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ladymuckbeth Fri 31-Aug-12 23:24:10

Here we go. More unexpurgated chat about our darling angels, all of whom are gifted and have exceptionally calm and admirably-coping parents.

tartiflette Mon 27-Jan-14 12:48:06

Wow Lavita! Yes get on and do it asap before you change your mind!
The appeal of having another one for me would be all that lovely one to one bonding time which I feel I missed out on in the madness of the first 18 months... I could be tempted if I'm honest. Good for you.

Hope you're all well. My two are cheeky little madams at the mo.

LaVitaBellissima Thu 02-Jan-14 17:18:46

I might slightly mad but I think we might try for another baby in the Summer, is this totally crazy, not sure I'll cope!
It just feels like we've turned a corner and the girls are so much easier now, and I think if I leave it any longer I won't want to do it.......

MonkeyMargot Wed 01-Jan-14 22:42:53

Happy new Year all!

LaVitaBellissima Wed 01-Jan-14 17:59:56

Happy New Year!!!!

KateShmate Tue 10-Dec-13 20:40:08

Oooh cerub thank you for the Amazon link - just ordered some of those Princess stamp sets - total bargain!
Toy Garage sounds brilliant for your 2 - they play with things like that for hours too. I found that my DD's didn't just stop at cars, they'd take little figurines on there and turn it into a castle too!
I totally understand what you mean about buying things that you always wanted - I constantly do it! DD1 wants some silly things this year that I know will be rubbish, but I remember my mum always telling me that things would be rubbish and never buying them - I never believed her! Other than M&D, DD's are obsessed with Despicable Me - we've got fluffy unicorns galore this year!
I wouldn't worry about cots and potty training, you've still got a good few months yet smile Enjoy Christmas and think about those darn things afterwards ;)
Hate to be in agreement with your mum, but I often used single duvet and just tucked them under the mattress - normally do this in winter especially as you can keep them warm. Cot bed duvets always seem to untuck themselves. Sorry! grin

Cerubina Fri 29-Nov-13 04:22:35

Not to be a Melissa and Doug sales agent or anything, I've just noticed that lots of their stuff is discounted on Amazon at the moment.

Cerubina Fri 29-Nov-13 04:14:55

Hello everyone, late to the party I know but life has been your proverbial quart into a pint pot and I have let plenty of stuff slide so don't feel neglected!

I actually think in all seriousness the stress of this year has exhausted my systems and I seem to reel from one ailment to another. I've had conjunctivitis for 2 months and currently have a cold-cum-sinusitis which is unbelievably painful. I suppose it's like toothache, which I haven't had for aeons but dimly remember being spirit-sapping. This is a mofo and no mistake, hence posting time. At times like this, the lack of a solid support network (yes mum and dad, looking at you) really hits home.

Have been keeping up with news regardless, and congrats for the various little ones' birthdays and successes on driving tests, house moves, new jobs and school starters.

My two are 2.9 now and so brilliant bloody exhausting to be around. Chatter is non-stop and often very funny, they are interested in literally everything that happens to them and one of the great developments to observe is the awareness of past/present/future, so that you can talk about things they have done, places they've been etc and things that haven't happened yet. We're going to see the Gruffalo at the theatre tomorrow and I think they will love that (had a trial run with a little play a few weeks ago which went pretty well and they remember enjoying, so hoping to build on that).

For Christmas we're doing a shared present for one more year while they're still little - a toy garage with lift, ramp, petrol pump etc. I remember hugely wanting one of those when I was young (and never getting it of course!) so am definitely projecting my own tastes/disappointments onto them. Do you find you do that too?! They'll also get some clothes, S is into Wallace and Gromit since our holiday so we have got the DVD of all the films for him, and R still loves anything fiddly so I'm trying her with lacing beads and a board thing that allows them to practice using fastenings like zips, buttons etc (Melissa & Doug) which I hope she'll love.

Potty training has not been successful yet and they're still in cot beds but now have duvets and pillows, which were huge hits. I asked my mum to get another set of bedding for their present, since we are hostage to accidental weeing on the one set we have - she went and bought a set for single beds rather than cot beds (which I understand will be twice as big as the duvets) and refuses to take them back and get anything else because these ones were cheap. This is what I am working with <grinds teeth>.

tartiflette Sun 24-Nov-13 16:15:31

Fab news Lavita - enjoy the feeling of freedom!

We have that cuttable cake too ALL and various other bits of Melissa and Doug all of which I like. Haven't got any of their craft stuff though. Shall investigate!

AtLongLast Sat 16-Nov-13 23:24:28

Congratulations LVBthanks! No stopping you now grin

Wow, our boys are desperate to go to school Kate. I think they believe we're too poor as they're manically saving any pennies they find. They are also making sure they eat plenty so they're big enough to go soon... The only M&D we've have is the 'cuttable' wooden birthday cake that comes with fruit / candle decorations. They love it & we bought it for a friend too.

We need to do the instructing others what to buy too so the few ideas I did have have been passed on. I was looking forward to buying C her first swimming costume (she's worn boys' old swim nappies til now) but Mum now has that honour. Boys are loving anything pirate / monster / role play so have asked for a pirate ship for one & Tonka truck for other.

We decided we'll probably by a globe of some sort for J as he's massively into the solar system / Planet Earth atm & trying to work out how it all works. He's been checking my map app to see where in the world is sleeping / awake & volcanoes have been a bit of an obsession. For W we already have some extension train track stuff.

Still undecided for C. Poor child had a duvet / pillowcase from us for her bday. I even forgot to get a pillow so just did that today & she snuggled up in bed tonight. She usually screams at the mere suggestion of any sort of covering so hoping this will do the trick.

I actually feel fairly well organised but mostly because we're going up to see family next weekend & it seems swapping of pressies will happen then shock

KateShmate Wed 13-Nov-13 19:39:52

Yay!! Well done LVB - perfect timing for Christmas shopping!!!
We're having a bit of a Melissa and Doug obsession this year - my girls just seem to be in love with all their crafty bits! Poor E wasn't well a week or so ago - she seems to catch bugs so easily from school and spent an entire rainy day in the bathroom vomiting. Other DD's were driving themselves crazy and wouldn't sit and do anything (apart from annoying E every 2 minutes and running around screaming at the sick...) so I got one of the M&D stamp sets out (was supposed to be for Xmas!) and it kept them quiet for around 4 hours!!! And even after that I'd suggest something else for them to do and they'd run off! It was the alphabet stamp set with different coloured inks, so they absolutely loved writing little messages and letters to each other! DTrips just seem so grown up since starting school smile
So yes, we're loving Melissa and Doug for Xmas this year! Think we may go for bikes this year too - they've all grown out really and want to get DTrips riding in the summer smile

BigGlasses Sun 10-Nov-13 21:47:02

Congratulations LVB and belated happy birthday to the girls too.

Another weekend has whizzed by here, though today has been my own fault as I was out last night for birthday drinks and had a teensy bit vat too much wine and hence a god awful hangover today. Old age is not friendly to hangovers.

Have not started my Christmas shopping yet and am begining to get a bit paniced about it. Doesn't help (and I remember being pissed off about this last year) that everyone is asking me what to get for the kids. So not only do I have to think up gift ideas for me to get people, I also have to think up ideas for what they can get us! I also find it really easy to buy for H, but the boys I struggle with. They are not really into crafty things, and not into Lego yet. J really likes cars, so I think we'll get him a massive car transporter that he can store all his cars in. D likes cars but not as much as J, so I'm stumped what to get. Any ideas for 3.5 year old boys?

Otherwise life is just moseying along. My main thing I'm feeling at the moment is a lack of a social life. I have one really good friend in the town that I live, but she is working away a lot at the moment and very busy so barely see her. I must think of some way to expand my social circle. New years resolution I think

MonkeyMargot Sat 09-Nov-13 18:08:21

Huge congrats LVB - good work!! hope F+V had a fab birthday too! x

LaVitaBellissima Sat 09-Nov-13 12:49:09

Big Cheer girls - I just passed my driving test!!!!! grin

AtLongLast Thu 07-Nov-13 22:41:04

Yoo hoo <waves>

Ooh, au pairs - we were wondering about that a while back. I used to have lodgers here pre-children though and going back to having other people living here doesn't really appeal. That could change when things get complicated trying to fit school stuff / nursery runs in.

Sept 2014 for us too shock. We've not been to visit but the closest to us seems OK, has decent wraparound care and will just be the most straightforward <lazy parenting>. I don't really know too much about our 2nd choice other than what the Ofsted report says but I think we're quite lucky that our two most local schools seem OK and aren't oversubscribed (yet...!). It helps that there is a huge scramble to get into the numerous grade 1 faith schools and we have a decent selection of independents too, neither of which we are interested in.

Manic week at work over. Two bottles of wine last night - sure that's a first since children. Chocolate overload tonight & we're off to Blackpool for the weekend & so looking forward to it! Have another round of chesty coughs though & poor Will has been poorly this week so just hoping he's OK / doesn't spread the joy.

We've done a little Xmas shopping. The train set (Ikea / brio) has been hugely popular recently so we've bought more stuff for that (track set / train / station). Pirates are a big theme so we've asked my parents for a pirate ship and a Tonka truck definitely no gender stereotyping here & we will probably ask for a shopping trolley because we've just had to chuck the worn out one they had. I think that's probably about it but we're still debating whether to get a second tablet because can never get on the bloody thing for the kids.

I hope F & V had a great bday LVB. C is 2 on Monday - eek, where has my baby gone??

BigGlasses Tue 05-Nov-13 10:57:30

Meant to post at the weekend, but life keeps getting in the way! Promise to catch up properly soon, but great to hear you are all getting on so well.

Aug2015 when the boys start school for us here, they'll be 5 1/4.

MonkeyMargot Mon 04-Nov-13 18:33:18

Sept 2014 for us too - hard to believe! Tarti it's definitely worth looking round a few schools and of course not counting 100% on your first choice.
Misreadings - have you name changed?

tartiflette Mon 04-Nov-13 11:20:55

I've just looked round a school this morning in fact. It's our catchment one and was really impressed, (thank goodness as it was a big factor in buying this house) thought it was lovely lovely lovely but of course now am panicking that they won't get in! Must look round some others

misreadings Mon 04-Nov-13 10:43:38

Briefly showing my face girls - thanks for the nudge LVB smile

Lovely to see MM back, wow, DD nearly 5 - can't believe it. Also can't believe that when we all started our twins all seemed quite different ages but of course the older the get, the more they all get lumped in together, esp as a lot of them will be starting school at the same time.

Sept 2014 anyone?!! I haven't even been to look at a school yet, head in sand...... blush

MonkeyMargot Sat 02-Nov-13 21:10:43

LaVita congrats on the potty training and KEEP GOING with the driving - you will get there obviously so don't dwell on past failings of test.
Your job at S+D looks fab - v.glam...
Tarti - so funny you were an aupair! Wow you were brave. I'm not sure our AP has it quite so cushty with 3 kids under 5 to look after.......but she is coping admirably!
it is a real lifesaver as the full-time nanny cost a small fortune (a second mortgage only more....) and the AP gives us 25-30 hours childcare plus 2 evenings babysitting PER WEEK! it's fab! me and DH have a weekly "date night".
Wow you are all v. organised re. xmas. Haven't started thinking yet. DD is 5 in 2 weeks so focused on that for the moment....princess parties and a bike me thinks...

tartiflette Sat 02-Nov-13 10:54:41

Sporting my best granny pants as I write grin

Yes need to know more about the ap. I was one for a year in Paris before going to university, it was such a cushy number I had one 8yr old to look after and that was it! I did have to iron the Dad's underpants though and they were quite an odd family, wasn't the best year of my life although quite an experience! Gosh you've got me thinking now, I wonder if I should look into having one.

LVB well done on the potty training. We STILL have a reward chart as R particularly is prone to accidents A YEAR ON. It drives me absolutely mad. They are now both dry at night though (mostly) so pleased about that.
Happy Birthday to F & V!
Have stockings. So far got hat scarf gloves combos, skipping ropes, ballerina stickers, little erasable screen drawing things (£1). Prob enough really with the obligatory new toothbrush and choc coins ...
Have bought them Corolle dolls (lovely, I want one) and not going to get much else as we are PENNILESS. I've decided for the time being to carry on with the status quo - ie them in preschool 3 hrs each morning and me at home and just using that time to crack on with the endless house jobs. We've had a new roof and gutters, our bedroom and kitchen replastered, new carpets upstairs, blinds for our room etc etc so lots of ongoing decorating for me and we have absolutely no more £££! Part of me knows I should get a job but am actually starting to enjoy looking after them myself (ha - it's only taken 3.5 yearsblush) and I think it's doing them good, plus they're loving preschool so I'm not keen on uprooting them to a nursery. Could def look into an au pair though....

Sorry v rambly. Great to have you back MM. Your new job sounds fab from what I can gather (posh dinners!). Boys and C delicious.

Reading 21st Century girls at the moment, anyone read it? Only just started it.

LaVitaBellissima Fri 01-Nov-13 21:26:11

MM Welcome back, I sooooo need to hear more about the AP and neon thongs! We had Au Pairs growing up, which bar one I totally loved, especially Aina, our Norwegian one who used to be a plumber. I have o say since the twins I mostly sport granny pants, I think my thong days may be over grin

The girls turn 3 on Monday, I can't believe it's gone so fast! They are still total nightmares and I have only just potty trained them this half term. Mainly me really, as I still can't drive (5 failed tests so far, all with 4/5 minors but 1 major sad) it always seems a bit scary going out with them not in nappy s but we have been fine! shock

Still landing on getting married next year, still doing my S&D which is great this time of year and am now doing some part time spy work mystery shopping grin

How is everyone else?

Tarti do you have stockings or sacks for Christmas? I think this is the first year the girls will really grasp it, I like the GLTC sacks, I've bought a couple of DVDs, some pj's, some wooden toys so far.

I bought the girls a Big (Tom Hanks) floor piano for their birthday from John Lewis and lots of individual bits, craft stuff, books. We are going to the farm on Sunday with a few friends, so tomorrow I will be making 2 birthday cakes!

Come back everyone, miss you thanks

MonkeyMargot Fri 01-Nov-13 20:28:52

Hi ladies. It's been a long time since I've been on Mumsnet but LaVita gave me a nudge and I thought I'd try and find out how everyone is doing. Great to see the thread still live and kicking.
All good here. My DT boys are almost 3.5 and at a truly lovely stage now where mummy is the bestest person in their world. I love this :-) They are doing their 15 hours a week at pre-school and all is going swimmingly.
DD is almost 5 and started school in September (loving it).
I've had a really strange year career wise. Having made the decision to leave a fantastic company where I'd been happy for 6 years in January 2013 (to earn more badly needed £££) I got made redundant from the new job in August and hence have recently started my 2nd new job in 2013. Crazy!
Other big change is we swapped our full-time nanny for a French au-pair (live-in). Positives = huge financial impact. Negative = sharing house with a nubile and beautiful 19 year old who wears neon thongs.
So - what have I missed?

tartiflette Sun 27-Oct-13 14:41:00

Right can we talk Christmas? Thinking of getting Corolle dolls for mine as they have some very manky dolls they were given for their 2nd birthday (plus lots of rag doll type stuff) and I feel we're ready to upgrade! Am not going to get much else but the GPs will want ideas otherwise we'll end up with more utter toss.
Inspire me! Also stocking fillers...?? So far I have hat/gloves/mittens sets and some stickers. I'm plotting to stuff the blummin things full of whatever may keep them occupied in their bedrooms at least for half an hour!

KateShmate Wed 09-Oct-13 13:39:42

Marking my place to come and write a proper reply!
So my DTrip's have started school! shock I know I'm biased, but they are definitely 3 of the most adorable little reception-ists ever! They're all getting on so brilliantly - love their teacher, come home desperate to learn words etc etc. First few days they just seemed to be on some kind of adrenaline rush, by the friday they were in such horrific, over-tired moods that I did beans on toast for tea as soon as they got home ad then straight up to bed - poor little minions were asleep by 4.45pm! A and J woke up late the next day and were back to 'normal' but poor E seems to be struggling again - tiredness just seems to take over her but I'm sure she'll get used to it.

ALL Poor C with being poorly, I hope she's all okay now though. Bronchiolitis is the devil sad

LVB I read that last bit as 'I bought the girls some really cute knickers' ha ha! I've only really looked at Clarks this year, but in a bit of a confused state as I really don't like black boots, but having just spent £££'s for school shoes for 5, I don't want to buy 2 pairs of boots for each girl? I'm tempted to get some Emu's for the girls this year - they do amazing kids ones and are so much more grippy than Ugg's underfoot which is probably best for children. - mine would just do anything to pick a pair of them! I just love warm boots smile

LaVitaBellissima Mon 07-Oct-13 22:03:55

I'm here, signing back in for Winter!,

Tarti, I did the same really, I'd lived in house for 3 years pre children but only knew 2 people locally. I basically invited 2 girls I met at baby weigh in out for lunch and we've been friends ever since. smile
You will settle in well thanks and thanks Our business going well and I am out doing jewellery bits and pieces in the run up to Christmas, lots of lovely new stuff on there!

We have been having the debate of moving again too AtLongLast sad DP is keen as we could get a huge detached house if we moved a 20 minute drive outside of London.
I am a bit unsure though as I feel like I'm really settling into my group of friends and finally getting some semblance of a social life, exercise class, we've started a book wine club and I might join a running club soon and start building my fitness up. I feel happy here, and am not sure.... Will link to prospective house soon.
I think the best option for now is to extend our kitchen into the side return but after the nightmare that was our loft extension I am a bit apprehensive smile

I still haven't passed my driving test, still want to lose a stone and still haven't potty trained the girls, they still wake in the night and I am still fairly rubbish at this parenting malarkey grin

What else? I bought the girls some very cute kickers as their Winter shoes smile

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