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ladymuckbeth Fri 31-Aug-12 23:24:10

Here we go. More unexpurgated chat about our darling angels, all of whom are gifted and have exceptionally calm and admirably-coping parents.

LaVitaBellissima Mon 03-Sep-12 21:51:51

Cerub hope you are ok, any news?
ALL Will you do commissions? I'd love homemade Christmas stockings for the girls with their names on smile
I had my first "peaaass" today finally I just want them to stop climbing on tables and be polite, I fear that is unlikely as they are both still "destroyers of worlds" as Tarti so aptly puts it!

tartiflette Mon 03-Sep-12 22:02:56

I'm ashamed to admit ALL that I smiled inwardly at your description of teatime as my two were hideously similar this evening. There is a marked difference in their behaviour after nursery days. By which I mean they are horrific smile wine

cerub thinking of you and your mum.

Back to school today. Huge shock to the system, I am exhausted!

tartiflette Mon 03-Sep-12 22:08:19

On hen dos: I've been to all sorts, from weekend in Amsterdam (amazing) to sedate dinner out nearby. The best ones (especially since having kids, as it's such a novelty) are renting a cottage or similar for a weekend, so plenty of slobbing about gossiping, with a night out and some form of pampering thrown in for good measure.
I can cope with anything as long as I know a few people there and am not THE OLDEST BY MILES. I mean come on.
Anyway, fortunately nearly everyone I know is married now, not least because I have no money at the moment after a rather extravagant summer.
Plan for this year is (September being New Year as far as I am concerned!) to move house by Easter, lose a stone and be nice to my husband (!!).

AtLongLast Mon 03-Sep-12 22:43:57

Aha, still all in it together then smile. I thought we were in a good, cute phase. Maybe they were just overtired hmm.

Love to give it a go Lavita as long as you don't call it a commission your expectations aren't too high. Any idea on size / style of fabric / colour. I actually bought my first Xmas fabric yesterday blush.

Wow - good plans Tarti! Have you started looking seriously for the house move? I'm going to have to chase on our builder things - waiting for a response fro one lot of people before we can get organised & we've stalled at that. I'm so useless at this.

ladymuckbeth Tue 04-Sep-12 08:47:20

No ALL - haven't heard a word yet.

(Before I start can I caveat my mood over the next few days by informing you all that my FATHER-IN-LAW arrived yesterday for a visit... angry confused hmm shock wine grin)

That's a great idea re. your new commission the Christmas stockings. I see a craft-y sideline in your future.... <Mystic Meg>

tarti - you so canNOT just idly drop into conversation that you're planning an imminent house move. How exciting!!! I can't remember, have you decided on where you want to go to?

LVB remind me how old your girls are exactly? I remember when we went on holiday last year the girls were 20mo, and we met a couple who had B/G twins who were 23mo. Their two were SO polite and we kept wondering "how they did it" getting all these Ps and Qs out of them. Suddenly out of nowhere a few months later ours started with it too - and say it quite readily most of the time. I think once they realise it garners affection and reward it's a no-brainer for the average toddler not having a meltdown although am looking forward to proper rudeness when they get older. hmm Actually the girls have just started with a bloody rude affectation which is to demand that they want things - NOOOWWWWWWW!". Last night Juliet had a nightmare which involved her lashing out at me at about 4am screaming that she wanted the poo poo back in her bum bum. Oh the joys! grin

Cerubina Tue 04-Sep-12 11:59:17

Hilarious mucky! (though less so at 4am). I see you are like us in calling them poo poo and bum bum (and tum tum obviously) - funny how easy it is to spontaneously talk rubbish to a small child.

Hope your FIL is not being too weird and that the burden of indulging him doesn't just fall to you - any chance your H will take him out somewhere?

My mum seems to be doing a bit better, thanks all for asking. She's not in pain now and is eating again, but still weak and finds any movement wears her out, so she'll need to be in for a while I think. Still no word on timing of an op or anything.

Welcome back to the new school year tarti and hope you hit your stride quickly. I agree, tell us more about the moving plans. We shall want to see particulars!

Grimacing here at the description of dinner time insolence, I don't like the sound of that much! At least when they're at nursery I don't even have to consider feeding them so 'only' have 3 days a week to come up with fish fingers meal ideas and get the food into them. I find at the moment that they're very unpredictable about the method of food delivery that they want - sometimes spoon feeding (but getting rarer now), sometimes want to be fed with a fork, sometimes they want to be given a loaded fork to hold and sometimes want to fail to spear the food themselves. Any false move by me and you'd think the world had ended. I fully realise this is the thin end of the wedge!

Lots of new words being learned all the time, which is v cute. 'Flower' is R's current favourite, and 'Bear' for S. I must admit I do catch myself pointing out cars to S and trees/flowers to R - totally against my conscious instinct to avoid making R a pink princess and S whatever the boy's equivalent is. You just can't go against brainwashing! confused

Ugh, our car is in the garage for its battery to be looked at and the marvellous news is that THREE tyres need replacing. Cost £1,000 (and I don't even know whether that includes VAT). Bloody hell! Just when you think you might get on an even keel one month, along comes a whammy like that. LVB you are (financially) better off not driving you know <grumbles>.

tartiflette Tue 04-Sep-12 13:29:29

Ouch at car expense cerub. Such a boring thing to spend on. We have done a few bring, invisible improvements to the house over the summer and I am most resentful about the cost...

My dr just rang, I had a follow up x ray last week after my pneumonia in July. Unfortunately although the main area has cleared up, it's not completely clear so will need another x ray in a few weeks and if that's not clear then referral to a specialist and CT scan etc in case it is anything more serious. Bit of a worry sad

Must use nap time more productively, so much to do, this time tomorrow I'll be teaching!

LaVitaBellissima Tue 04-Sep-12 20:11:55

* Tarti* Big hugs, you are in good hands and I'm sure they are just being vigilant. It's always hard to wait for things isn't it but try not to worry (difficult I know) thanks & wine
Hope your 1st day back at school is fun grin

ALL not sure what I'd like maybe we should both have a google and see what we come up with, I think I'd like traditional stockings but quite big ones maybe with something appliqué that's Christmassy confused

Cerub I know, but I don't think I can face cycling the girls to nursery in the rain so it must get done! I've got my second lesson tomorrow, I need to do some reading!

Mucky I'm looking forward to more FIL stories! The girls are now 22 months.

2 questions - I need new shoes for the girls soon, what is the plan? Kickers?

Also of high importance, I need to buy a new outfit for my S&D parties, I need to look smart, stylish and gorgeous presentable smile it needs to be something simple to show off the jewelry, I need help!

LaVitaBellissima Tue 04-Sep-12 20:12:42

As in Stella and Dot - not any type of bondage type parties grin

AtLongLast Tue 04-Sep-12 20:33:35

Phew - seem to be back to normal levels of `testing` with boys today. Nursery confirmed they did spend yesterday with the older children and warned it'll go downhill from here! Ds1 was funny tonight. He started playing with the hoover after I'd done their room & discovered the cable rewind button. He pulled a bit of the cable out, put the plug on the floor & told asked me to pick it up.... and swiftly rewound before I could. He thought it was hilarious!

Hope FIL isn't driving you too nuts LadyM. Ours were v well behaved at weekend tho FIL has just had an op on one eye so it's permanently wide open at the mo including when he's sleeping which freaked ds2 a little.

Ouchy indeed Cerub!! I suppose the advantage of having a Go-kart is that it's worth less than your tyres grin. Good to hear your Mum isn't in pain now but sounds awful, poor thing. & yes to the gender stuff - no idea how our two got so into trains etc. They are now aware of the concept of Princesses tho smile...

Aww Tarti, not want you want at the beginning of term. I know it took my Mum a few months / different antibiotics to get over it though she's not in the best of health generally anyway. I would say it sounds like you should still be pacing yourself but I know how hard Sept is in teaching, nevermind having to balance that with family stuff & not being over pneumonia sad. But anyway, take things as easily as you can.

So big enough to put stuff in rather than decorative - good starting point for my research too Lavita grin. Though I was thinking they couldn't be too diddy if you'd like names on. &LOL @ S&D.... I did have to think about it stupidly. But I'll leave the fashion buying advice to the experts grin

tartiflette Tue 04-Sep-12 20:43:19

What about an Isabella Oliver ruched jersey dress lavita or something from Me&Em?

Thanks for lovely kind words both of you. Sure I'll be fine. Any excuse to take it easy wink

Hope you're surviving fil mucky...

LaVitaBellissima Tue 04-Sep-12 20:56:58

OMG why have I never heard of Me&Em before? Love it!!!

Naughty naughty Tarti

ladymuckbeth Thu 06-Sep-12 10:17:28

Hello all <gibbers slightly>

tarti - big hug to you. Hope you are able to take it easy a bit over the next few weeks. It's hard enough recovering from a common cold when you've got twins to look after, let alone pneumonia....

Can't write much but had to share at least one of FIL's mightily irritating anecdotes from the last two days. He is currently engaged in a psychological tug-of-war with DH who is actively having to dissuade him from drilling a hole in OUR HOUSE to install a bloody dodgy outside power socket . It's the same old same old with him - he decides that we need something (based entirely on the fact that he's seen it in a pound shop) and then sets about doing it, utterly regardless of what we want. Last time it was the fecking swing along with.....

I'm not sure if I shared with you all the fact that last time he decided to take on the utterly pointless task of prepping all our window frames and sills to the front of the house because he thought they needed doing, which he then decided (without even asking us) also needed painting. We don't have high enough ladders so he started knocking on all our neighbours doors asking around. He couldn't get any so decided to construct a harness from some spare rope he found, I had been out and came home to find a 70 year old man wearing a bobble hat swinging from a rope outside our bedroom window <dies of shame Hyacinth Bucket stylee>

'Mysteriously' a builder who was working a few doors up then turned up offering his ladders, which we later found out he had done because he feared for this mad old fella's FIL's life. So FIL spent the next two days virtually ignoring the grandchildren he had come down to see, scraping and faffing with our windows FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER since we had already decided we'll decorate the outside of our house when we get the extension done. He also decided to tell me, whilst doing this pointless shite, that he thought we ought to get the window frames painted white 'to match the neighbours' and that the teal blue we currently have them 'sticks out compared to everyone else's'. Seethe is not the word, I bloody love our blue window frames!! angry

OMG next time he comes I simply have to go to a yoga retreat or something, it's not good for me to be around such irritation!

LaVitaBellissima Thu 06-Sep-12 10:22:00

grin grin so sorry Mucky but your FIL does make for some highly amusing stories!

Cerubina Thu 06-Sep-12 10:31:30

LVB you may already have bought up the entire stock of Me & Em, but if not then my suggestion for nice wearable dresses is Phase Eight (I've just filtered plain dresses but there are lots of others). I think Phase Eight have transformed their image in the last couple of years and now do some lovely dresses that can be dressed up or down. I have a few for work.

How are you finding the driving lessons? Is this literally the first time you've got behind the wheel, or did you take lessons when you were younger?

How's the wristband saga panning out this time ALL? Love the story about the hoover, what a funny little boy. Good job they make us laugh as well as driving us nuts isn't it!

Hope the further investigations reveal nothing to be alarmed at tarti. That must have been a nasty dose of pneumonia. Do you feel back to strength now or still recovering?

Ominously quiet from mucky... My bet is she's in the police station explaining why she throttled FIL wink.

I've been meaning to ask for ages, does anyone know where chesticles went? She disappeared off the last thread and hasn't been heard of??

Cerubina Thu 06-Sep-12 10:34:05

Gah, no movement on this thread in two days and then a x-post with said mucky!

ladymuckbeth Thu 06-Sep-12 11:30:57

Good suggestion re. Phase 8 Cerub.



AtLongLast Thu 06-Sep-12 14:34:59

Ooh, is Phase 8 ok? I actually have a couple of things from there <kids self not a lost cause after all>

Sorry, but lol ladym. Easy to say from a distance.

Ds1's wristband isn't so tight this time so he can slip it over his hand. currently sitting on the kitchen table where he left it after lunch. We're in the car going north for the weekend with the tent.....

Not seem chesti in ages. Think I might have her no somewhere....

LaVitaBellissima Thu 06-Sep-12 17:03:31

I am traumatised!

It involves the garden, the girls and no nappies shock

A bit like your pre bath incidence with your DH Tarti grin sad

ladymuckbeth Fri 07-Sep-12 17:52:45

The mind boggles LVB grin

FIL is safely dispatched, having driven all adults to the edge of insanity (and dangled us over the edge just for good measure). I am about to get ready and head to Camden because I.... <drum roll>... am going to a gig! Shock horror, etc etc. Off to see Elbow, not that that means much to me, I have to say...

Has been a day of upsets re. the nursery. Found out yesterday that yes, definite place confirmed. Told existing nursery, who were really upset. They told me we need to give 3 months notice but I spoke to the business manager on my way out who told me that if need be, they'd be flexible and let us leave after a month - really decent of them. I already felt wobbly just talking to her, but when I came in this morning and saw the faces of the girls' key workers, plus one or two of the assistants who look after the girls - they genuinely seemed gutted we are going. I felt terrible, as though I'm rejecting them for somewhere 'better' - which in a way I am, but only 'better' as in a bit more posh - which makes me feel terrible because they are so happy where they are and the women who work there really are fantastic. Eve's key worker even got a tear in her eye talking about how she had hoped to see Eve grow up over the next two years... confused Am sure this is all normal but it made me feel so bad, was almost in tears and we haven't even said goodbye!

KateShmate Fri 07-Sep-12 19:40:54

Sorry haven't checked it for a while.

We had DTriplets first day of Pre school on wednesday - it went brilliantly! J and A went running in and didn't even want a kiss goodbye!
Little E was a little bit sad about leaving me, she didn't cry but had a terribly sad look on her little face. But Emme had the most loveliest loveliest key worker ever, who scooped her straight up and gave her a big cuddle! Parents can watch for a bit through a little hatch thing, and within a few minutes 'A' had come to give E a cuddle and take her to the 'teeny nanimals' smile

DD2's first day of Primary went as expected! She barely even wanted to say goodbye! Me and DH were saying our goodbyes and said to have a nice day etc - then she turned round and said 'You've said 'have a nice day' twice mum!' (she doesn't even call me mum!) then rolled her eyes and ran off! We had to laugh - it is classic DD2!

Slightly off topic, but saw an advert for a really good looking carseat from Mothercare, went to have a look and have now been swayed by the brand new Cameleon3 that came up!!!

AtLongLast Fri 07-Sep-12 22:15:20

<wibble> half a bottle of wine & I'm almost crying with both of those.

God, that sentence was hard work.

Dd1 has had ds2 on the hunt for his armband today. Light, no. Tent, no. Chicken, no. Etc. Told.him it's safe on kitchen table.....

Our car appears have pfft again today.feels ok in fog of vino tho. Will consider properly in cold light of day..

& can't remember what I was going to post now.....

Cerubina Sat 08-Sep-12 19:46:43

PMSL at pishedALL! What's with this all-out assault on the drinks cabinet recently? wink

I would've cried too mucky. No chance you can justify a day or two at the current place just to keep everyone happy..? Enjoy Elbow, it should be a good way to ease back into the gig scene (not exactly the last days of Rome).

Hope you've managed to fumigate all affected areas since yesterday LVB. Will you tell all when you come out of your traumatised state?

Glad school has started well Kate! Who's the cameleon for? (I had to look it up).

Mum's out of hospital - very weak but out of danger, which is great obviously. Op to be scheduled in near future. Enjoy the sun everyone (if applicable).

ladymuckbeth Sat 08-Sep-12 21:05:50

That's a good suggestion Cerub, I must think over that. So hard knowing what's right for the girls, plus right for us and our bank balance... confused

Also laughing at ALL's pishednesh. grin Although this post finds me somewhat inebriated after 15 days (FIFTEEN!) abstinence. Was aiming for a month off so feeling somwhat lily-livered in my success...

KateShmate Sat 08-Sep-12 22:19:38

Cerub Soo glad your mum is out of hospital - she may be weak, but being in her own environment should relax and reassure her. Hope everything goes well over the next few days/weeks.

Cameleon isn't for anyone in particular, but I am just so restricted with buggies these days, and I just want a nice buggy rather than a practical (but necessary) one.
I still have my Bugaboo Bee from DD2 because I couldn't bare to get rid of it when I found out I was pregnant with Trips.
I adore our ABC Everest, but its not me ! I miss being able to spend quit a bit of money on just a lovely buggy (like a bugaboo) rather than having to spend ridiculous amounts having it imported from blinking New zealand! And the fact that it is the only useful triple out there!
I have been so tempted with the Donkey in the past, but I do really prefer tandems.
I have genuinely lost count of the number of buggies I've had with DD1 and DD2, I just love them - as soon as I get bored I sell it on and get another. Its a brilliant game! I always kept my Bee for DD2 as main buggy, and then bought and sold VGC second hand buggies - therefore not losing out on any money!
Now there is no point even looking at buggies because there is, literally, about 4 or 5 to choose from - and I've had them all and they are shit!
I've decided that when DTrips are bigger, I will have 1 nice single (maybe a Cameleon) and they can take turns. I cannot have my last ever buggy being a frigging ABC triple!
Sorry for buggy rant sad PMT is kicking in.

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