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ladymuckbeth Fri 31-Aug-12 23:24:10

Here we go. More unexpurgated chat about our darling angels, all of whom are gifted and have exceptionally calm and admirably-coping parents.

AtLongLast Mon 25-Feb-13 23:00:47

Glad to hear you're being well-supported Cerub. I suppose down days/ weeks are to be expected but hopefully over the weeks/ months you'll have more & more better days. Happy birthday to your two littlies! I hope they have a lovely day despite dad.

Break in wasn't builders fault, other than they were perhaps hoping for some tools to take. Apparently we have 2.5k of dehumidifier at the mo & it is still here. & I guess the cement mixer was a tad too heavy. It has given us a kick up the bum to fit a new deadlock - and use it. Dp was never happy dead locking at night in case of needing to be out in a hurry in case of fire but this has changed his mind for now. They broke a glass panel next to the door & reached around & undid the lock. Kids play really. Since we're living upstairs there was nothing of any value downstairs. & normally we'd have keys & stuff lying around too. Stuff we know is not good practice but we're a little blasé about.....

chesticles Tue 26-Feb-13 21:39:52

Gosh all a break in whilst you are in the house sounds pretty scary. You sound very calm about it, think I'd be freaking out. We are very lax at security too. In fact often the patio doors are unlocked for days at a time blush. We live in quite a small town, and there is very little crime, but that's no excuse.

cerub, hope you s&r had a lovely day. You sound like you are coping really well at the moment. You must be gobsmackingly hurt, and in your place I would probably be really childish and lashing out and spiteful at everyone particularly "d"h. Well done for remaining calm and rising above him.

2/3 kids on penicillin her now sad

LaVitaBellissima Wed 27-Feb-13 21:24:42

All that is awful sad glad you are in good spirits. We were burgled once, it was horrid.

Cerub I hope you had a lovely birthday with your gorgeous two xx

My news is that I failed my driving test a second time, 4 minors but I failed with a major for pulling up too harshly at a red light sad
My instructor was in the back and said she thought I'd passed, so annoying, am comforting myself with a glass of wine wine

AtLongLast Thu 28-Feb-13 21:33:35

Oh no, what a pain LVB! So frustrating to have the freedom within touching distance then have to do it all again. Thing is, I' m sure most people who have passed already could as easily pass or fail on any given day...

Hope you haven't increased your ill tally Chesti, & that things are improving.

We realised yesterday that we are missing a roll of bin liners - reckon the burglar must have taken them as they were next to the fridge. We've not been able to find C's shoes since the weekend either & dp wondered if they were taken too. Hadn't even crossed my mind but I feel more freaked by that than finding out we'd been broken into. Still much to her disgust she has a lovely pair of new red shoes.

chesticles Fri 01-Mar-13 12:53:06

Oh dear LVB. So annoying to be so near to passing. I'm sure you'll get it next time.

ALL, you have the wierdest burglars grin

At the moment all kids are well-ish. Fingers crossed next week we might actually get all kids going to the respective childcare places, with no alternative arrangements having to be made. 8 weeks down the line.

Have a lovely facial and massage booked for tomorrow morning (voucher from my birthday back in Nov!) and then going out for a few drinks with a friend in the evening. Nice to have something to look forward too.

Cerubina Tue 05-Mar-13 21:36:40

Chesti broke the thread! grin How are the kids this week? Hope the antibiotics have done their work and you are getting onto an even keel with nursery etc. How was your facial?

Sorry about the driving test failure LVB. It really sucks when you fail. When do you re-take? Hope third time's the charm thanks .

Is your kitchen nearly there now ALL? Hope it is shaping up nicely. It's so exciting to have new shiny stuff isn't it!

All's pretty good with me. Actually I worry a bit that I am getting on too well as I'm not looking back at the moment and actually feeling more relief than anything else, because this massive uncertainty in my life that I'd been trying to handle all alone has disappeared and now I know where I stand. Hard to know whether this is 'normal' behaviour or whether I'm suppressing something that will have to come out eventually.

R has a UTI that, I'm ashamed to say, she has probably had for weeks. She's been clutching at her nappy for a while and it reached such a point yesterday that it was clear I had to grasp the nettle and deal with getting a doctor's appointment (to be fair to me, I'd tried to get a pre-booked appointment last week and was told there weren't any for 3 weeks...the system of camping out on the phone at 8am for a same day appt is just so incompatible with normal life)! So anyway she's got antibiotics now and is off nursery until next week. If the lovely weather today holds that'll be nice as I can get her out and about on the reins and try her on her new scooter - stuff that's so hard to manage with two on your own.

Hope everyone's well x

LaVitaBellissima Wed 06-Mar-13 20:44:27

ALLthey probably took the bags to put stolen loot in, we were burgled years ago, and even months down the line we kept remembering small things that we'd not noticed at the time sad

Chesti Very jealous of the facial, I am in need of a total body rehaul, would love some "me" time. Am considering joining our local gym but am worried I won't use it enough, and then feel guilty about it!

Cerub sorry to hear about R, we are really lucky with our Dr, you can call anytime for an urgent app, leave a message and a Dr calls back, if they think they need to see you, they will squeeze you in that day.
Also glad you are feeling positive, I think it is good to be looking forward, as tough as this is, you'll get through it.

I have got the girls duck outfits for nursery tomorrow for world book day, but am unsure I'll be able to wrestle them into them!

Mucky how are you?

AtLongLast Thu 07-Mar-13 21:49:24

Poor R. I hope she's feeling better. I'd be the same but we are really lucky with our walk-in service here. They are fab. It doesn't seem totally unreasonable for you not to be falling apart at the seams. Although the situation is awful, it is not entirely unsurprising to feel that you can finally move on without constantly wondering what will happen, even if it isn't what you'd like in an ideal world. Hugs to you and mucky, I feel for you both so much x

How did the outfits go LVB?

Still in the midst of builders here. Another week to go in theory. Looks like there is loads to do but I guess it comes together quickly at the end. Lounge is pretty much there other than flooring & decoration. Have just bought a wood burner stove today too & very excited about that tho 3 weeks or so til we get it installed. All of our kitchen units / appliances are here & prob going in next week tho we have a little more remedial work to do to ceiling joists. All v exciting <saddo>

chesticles Thu 07-Mar-13 23:08:00

Glad I didn't completely kill the thread grin

cerub, you sound like you are doing amazling well. I can completely see where you are coming from, I also hate uncertianty and am better in horrible situations if at least I can plan my way out of them. mucky hope you are ok too.

Week 9 of childcare and DH and I realised yesterday that J had a cleft appt today that we both hadn't remembered. Hence the 9th week in a row where I have to take unscheduled time off work. Bugger. Fingers crossed for next week.

Hope everyone is doing ok. Too late to wite much more. Must try to get to bed earlier.

chesticles Mon 11-Mar-13 11:07:04

Have I broken the thread again? blush

LaVitaBellissima Thu 14-Mar-13 09:55:23

Yes thread Killed! grin

I am unfortunately in a lot of pain sad F did a toddler tantrum backwards headbutt on me 2 days ago, right into my front tooth, my dentist is on holiday. Still very painful, but thankfully didn't fall out as yet!

Not much else going on really, how is everyone?

tartiflette Thu 14-Mar-13 15:20:31

Marking my place, I keep losing the thread!
Sounds painful Lavita, hope she learned her lesson wink

AtLongLast Thu 14-Mar-13 22:11:43

My turn for a bit of thread breaking!

How was this week Chesti? I hope you had a bit more success with keeping everyone where they should have been. Ouchy (ha, that autocorrects to punchy!) Lavita. Did you swear. Loudly. That's usually my response when it doesn't leave me in pain days later. How the house selling / moving plans going Tarti?

We're at end of wk 4 of building stuff here & starting to get to the point of moving back into the lounge. Put the dining table in there yesterday & it felt so civilised eating there rather than picnic-style on the floor of the boys' bedroom. Another couple of weeks to get the kitchen sorted though. Looking forward to cooking but even more excited at the prospect of having a washing machine again. Hand washing is not fun! It has been ok though - quite enjoyed some bits of it.

Cerubina Sat 16-Mar-13 21:33:47

Hi all, have been reading but not had much productive to say. It's all been very difficult just recently and I sometimes feel as though it's all too much to manage. The twins are so exhausting, every little thing is a battle with them and they are very attention-hungry and clingy. Sometimes I can't decide whether to take them out somewhere, which means a battle to get into coats and buggy, but also refusal to walk and insistence on being carried, clinginess on arrival, then the same in reverse to go home! But then being at home can be intolerable too when they just go on and on and need 100% attention all the time.

My parents have been dismal as well, still ranting and while asking me how I am they kick off as soon as I actually tell them how I am. My mum rang my MIL the other day telling her to get XH to pull his finger out and help or the children would be taken into care!! She also claimed that the entire burden of helping me was on them, when they have offered just twice to come and help in a whole month and even then the second of those was withdrawn because my mum "didn't want to fall out with me over how it was being handled". I honestly didn't realise I was part of a dysfunctional family but on this evidence I seem to be.

I haven't got enough practical support and whenever I spend time with my children I am ready to snap, they are only two and can't help it but I haven't got infinite patience while this is going on. But hopefully I may be getting some paid-for help with bedtimes, which are a bit of a problem area because I'm just so tired when I get home and go straight into double tantrums and double insistence on having my undivided attention.

Sorry this is so gloomy, I am just finding it very hard after the initial "fuck you" mentality wore off. Hope everyone else is OK (poor LVB, hope your tooth is alright after the whack).


LaVitaBellissima Sat 16-Mar-13 22:39:08

Ooh Cerub, have been drinking wine but didn't want to read and run sad I just have to say FUCK - 2 year olds & tantrums are horrendous and I totally get what you are saying in regards to the staying at home vs doing anything debate. I mostly stay at home aarrgghhh but beat myself up constantly that I am a crap parent sad

You are doing a fab job and you Will get through this! And tell your parents to get a grip, they are about as useful as a chocolate teapot! I am free to come and drink wine one night with you and Mucky if you fancy a meet up!
Big hugs xxxxx

LaVitaBellissima Sat 16-Mar-13 22:40:11

Am convinced my tooth is going to fall out, am on a combination of wine, nurofen & numbing tooth mouth gel!
My dentist is on hols till Monday sad

LaVitaBellissima Sun 17-Mar-13 11:05:42

Cerub what is your ex doing in regards to contact etc, where is he living? Is he not helping at all? sad my 2 are exactly the same and are very clingy and tantrum prone.

My dentist called and is going to see me tomorrow, sounds like a root canal he said, ouch and expensive, crappola!

AtLongLast Sun 17-Mar-13 12:48:36

Oh cerub, it sounds awful. Poor you. It's hard enough at times when you know you have someone to share the crappy bits with but knowing it's down to you must be hard. Never mind the other stuff you're dealing with. I'd always opt for the 'going out' option, not that it's nec the easy option. Are your ils close by / helpful / on your side? Families are such strange things and crack in the most unexpected ways under stress.

Lavita - that sounds like a proper injury! I think you need to get your girls signed up for martial arts.....

Was looking forward to a nice easy/ fun 'house' bimbly weekend here but checked in on work mail fri night to discover I'm being observed by our top bods this week. Joy. Broken my rules about not working when kids are upto try & get paperwork sorted. Been for a swim & off out for lunch before I get back to it. Thank god I'm part time & am taking students out for a day this week!

LaVitaBellissima Tue 19-Mar-13 08:36:08

I am in apostrophe root canal fog of painkillers, my dentist even phoned this morning to check how I am, it was a really bad one.

So I am still in bed with my iPad, the girls are with me watching Dora. I'm hoping we can have a duvet day, and they don't get too bored. We have Brave to watch later.

Hope everyone is ok in this miserable weather!

LaVitaBellissima Tue 19-Mar-13 08:37:16

Auto correct - no idea why it's put apostrophe in there confused

chesticles Tue 19-Mar-13 13:12:47

Arrgh. Just wrote a huge post and it disappeared. Aparently I wasn't logged in, even though I was angry

LVB hope your tooth is ok. Sounds sore, and expensive!

Cerub <big hugs> and-i'm-not-a-touchy-person. Sounds like things are tough. I'm a big believer in taking the easiest route to childcare when stressed, so time in front of the telly and easy food (fresh pasta and dolmio) is not going to hurt them. For what it's worth I find taking then out, despite the hell to get them out, is generally better for us. But not easy in this weather. I wish I could do more to help.

Apologies for abscenteeism. Work is horrible at the moment. Won't go into it here, but would love to just walk out. Unfortunately there is no hope of finding a similar job with similar conditions without moving (though if we moved I could get a much better job probably) so I'll just have to ride it out.

Also went across to Sweden to visit my nephew (brother's son) last weekend. He is the easiest baby I have ever encountered. Sleeps 10 hours a night (and has done since 6 weeks old) drops off for naps with no fuss, eats well, no wind problems, happy and alert. I wanted one like that! envy. He onyl cried once in the whole 2 days I was there, and that was a tiny little tired squalk.

Hope everyone is ok. roll on Easter.

Cerubina Tue 19-Mar-13 19:54:23

Just popping in to offer some flowers and a brew (on account of the painkillers) to poor LVB. Sounds truly awful but I hope the worst is over and the dentist is confident the tooth can be saved by it? Naughty F, I imagine you will extract your revenge for this episode over many years (I would).

Thanks for the solidarity girls. Feeling brighter after Friday and Saturday's glumness. Managed to get out of the house shopping for a solid 7 hours on Sunday, and treated myself to some new undies, probably ironically given my situation, but much needed, a good pick me up and you never know when your luck will change after all!

I have got help organised for one evening a week, plus XH is going to do three pick ups and bedtimes a week overall, so that takes care of a good part of the week. They're still just about impossible to persuade onto the changing mat, into coats and into the buggy but on a good day I can avoid flipping. However I do need to get a grip on this because it's tedious in the extreme and defiant of them. Have been thinking of doing simple star charts with them. Are they too young would you say?

Is anyone going to watch this Bedtime Live thing on Ch4 tonight? Mine are good sleepers but I'm interested to get some tips for those days when it goes Pete Tong.

chesticles Sat 23-Mar-13 20:21:23

Good news for once, we have managed a week of everyone going where they are supposed to be. Hooray! None of the kids were ill, granny wasn't ill, Childminder wasn't on holiday, no hospital appts. Briiliant. It's only taken about 10 weeks.

Hope everyone else has had an equally good week

LaVitaBellissima Mon 25-Mar-13 21:20:25

I have taped (our children won't say taped will they!) Bedtime Live am too scared to watch it. V is still talking now I can hear her.... I'm sure one of the will wail in the night and I'll be back in there. Has anyone bought a Gro clock?

I am rubbish at it all!
So any potty training tips everyone F has had 2 wee's on the potty, lots on the floor but seems keen, nappy clutching etc. V not interested .

Not much else to say, am drinking wine, watching Revenge and trying to plan/book our Summer holiday, driving to Italy and back again...

LaVitaBellissima Tue 26-Mar-13 17:59:32

Come back ladies, I need potty training tips, F is refusing to wear a nappy (I am not leading this!) has done 3 wee's in the potty today, with lots of applause from V and only 1 accident!

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