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The under/over/around 1 Twins thread for support, tips on how to survive and enjoy twin parenthood!

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DreamingOfPeace Sat 11-Aug-12 18:58:12

BB3: dcda non id girls Sept 2011 (plus ds)
TwelveLeggedWalk: DCDA DD and DS 14.09.11 (PFBs)
Tiggersreturn twin boys (?!) (plus ds age 5)
Wherearemyearplugs twins (plus ds)
Ceeveebee b/g twins 21.11.11, PFBs
minesapintofwine: non-id boys 02/02/2012. dcs 1&2/pfb on good days.
ClaireMarathonFeeder: Boy/girl twins born 08/02/2012, no3&4, dd1 (2001) and dd2 (2004)
rednellie nonID boys 13.03.2012 + DD 03.02.10
Lemele: id boys (plus ds)
Skitoo : DCDA Non ID Boys, 01.04.12 DC 1&2
DreamingofPeace: dcda non id boys, 4.4.12 DC 2&3 (DD Sept 2010)
beyoglu: dcda non id girls 21.4.12
Bigboobsatlast ID twin boys 30.04.12 DC #2&3 (DD Feb 2010)
Scollister mcda girls 3.5.12 plus DD age 4
Twin2makes4 mcda girls plus 2 ds,age 8 & 4

Again, sorry for mistakes, doing this from my phone!

Settle in ladies smile

ClairesTravellingCircus Fri 01-Feb-13 07:43:20

Very quiet indeed, I miss BB3 she's always very sensible! And it's to good to hear from someone ahead of you snd still alive!!

Baileys, re help, I have a cleaner, I was lucky that I found a very good one, she does what I ask her to do and better than me too grin
She comes once a week to do a deep clean so I csn keep on top of it.

Then I have a babysitter for when I need to go places where it would be just too complicated/long/near impossible with two babies: hospital appointments, school stuff for the older two etc.

I also use her to go and do a big shop once a week, so I can buy bigger stuff that doesn't go under pushchair. I occasionally also use her to look after the babies to spend some time with the older too.
Hope this can give you some inspiration and that your nights aren't too bad (feel like a whimp for moaning about two babies!!)

ClairesTravellingCircus Fri 01-Feb-13 07:44:49

Oh and since we're all coming clean, (see what I did therewink) no more daily showers here either. I thought I was the only one

ChocolateForThree Fri 01-Feb-13 09:41:29

I popped in here last night but didn't manage to post as both babies were up ALL night hmm I have joined the Facebook page so hopefully see some of you there!

Oh good, its you! I saw a request and realised the group was still set to closed and set it to secret quick- this lasck of names business means I didn't know who was asking to join [scared of trolls]

<nips off to add chocolateforthree>

That made me chuckle claire

I'm so damn tired though and my dad has 'popped' up to take DD swimming (from over an hours drive away hmm He's amazing), new nanny has come to get to know the children so I am off for a lie down!!!!!! Will try and post later.

baileyslover Mon 04-Feb-13 09:39:40

Hi guys, will get PM'ing later for the FB page, what is it called again?
Everything ok here, nights no change. I don't mind the feeding so much, it is just sooo frustrating when they don't settle after a feed and another one is crying. Have to admit I have ended up putting one to sleep in a bouncy chair in the middle of the night if they won't settle in the cot blush Know it is not great for them but really don't want to feed again and don't have the energy for jigging to sleep.
Older DS woke up at 6.30 rather than 8ish this am so feeling pretty bleugh this morning.
Also starting weaning at the weekend, REALLY dreading it, much more than Ithought. Just the extra work, and worry that they aren't going to take to it very well. DS was a dream to wean and I went down the BLW route so feel clueless re purees. Imagine once I start I will get into the flow, but eek.

coo-eee baileys, we're here!! Un-secreted the group for you,

Fed up of illness, sleep depriavtion and lack of crawling... Learn to move and stop winging DT!

Ill dt2 just woken, so best dash...

thereistheball Wed 06-Feb-13 06:42:22

Hi Everyone

Dreaming, I'd like to join the FB group too please if that's OK. I've PMed you.

Claire - glad you are feeling more positive.

Things are OK here: I had a really busy week las week because DH was working all hours so wasn't around to do the 10pm bottle, which is usually when I get a few hours of guaranteed sleep before the night shift. We are back to normal now but I am still really tired, as is he, and everyone but me now has a cold. The boys had their 3 month check-up at the hospital and the doctor said that she didn't need to monitor them any further, which is great.

Does anyone have any good tips for entertaining two 3 month olds? I want to be interacting with them but find that I need superhuman levels of energy to play with them both at the same time. I feel like a slightly crazed children's entertainer dementedly waving toys and rattles around. There must be calmer ways of stimulating and encouraging them.

The other thing is that being tired and at home is a disaster for my waistline. I lost lots of weight while pg and now it feels like its piling back on. So I'm going to need to tackle that too.

Right, need to rouse the babes. It's no good being on a routine if I'm the only one following it!

Eating43 Sun 10-Feb-13 18:14:59

Hi ladies. I have not posted before but have been lurking on this thread for a while, enjoying your tips and stories. Was hoping you might have some advice for me. I have B/G twins who are just over 5 months old, plus DD 22 mths. we have just set up the twins bedroom and I'm thinking of moving them in tomorrow. My main concern with this is night feeds. I am breast feeding them and try where possible to do tandem feeds at night (I have a Harmony Duo feeding pillow). Not really sure how to make this work without a bed in there to feed on. In bed I usually put them both on the bed next to me, position myself with the feeding cushion, put them on and feed and then lay them back on the bed so I can get up to put them back in their cots (IYSWIM). How to achieve this in their room - will I just have to feed sitting on the floor so I have somewhere to put them down? Am I missing an obvious, more comfortable solution? Also I'm hoping that getting them out of our room will help everyone's sleep as it did with Dd1, but what are your experiences doing this with twins, did it help or were you just in and out of there all night? Mine are not particularly good sleepers. Thanks!

Eating43 Sun 10-Feb-13 18:31:40

Sorry, one other question for anyone who tandem breastfed - at what age did yours get too big to fit in the feeding pillow together comfortably and what did you do then at bedtime?? Thanks a lot

bigboobsatlast Sun 10-Feb-13 21:18:30

Hi eating. I didn't breast feed but lots of ladies on here did... I will give them a nudge to see if they can help! congratulations on the twins btw. I have a dd who is 3 tomorrow and 9 month dts. Id boys.

No sleep here either! !

rednellie Sun 10-Feb-13 21:30:54

Hey Eating. I'm still tandem feeding my two, but for only one feed a day - the one just before bed. They're almost a year old, but they are quite small...

The way I do it is I feed them in my rocking chair, with the pillow (My Brestfriend in my case), then I sort of twist them round to sitting after they're done, read them a book and then carry them under my arms into their cots. That sounds incredibly awkward, but it's not that hard.

Obviously, that doesn't help for nighttime feeds especially if you're trying to keep it dark etc. I 'think' I stopped feeding them together around 5 months and when we put them in their own room as they started having slightly different waking patterns. I wanted to encourage DT1 to sleep through, as he seemed to be doing, and just had to deal with DT2. Of course, it meant, on occasion, we were up a lot as they were waking at different times, but DT1 was stretching it and now is a reliable sleeper.

If I did have to feed them both, I'd get DH to bring them to me once I got sat in my rocking chair, then once I'd fed them I'd stumble around with them on the cushion and slid them off into their respective cots...not very safe...grinblush

baileyslover Sun 10-Feb-13 22:26:38

Hi eating I am bf my 6 month old triplets, but probably a similar size to your 5 monthers so no answer on when too big for a cushion. At night I sleep on a single bed in the nursery with them as still feeding twice a night hmm. I do exactly the same as you currently with putting one on the bed. I guess if you have no room for a single bed, what about a chair with no arms? If you pull the chair right up to a cot could you lean forward and place one in the cot while keeping the other on the cushion? Otherwise I guess you could sit on the floor with cushions behind/in front giving extra support to the bf cushion.

baileyslover Sun 10-Feb-13 22:32:35

thereis entertaining multiples is a struggle isn't it? I tend to lie them together on the playmat and pull funny faces, but realistically only get decent interaction one on one when the other 2 are asleep . Have found having a 2 year old running around helps for entertainment - he is very funny apparently!

Eating43 Sun 10-Feb-13 23:55:39

Thanks baileys. Hats off to you feeding 3! Yes no room for a bed in there so think I will have to go with cushions on the floor. Twice a night would be a dramatic improvement for me, think I will have to get a bit tougher with the little monkeys soon!

Eating43 Sun 10-Feb-13 23:59:39

Sorry, just saw the other replies too, duh - thanks. Yes I was kind of hoping that the room move might lead to better sleep and therefore less tandem feeding, we will see! Love the image of you walking around with them both on the pillow and then plopping into cots red!

Eating43 Mon 11-Feb-13 00:10:17

Oh and to contribute something as well, thereis, I generally play with one at a time while the other one is entertaining themselves with the baby gym (ive got the fisherprice rainforest gym which is fab, especially as it has a setting using jungle noises so you can have it "on" without any irritating music playing - i think mine started to get really into that at about 3 months). If I do entertain both together I tend to put them in their bouncy chairs and then sing to them, play peekaboo or just talk to them. They also love books, especially a little black and white cloth book with faces in (although more so in the last month or so). But to be honest a lot of the time they are just in their bouncy chairs watching me and/or the toddler and being talked/sung to. They don't get shown/play with a lot of toys as such. Hopefully soon they will be better at holding things themselves and can then wave things in their own faces saving you the bother!

thereistheball Mon 11-Feb-13 00:55:51

Thanks for the replies. Eating43: I feed as you do, sorry not to be more help. But at night I try to do them one at a time if possible as I can do that from bed without using the feeding cushion or getting cold feet. My two are coming up for 6 months and are right on the bottom on the growth charts for that age - I'd say we have another month or so of being able to fit them together on the pillow (mybreastfriend).

Nancy54 Mon 11-Feb-13 16:32:04

Hi all,
Eating - I've got 19 week bg twins. A week ago we put them in their own room and sleep has majorly improved! Before they were in a side car cot and we were all just waking each other up. I was nervous about them g

Nancy54 Mon 11-Feb-13 16:37:33

Going into their room cos I thought if be in and out a million times but actually it is not the case.

Regarding the breast feeding pillow, my twins are pretty big (dtb nearly 8kg) and they still fit on it, their legs just hang off the end (it's the my Brest friend one)

Thereis - I've got this really horrendous plasticky 'winnie l ourson 'arche d eveil' that I got off Dtb loves it and it keeps him amused for ages!

onepopperwrong Tue 12-Feb-13 20:26:21

Good evening All,

Does anyone know how you tell the difference between the NUK Size 1 teats and NUK Size 2 teats? I ordered some size twos and washed and sterilised them but now i have mixed them up with the size ones and can't tell them apart. They all have M for medium flow on them and the holes seem very similar sizes ARRGGH

baileyslover Wed 13-Feb-13 09:45:35

Afraid not onepopper. Might be worthwhile posting on breast and bottle feeding topic and you will probably get an answer x

onepopperwrong Wed 13-Feb-13 20:47:48

Thanks baileys i'll do that

TwelveLeggedWalk Tue 19-Feb-13 21:38:38

They've broken me.

Seriously, they're working together to overthrow us.0, I'm convinced of it.

Have just booked a holiday. With aeroplanes and everything. Am very very nervous!

butterflyexperience Wed 20-Feb-13 07:04:01


I'm 19 weeks pregnant with twins and the posts on this thread are great!
I've been concerned at how to bf when dt arrive and have been answered by the breast friend! So shall be definitely getting myself one.

And it seems expressing can also help? What's the best pump for this?

Can I also ask how those of you with older dc cope with school run?
I'm concerned at how to organise without losing my sanity!

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