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Carrying two- any sling/wrap recommendations or don't-buys?

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MultipleMama Sat 27-Jul-13 11:32:23

Oh we use Boba G3 and recently bought the Beco Gemin 4-in-1. Both are great.

MultipleMama Sat 27-Jul-13 11:24:53

I carried my twins in my moby wrap until they became too big. I'm expecting twins again and bought two bobas so I can carry one eldest twin and one of the newborns.

I don't like the twin carriers I've seen, the hip support is barely non-existent.

RaspberryBean Tue 23-Jul-13 23:08:56

Also here featuring blogs about tandem carrying!

RaspberryBean Tue 23-Jul-13 23:07:26

Definitely look up a sling meet and also your local sling library. If you're near London, South London Sling Library is a fantastic resource run by a very experienced, qualified and downright lovely lady called Emily who can give you personalised advice about suitable carriers, train you how to use them safely and comfortable and even loan you a decent carrier until you manage to buy one!

I'm enthusiastic because she's helped me immensely and lots of friends and colleagues I've recommended to her. The library sessions are run for a small donation and she also does private consultations which are chargeable.

Hope it all goes well and you're able get out and about easily with your lovely babies xx

DreamingOfPeace Wed 15-Feb-12 18:21:30

Right, Moby it is.

Bah, I'll feel bad every time we use the baby bjorn now... And i bet we do or rather dh who'll say I'm being ridiculous, guaranteed

I need to check out this natural mamas website and also a mei tei. We do have a Boba 3G.

Grumpla Tue 14-Feb-12 04:40:30

I'd have a go with a Moby to start off, then once you have got used to flinging the fabric around maybe try a woven wrap? They are more supportive than the stretchy fabric slings and you can carry quite big kids in them.

Alternatively you could try two ring slings (one over each shoulder) or two mei teis (one front, one back). Or a combination of carriers (two hip carries, a back and a hip?) as long as straps etc are only crossing each other and one carrier is not putting any weight on the body/limbs of the baby in the other.

There is a website called Natural Mamas which is a bit lentil-weavery but a great resource for baby wearing, I've seen lots of pics / info on tandem baby wearing on there so might be worth checking it out?

I really wouldn't recommend a Baby bjorn or similar carrier. They are known as "crotch danglers" as they don't hold your baby in the proper "froggy" position for optimal hip/pelvis support and they pull away from your body so as the baby gets heavier they become less and less comfy. I would think that having twins will put plenty of pressure on your back anyway so would avoid like the plague.

Even if tandem baby wearing doesn't work out, finding one decent sling that works for you will be a boon - i don't have direct experience of twins but I understand from my friend that there is a common design flaw whereby they don't necessarily sleep / teethe etc at the same time grin so as long as you can get one settled and one in the sling you'll still be able to (say) go for a wee / make a stiff G&T cup of tea.

LalaDipsey Tue 14-Feb-12 04:29:10

I carried dd1 everywhere and found my Moby a lifesaver. I bought a weego twin carrier off eBay but personally really struggle to carry dts (8wks) in as I have to have an arm round each of them to hold them in which defeats the object!
I use the Moby but do find it's not good for long periods of time with both in.
Good luck!

galaxymummy Sun 12-Feb-12 18:04:44

hi if u tube too technical go to a @slingmeet'

where nice local people show you what to do
where is you nearest twins meeting?/club

4madboys Mon 06-Feb-12 16:45:32

as long as you are careful what you and babies wear then a moby should still be ok during the summer, you can get some thinner ones or ones with a more 'open' weave so that you dont get so hot, but i carried dd in the summer and was ok and i get too hot easily iykwim.

good luck! i am slightly envious no more sling carrying and babies more me sad

Byeckerslike Mon 06-Feb-12 16:37:31

Oh and like galaxy, youtube was great for instructions

Byeckerslike Mon 06-Feb-12 16:36:49

I used a kari me and carried them both together until they were four and a half months ish, that would have made them 14lbs each ish, they didnt feel that heavy though.

I only had a baby bjorn for ds1 so a wrap was strange but after using it a coupld of times at home i was chucking them in from a distance! grin

I found it warm but fine as long as i didnt wear loads underneath, a vest was enough. Boys born june '11

DreamingOfPeace Mon 06-Feb-12 14:10:09

Can I ask a final question? Will a Moby wrap be too hot come the summer?

DreamingOfPeace Sun 05-Feb-12 21:57:07

4madboys, I have just been googling sling meets, and have emailed to see if the one near ish me is still running, so fingers crossed!

thanks galaxy, I have seen one video on youtube but it looked a bit technical and scared me off. The positive comments here have inspired me to try though...

galaxymummy Sun 05-Feb-12 21:46:36

Hi There
In my antenatal classes for twins we talk about slinging you can double with a moby when little go to u tube for instructions

4madboys Sun 05-Feb-12 21:43:45

there were two twin carries in my instructions, i am pretty sure there were two, maybe more? i dont have it anymore my sister does, but there were def twin holds in it, i was really impressed and thought it would be quite neat to carry twins like that!

good luck with it all, and do report back on how you get on with the twins and the moby. do you have a slingmeet anywhere near you btw, that might be a good way of getting to try one before buying nad someone may have even had twins and be able to give you some pointers smile

DreamingOfPeace Sun 05-Feb-12 17:45:42

Thanks everyone. I think my next step is eBay to find a Moby wrap- especially if there's a twin carry in the instructions...

I'm very excited about the twins, but now it's seeming like it's really going to happen I am having a total flap about coping deciding on what I'll need to do to look after three and not feel we're just 'existing'- I still want DD to have attention and activities!

Eglu Sat 04-Feb-12 21:27:16

I can't help with twin carrying in particluar, but I have a Moby. I always felt they were really complicated looking, but watched videos on Youtube and decided to try it. They really are a lot easier than they look, and the support for your back is great as you can really spread the fabric across to distribute the weight..

Congratulations on your twins. I'm very jealous, always wanted twins.

4madboys Sat 04-Feb-12 21:26:13

i have a moby, or i did,my dd is 13mths so i have given it to my sister who uses it for her 5wk old, we both love it! and once you practise it is very simple. obviously i never used it for twins but in the insturction booklet there are several carries for twins and a mum with newborn and then another with 4mth ish? twins using the moby to carry them, it looks like it would be ok. if you can get hold of one then i would give it a go smile

londonmum123 Sat 04-Feb-12 21:18:58

Just posted a long response and lost it... arrggh...

Anyway, congratulations - twins are great.

I bought a Weego carrier.

DD1 was 20 months when the twins arrived (38 weeks - 5lb 10oz and 6lb 2oz). DD1 was too little reckless to use the buggy board so would push her in the Maclaren initially and have the babies in the carrier.

I had a baby bjorn for DD1 which I loved. The Weego isn't as good but it did the job. The back support isn't great and I found that it really pulled on my shoulders. However, I used it until they were about 3 months (13lb each) and for those three months it was pretty invaluable. I couldn't fit my pram (double mountain buggy) into DD1's nursery and really didn't want to leave the babies outside in their pram whilst I picked up DD1. No other parents around (she did half days) and on a busy through route so asking another parent to watch the babies wasn't an option. I don't think I could have carried them for more than an hour in the carrier though.

I used it to go to the local shops etc but as soon as DD1 was reliable enough not to throw herself off the buggy board I stopped using it.

I didn't use it around the house as never found that I needed too. I think I was quite PFB with DD1 whereas I got used to crying pretty quickly when the twins arrived.

You'll find that most toddler groups etc will let you take your buggy in and there will always be someone there to offer a spare pair of hands.

Sorry - this is rushed. Let me know if you have any more questions

DreamingOfPeace Sat 04-Feb-12 14:05:49


I'm 29 weeks pregnant with twins, and my DD will be about 18 months, hopefully nearly 19 months when the babies are born. I think a twin sling of some kind will be really useful but I don't know what to go for.

I am thinking of the Weego, but its so expensive and I don't know how long I could carry them if they're both born at term and are good weights (and they're both over the 50th centile so far...)

I looked at the moby wrap, but learning the technique looks like it'll take some mastering and I only ever used a baby bjorn and ergo baby for my DD, so nothing 'technical' like a wrap.

Who's carried twins, for how long/what weight and what would you recommend? I can't imagine how else I could even go to toddler groups with DD and know what the babies are up to while keeping watch over a rampaging 18 month old?! Plus if they're fretting, just for around the house...

Any help gratefully appreciated lovely twin mummies!

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