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Being induced at 37 weeks with twins.

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Nancy54 Wed 05-Sep-12 17:40:41


I'm 35 weeks with twins at the mo and had an appointment at the hosp today. the consultant said that he'd like to induce at 37.5 and then the junior doc went off and made the appointment.

i realised when i got home that the appointment is actually for exactly 37 weeks and not 37.5. not sure if that makes a big difference.

Was just wondering if anyone has any experience of being induced, and if so when because i think i would have prefered them to leave me for a little longer (although they had said previously that they don't let twin pregnancies go past 38 weeks - i live in france, not sure if that's the case in england too).

Am thinking of ringing the consultant tomorrow to discuss the necessity of inducing them at 37 and to see if i can't push it back a bit but he's a bit of an arrogant arse so not sure much will come of it.....

KnackeredCow Wed 05-Sep-12 21:25:06

I'm only 14 weeks with twins but at my antenatal appointment with my Consultant (in the UK) I was told pretty much the same thing. They said I'd be offered an induction around 37 weeks if I hadn't gone into labour spontaneously. They did tell me I could choose not to be induced, but the perinatal mortality increases beyond 38 weeks. I checked in the NICE guidelines and that's what they recommend too.

HTH and hope the birth all goes well!

bigboobsatlast Thu 06-Sep-12 03:15:33

Hi nancy. Not long to go for you until you meet your babies!
In uk it depends on the type of twins you have. Dcda go to 38 weeks I think but mcda generally not longer than 36. I was induced at 36+5 with my mcda. Birth went well an tbh I wad glad to get them. out by ththen! I certainly wouldn't have been argueing to cook them longer!
However, if you want to fo beyond the date they suggest then definitely discuss this with your consultant. If you and the babies are well then why not? You could always go in for daily monitoring.

Good luck x

Nancy54 Thu 06-Sep-12 09:53:52

thanks for replies guys.

yeah not long now big boobs, v exciting!!

i don't think it'll make too much difference to be honest but i just think if i can keep them in until 38, then why not - will give them a little extra time to grow and mature before coming into the big wide world!

i rang the consultant this morning, he's supposed to be ringing me back - i don't mind if he wants to keep it at 37 but i'd just like him to explain it to me properly. i feel like they chose 37 cos it fitted in better with his schedule than 38! but who knows, if he's got a valid reason that's fine by me.

Nancy54 Thu 06-Sep-12 09:54:27

oh and congrats on your pregnancy knackeredcow!

ceeveebee Thu 06-Sep-12 09:59:18

I think it's the same in the UK now - the guidelines changed in Autumn last year from 38 weeks to 37 for DCDA twins. I had a c section at exactly 37 weeks so can't advise on induction - but in my twin group of over 20 mums I think only about 3 ended up getting induced, everyone else went into labour before their induction date or they had a c section, so you may give birth spontaneously anyway!
Best of luck however it turns out.

DeliaMcNab Thu 06-Sep-12 10:02:33

I was induced at 38 weeks with twins. They wanted to induce me the week before but I asked for more time in the vain hope that they'd arrive on their own.

I also agreed to a sweep at 37 weeks as part of the compromise. (didn't work!). The consultant was fine with this but did have a date noted that I mustn't go over. Certainly on the morning of my induction a few women booked in were asked to come back the next day as the labour ward was unexpectedly busy. I had to stay as they'd let me go on as long as possible.

Good luck!!!

beyoglu Thu 06-Sep-12 11:12:45

I delivered in a hospital that specialises in twin births. Everyone in my antenatal class was booked in for 37 weeks, either for a c-section or an induction. I think it's pretty standard and it's part of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists' guidelines.

(As it happens I went into labour at 36+4 so never got the actual induction! Well, number 2 was induced, but that's standard too.)

Randomkath Thu 06-Sep-12 20:37:31

Hi. I was induced at 38 weeks. Was adamant that I wanted to avoid induction but at 36 weeks I developed sciatica, which basically pressure on the nerve in your back/pelvis which meant I could hardly walk, sleep ... was horrible. So by 38 weeks was definiately ready to get them out!

I had heard awful things about induction, but my experience wasn't actually that bad. I had the gel at 9am and they broke my waters at 4pm, but that was enough to get things going and i didn't need the hormone drip. Had an epidural at about 7pm and they were born at 11:30 and 11:45 pm. Needed forceps for both.

Remember that it's your choice though, so don't be pressured into anything you're not comfortable with. I would read the nice guidelines if you can (or french equivalent) so you can have an informed discussion with your consultant.

KnackeredCow Thu 06-Sep-12 22:03:19

NICE quick reference guide has a page on the timing of multiple births

Patient version

Hope they're useful!

minesapintofwine Thu 06-Sep-12 23:05:57

I was induced at 36+5 no worries or problems (bit of a long labour but doesn't mean that will happen to you) I would just go with it discuss your concerns though so you can be reassured. Congratulations and good luck!

Nancy54 Fri 07-Sep-12 09:15:31

thanks everyone.

feel reassured by what you've said. hopefully the consultant will call back today so i can discuss it with him.

after all this discussion, they'll probably come off their own accord at 36+6!

i am a bit scared about the birth tbh, i think that's why i'm asking myself so many questions.

bigboobsatlast Fri 07-Sep-12 10:32:05

Don't be scared Nancy. You will be fine. My induction went really well and I am sure your birth will as well - however it happens!

Good luck and come and join us on the post-natal thread after they arrive! (we all panic, moan, worry, stress, and share special moments together! grin)

Nancy54 Fri 07-Sep-12 17:34:41

hey thanks, bigboobs!! tis a bit scary thou....

i'd love to join the post natal thread - i'm sure i'll be bombarding you all with a million questions! (my twins are my first)

can you give me the link?

consultant has not phoned me back, unsurprisingly.

WerthersUnOriginal Fri 07-Sep-12 17:42:20

I was induced at 37wks with twins cos my blood pressure suddenly went up. No problems with the birth which was pretty fast but took a while to get started. I was twiddling my thumbs waiting for something to happen for hours after they put the pessary thingy in.

My twins were quite small but didn't need special care and were fine.

They're nearly eleven now and bouncing all over the place and enormousgrin

Good luck! smile

minesapintofwine Fri 07-Sep-12 20:26:16

nancy can't wait to welcome you to the postnatal thread I can't do links I am very untechnical my dts are my first too. I suspect it may be easier no to have older dc's to worry about/entertain etc. Don't worry about the birth it's normal to worry but so many women do it it can't be too bad! It can all pass by so quickly just enjoy the next few weeks as much as possible and look forward to meeting your babies! The only tip hmm I would have is when dts are here do as much as you possibly can to make life easy for you, don't feel guilty about it and don't give a flying fairy what anyone thinks of it. I have enlisted babysitters, dh mucks in as much as poss, they've slept in their car seats. Happy well rested mammy makes happy babies!

Nancy54 Sun 09-Sep-12 08:35:56

ah thanks pintofwine!! can't wait either! v excited to meet them now and yes, you're right, everyone has to go through the birth so i'll just have to do it! a means to an end!

yeah, i'm glad they're my first, must be really hard when you altready have other kids too! luckily my dp is really great (well, i think he will be....) which is good cos my family are all in england!

bigboobsatlast Sun 09-Sep-12 13:39:51

here is the post natal thread

hope it works!

Nancy54 Mon 10-Sep-12 10:38:50

thanks bigboobs. looking forward to it! arg!

lamprey42 Mon 10-Sep-12 20:01:06

Hi Nancy. I've been reading a bit about this since my consultant said they would induce at 38wks in line with NICE guidelines (I'm 27weeks with DCDA twins at the moment). When I asked why they said it was so they could make sure they could deliver in the week and there were enough staff on! (not sure this actually is the reason). There is a review in the cochrane library that says that expectant management has no worse outcomes ( Worth discussing with your consultant if you're worried.

Nancy54 Mon 10-Sep-12 21:30:54

hey lamprey, thanks for that. just had a looK. what is 'expectant management'?

unfortuntely, i can't get hold of my consultant - have left messages but he has not got back to me.

i am ok with the induction thing, i would have just preferred 38 to 37. However, over the past few days i've had high blood pressure so they may make me go in before (midewife coming tomorrow to check it) so all my questions re 37 weeks may be irrelevant!!

congrats on your pregnancy! are they your first?

toomuchpink Mon 10-Sep-12 21:46:45

I was induced at 38 weeks. I was absolutely totally and utterly ready for them to come out by then. The last week was really hard going. I would not worry too much about the difference of a couple of days to the babies, but if your blood pressure really goes up then I guess you maybe need to worry about you.

Nancy54 Wed 12-Sep-12 09:21:46

thanks toomuchpink. yeah blood pressure a bit high so we're keeping it at 37.

Natalietwins Mon 01-Oct-12 01:12:24

Hi, I think it is amazing you want to keep them in till 38 weeks, I am 35 weeks with non identicle girls got spd and can not walk I really can not wait to have them, ru not in pain? I cry every day iv never bin through anythink like this in my life well done to you wanting them in till 38, my midwife told me that 37 is clased as full term for twins and they don't have room to grow after that so they always induce you at 37 but loads of twin mums I no have had them a lot earlyer and they have been fine might depend on the weight of the babys 2 mine are big and am counting down the days to 37 weeks good luck x

lamprey42 Sun 07-Oct-12 10:54:34

Hi Nancy, Yup first pregnancy so bit of baptism of fire! Expectant managment medical speak for just waiting and seeing what will happen (but monitoring for potential complications at same time) rather than inducing. Am guessing you've had them by now though so hope it all went well.

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