:21

Sorry, I meant up say that last time I was on crutches at 17 weeks and permanently signed off by 20. As I'm 20 weeks now I can really compare the way my back, hips etc feel. I'm definitely bigger than last time too!

I hope you feel better soon, I remember the pain making me constantly tearful and I also felt like no-one understood how painful it actually was.

mrsdaisaku Thu 13-Sep-12 13:20:33

lulabel I'm so sorry that you're feeling so rough and having equally hard time as myself. I couldnt imagine having to move house so late on, with twins too. And are people really so rude they don't notice you're pregnant and let you sit down.... Grrrrr to society. Sending you gentle hugs and really hope you manage okay. You have my sympathies x

Nancy Thankyou so much for your reassurance, I hope the remainder of your pregnancy is smooth and without anymore complications.

Digestive Thankyou so much for your recommendation, how much does it cost if you dont mind me asking? Things are a little tight as you can imagine smile

hands and twelve Thankyou so much for your words of encouragement, its ladies like you who make this site so worthwhile coming onto.

I do have plenty of offers of help, but one of my biggest character downfalls is that I can be soooo pigheaded and independent. Might have to concede the fact I cant afford to be. Thank god my daughter is 8 and helps me out alot. Wouldn't be without her.

Mandy21 Fri 14-Sep-12 19:27:14

Glad to hear things are progressing well. Just wanted to agree with one of the other posters - I know you meant it as a flippant comment about wanting them out, but anyone who has been in that situation where they have come early would swap places with you a million times over. I had my twins at 27 weeks and I would have stayed in bed for the next 13 weeks with restless legs, indigestion, every complication known to man if it meant they'd have been spared what they went through in SCBU.

mrsdaisaku Sun 16-Sep-12 12:13:41

Of course I don't wish my babies to be born earlier than when they're ready. I'm sorry you and your babies went through what they did and wouldn't wish that on anyone.

However, I'm only human and I reach my limits sometimes and need to vent. I love my babies and just want to protect them. I'm trying all I can to ease the complications of this pregnancy to make it an enjoyable experience. If I'm positive and happy, then there is a better chance of me and the babies remaining healthy and them tucked away safe and sound. So forgive me if I need a little moan and reassurance so that I know i'm not the only one feeling the same way.

Desiren Wed 26-Sep-12 07:50:52

Hi my I'd boys are now 5 1/2 months old and were born at 36 weeks, I had had enough by week 20. Heartburn was the killer and I'm still suffering now (I HATE GAVISGON) I had spd and NHS physio was rubbish provided a belt (already had one) and a leaflet. The tiredness was rough I worked up until 32 weeks was supposed to work up till 34 but my father died and work gave me the time left as compassionate. I had previously had 2 dd so knew what pregnancy was like but the twins pregnancy was by far the hardest I even did a long haul flight at Christmas (pure madness) it has definitely made up my mind for me that there will be not more babies I couldn't do that again. But I'm glad their here!

Natalietwins Sat 29-Sep-12 01:42:22

Hya I am 35 weeks with non identicle girls and am sorry but it gets worse, I also have spd and my belt douse nothink any more I cam berly walk I have good days were I want to clean my house top to bottom then days were I just can not move, I have bad acid all night witch now hurts my back, my legs are just gone this is my first pregnancy and I am put of for life feels like I have bin pregnant foreva I no what you mean when you say you want them out it is a realy hard thing to go through at this point we can not see how lucky we are but we are and when they are hear am sure we will forget all we went through good look though huni hope your pregnancy gets better and you don't feel like giving up x

DigestivesWithPhiladelphia Tue 09-Oct-12 13:19:40

Today is the day I am officially 'fed up'. I am 24 weeks & 2 days. This morning, I was actually crying with exhaustion by 9am - I'd only been up since 7.30am! My bump seems to have tripled in size in the last week and I've just suddenly hit a wall of tiredness which is unlike anything I've experienced in previous pregnancies. I'm looking after an extremely lively toddler all day as well as doing school pick up for my eldest - when all I want to do is sleep!!

I'm trying not to moan to people in real life, so I thought I'd post it here. MrsDaisaku Thank you for your original post, it's nice to know that I am not the only one feeling a bit rotten! I hope you are feeling better now than you were.

And, of course, it doesn't mean I am wishing for my babies to be born prematurely, I'm sure no-one wishes that, but I am looking forward to the day the babies are delivered and I can breathe and walk properly again grin

mrsdaisaku Mon 15-Oct-12 09:57:16

Digestives Thankyou for posting, I did get a bit better for a couple of weeks. I'm now 28wks +6 and sooooo bloody uncomfortable. I spend my days layed out on my bed as apart from the bath its the only place I feel remotely human. I do one room a day cleaning which nearly kills me and leave my bump feeling to bruised and heavy. Breathing is just getting harder. I've been in tears more in the last week than I have since suffering with HG at the beginning.

So please, come back if you want to moan about your pregnancy, like you i'm trying my hardest not to moan to people in real life, but having people who know what you're going through is so reassuring.

Just to reiterate, I don't want my babies to be born prem, I want them where they are. But BOY is this the toughest thing I've ever had to do and I know it's just going to get harder and more uncomfortable sad But they will be worth it, even if I don't always appreciate that now.

Queenmarigold Mon 15-Oct-12 11:00:23

I am 24 weeks with twins and am fed up too - could've writen your post!
I'm huge, my skin is so sore where it's stretched, my legs are full of shockingly bad varicose veins, and my SPD is making it difficult to walk. i can't believe I have another 3 month of this sh*t!
I too am tearful, I can't sleep and I am out of breath from doing abolsutely nothing. Tis scary how quickly things have changed.
I keep telling my self it is temporary and it will pass. I have an app from What to expect when you're expecting that has a countdown on it, that's helping a bit.
I feel I am being a bad mum to my DD (4) - she thinks I can't be bothered with her and I'm not interested. It's not the case, it's jsut that if I sit on the floor I can't get up and it's agony, and I can't fold over to sit on one of her little chairs any more.
Like you I want 2 happy healthy babies after Xmas but man I wish I could fast forward through the next 12 weeks!

Queenmarigold Mon 15-Oct-12 11:03:40

Oh - and LOADS of Braxton Hicks - is this normal? Should I worryy??

DigestivesWithPhiladelphia Sat 20-Oct-12 10:58:07

mrsdaisaku - you are doing well to still be cleaning one room a day! I am not as far on as you but I am spending a lot of time lying on my bed/sofa while my toddler rampages around me. Cleaning isn't happening very often blush

Queenmarigold - I also have lots of braxton hicks, mainly in the evening. When I get panicky about them I start writing down the time each one happens at. I can then see that they are not at all regular (gaps of 8, 9, 19 & then 4 minutes for example!). I did tell my consultant and age said if they become painful or regular to go straight in. I am expecting a few false alarm trips nearer the end, as I am already worrying about what will happen if they come early.

gardenpixies32 Sat 20-Oct-12 19:19:59

I struggled with morning sickness from week 6-18 which was very unpleasant. I had SPD from about week 16 but it was never unbearable, thankfully. I worked until 28 weeks and the worst of my symptoms were hip ache and extreme tiredness. Once I had finished work and around 30 weeks, I felt my worst. Waking up 7/8 times a night for the toilet, unable to turn over in bed, awful awful hip and lower back pain with the biggest bump in the world. My daughters were born by emergency section at 34+5 and weighed a whopping 5'7 and 6'1!

I haven't said this to anyone but a tape measure wouldn't fit around my bump! On the plus side, having a c section is far far less painful than carrying twins at the end! I had the best nights sleep the night of my section and the nurses were stunned at how mobile I was only hours afterwards.

mrsdaisaku Tue 23-Oct-12 11:04:00

queenmarigold I think it was about 24 weeks when things really started becoming difficult for me too. Your braxton hicks must be quite worrying, i've not had any so I suppose I should be thankful for that. Great advice from Digestives on the braxton hicks, I cant advise anything on that. Being a bad mother, you are not. Your daughter won't even remember and soon she will have two little siblings that will keep her more than entertained. I don't have a little one at home, mine is 8 and at school all day. But have you thought about getting a tray for her to bring stuff over to you on the bed? Have a special little tea party? I cant sit on the sofa or at the dining table as I get back ache, but my daughter is happy to get some cards and sit on my bed with me and use a bed tray....??

Digestives I admire anyone who is going through a twin or more pregnancy with a toddler. My daughter is self sufficient so doesnt need chasing after or feeding in the middle of the day or tidying up after. So you have my admiration, cleaning one room a day is a doddle compared to a toddler. smile Keep up the rest though and don't for one minute feel guilty for it. We're going through something that most assuredly does NOT feel natural lol

Pixies Thankyou for your post, it's nice to know that it does all eventually come to an end. You have actually made me look forward to the c-sec, just for the relief it will bring. And WOW at the weights for such an early birth, my eyes actually bulged at that. My daughter was 6'13 at 10 days early, so i'm massively impressed and not surprised you were so mobile after having them out. How old are your twins now?

I'm managing a little better this week emotionally, i've managed a couple of days without blubbering uncontrollably. I spend the majority of my day in bed, till about 1pm, then shower, do a little housework and pick my daughter up from school. Then I come home, spend a little time one on one with her and then its back onto the bed till my husband gets home. Seems to be working quite well. The one thing i'm struggling to remember is not to eat too much at dinner time... It makes me feel so bloated and the bump so uncomfortable. Note to self... Little but often. Sending warm hugs to anyone having a particularly bad day.

gardenpixies32 Wed 24-Oct-12 04:24:34

mrsdaisaku, my twins will be 4 weeks old on Saturday. Full on hard work but lovely little things!

Hope you pregnancy starts to improve smile

mrsdaisaku Mon 05-Nov-12 20:48:56

Nearly at 32weeks and feeling soooooo big I actually wonder how my body can cope with getting any bigger...?? Obviously I know it can but phew I'm struggling and especially as sciatica has properly settled in now, walking is very painful. I keep asking people if they want to take over for a bit, don't get many volunteers smile

Queenmarigold and Digestives How are you both getting on? Would be lovely to hear from you.

DigestivesWithCheese Wed 07-Nov-12 18:47:51

Hi MrsDaisaku! I'm still here, 28 weeks now, I'm booked in for a c-section at 37 & am counting down the weeks because I feel enormous too! If I squat down on the floor to pick something up then I have to be really careful when I stand back up because I nearly lose my balance grin I am a bit envious of you for being four weeks ahead of me, not long for you to go now... The sciatica sounds horrible, I can imagine you are also counting down the weeks.

I had a scan today & everything seemed well. I looked at the measurements afterwards & saw that the sonographer had printed the measurements on graphs that show the centiles. Both twins have been on the 10th centile for weight all along and are still there. I'm trying not to fret about that but I have been wondering "why are they so small?". My other DC's were on the 50th when I had scans for them. I see the consultant next Friday so I can check with her then instead of looking things on on google & panicking myself!

The estimated weights were 2.5lb & 2.8lb which doesn't sound to bad to me really. Have you been given estimated weights at your scans so far?

mrsdaisaku Thu 08-Nov-12 09:12:19

Digestives Ah i'm very envious of you for having your csec booked, my local hospital have really been dragging their feet about booking a date for me and my girls... Must admit its getting very frustrating. (I am most definitely counting down the weeks, I cannot wait to have my body back to myself and never have to go through this again lol)

If I can allay some of your fears with the weights of your babies, I only had it explained to me the other week. If your babies are slightly small do not worry, the thing that is most important is that they are growing steadily and as they have been following the same line of development that is very good. If they go off that line drastically then that is the only time to worry. Mine at the last scan were 3lb 1oz and 3lb 6oz, I have another scan on friday, so will see how much they weigh then.

How is your overall mobility? The last couple of weeks my bump seems to have dropped alot so I really struggle to get socks on, bend down (I have to hold onto work surfaces or walls to get back up lol). I crawl into bed like a monkey and grunt and groan just to roll over. I'm trying to laugh at myself or I think I would be in tears permanently (although I would be lying if I said I haven't).

Hoping you're enjoying the experience more than I am... smile

Chopstheduck Thu 08-Nov-12 09:22:25

aww, trin pg can be so hard. I got finally totally sick of mine by about 35 weeks or so? I'd had a lot of pain and whatnot, but then my lung collapsed and that finished me off, and I desperately wanted them out! I had them at 38 weeks by elective cesarian. They were both breech, and dt2's head was pushing on my right lung.

I still managed to walk until the end, but very very slowly, and I still managed to fall in the street a day or two before I went in for the section! After that I stayed put!

It will all be over eventually though, jsut rest as much as you can! I already had a disabled 2 year old and a 4 year old, so was a bit limited but dh helped by doing things like preparing lunch before he went to work, etc.

Just wait til they are 7 like mine, now, and beating the socks of each other! grin

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