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AtLongLast Thu 12-Jan-12 23:35:12

OTT / self-indulgent I know, but Toddler Twin Tantrums..... aaargh! Just as well they're so cute too. Ds2 was v funny today wiggling his bum singing `uh, uh Bobby' in response to me dancing round the kitchen to `Bobby's girl'... grin

tartiflette Fri 13-Jan-12 09:13:24

Well done ALL !!

tartiflette Fri 13-Jan-12 09:16:24

Hmm. Rose bit me yesterday, I still bear the scars... She also fish hooked her sister leaving two slash marks across her cheek reminiscent of something out of a horror film (maybe I should cut their nails blush )

londonlottie Fri 13-Jan-12 09:39:43

The guilt never ends, does it? Them scratching each other = guilt that you should have cut their nails sooner grin

LaVitaBellissima Fri 13-Jan-12 15:21:02

Yes biting, painful, my two have left marks on each other sad

Still laughing about the "destroyers of worlds" comment Tarti, I can already imagine that I'll be spending the next few years apologising to people. I know that I'm a firm no nonsense type, I used to have a team of 82 at work, but these two look at me, then look at each other, laugh, & carry on with their mischief, god help me grin

londonlottie Fri 13-Jan-12 17:04:28

Girls I have been on a massive 'back to the UK' online spending spree, making up for 2 years away from such temptations. All arrived yesterday and today and I'm feeling that weird mix of shame and pleasure, staring at it all. Pair of Ugg heels in the sale, 4 pairs trousers, about 4 tops, trainers, bits and bobs... all in the sale but half of it doesn't quite fit due to my excessive gluttony and I'm keeping it anyway as an incentive. Oh dear....

LaVitaBellissima Fri 13-Jan-12 17:08:56

"Ugg Heels" isn't that an oxymoron? grin

londonlottie Fri 13-Jan-12 18:12:31

Here - come on fashion guru, be honest, what do you think? grin

londonlottie Fri 13-Jan-12 18:13:37

Mind you - angry - they've gone down an extra 10% in price from when I ordered mine 3 days ago!

LaVitaBellissima Fri 13-Jan-12 18:28:41

I like, I didn't realise they did heels! I'd return them, then re order, but I'm tight wink

Quick question, do you all do bath time if you're alone? If so, how? Although maybe this will be easier when they are a bit steadier on their feet confused

tartiflette Fri 13-Jan-12 19:15:25

I do do it but it tends to be a half-arsed effort of dunking them in for minimal time, plucking one out and doing that one's nappy, vest and pjs on the floor of the bathroom, then bung that one in bedroom (have safety gate across nursery door) and go back for the other one. The gate on the door is invaluable for when I'm on my own actually - I'd highly recommend it as a course of action. We don't have one across the top of the stairs.

This is totally pathetic but it's the tooth brushing I can't do on my own - only DH seems to be able to get them to open up... I end up a sweaty shouting mess with two wrigglers covered in toothpaste.

DH needs to work away Mon and Tues of next week, near where his parents live. I have a parents evening at school so would be an issue childcare-wise... so he is now taking them down to his mum's for the two days grin grin I will be able to have a LEISURELY SHOWER (at 6.30 am before work, admittedly).

Good shopping haul Lottie. If there's free returns I would prob send back and reorder too.

tartiflette Fri 13-Jan-12 19:16:45

Oh and yes Lavita it's definitely easier once they're on their feet (although with the added factor of them running hither and thither and being impossible to round up...) - plonk first one in cot while you go back for the other one?

AtLongLast Fri 13-Jan-12 20:26:28

Wow, `ugg heel' isn't what I imagined (trad Ugg but with a heel...). I do like them - much more elegant than Uggs. & another website with which to educate myself.

Luckily I've rarely had to do baths on my own but we had it easy anyway since ds2 wasn't mobile for so long so it wasn't really like having 2 toddlers. We could leave ds2 on the floor til he was 13 months & not worry about him getting into mischief/danger. Teeth tho... have to keep reminding myself we need to make more serious efforts. Both pretty good at it in the bath with one of us brushing our own teeth (while playing the fool of course) but I really have to get into a good morning habit too.

Result Tarti! Monday will be one of the rare occasions I have to do everything. In fact twice next week.... but at least dp will be home later.

Our minor disaster tally today: ds1 clobbering dd with Thomas Tank (I think, just heard the cries, ds1 looking v sheepish with Thomas in hand) shock; me managing to catch enough of ds1's wee in the potty to praise him wildly still had to clean poor teddy bear that bore the brunt.... but not quite quick enough to stop ds2 dipping his hand in... and putting his hand in his mouth shock (he wasn't keen) & numerous near-misses wrt dd being squashed by one or t'other sitting on her in her rocker or car seat shock. Just as well we were out all day really grin.......

Chesticles Fri 13-Jan-12 21:16:49

I win on the bad mother front today. D fell down the stairs sad. Not sure how far, I think about 3 steps as there wasn't really any loud thumps, he just started wailing and I found him at the bottom of the stairs with a bump on his head and a cut on his hand. No idea how he cut his had as there wasn't anything on the carpeted stairs that could have injured him. Maybe he was holding something. Anyway, feel rubbish about it all. Must be stricter about using the stair gate. They are so good on the stairs crawling up and down (supervised) that I suppose we have got a bit lax.

londonlottie Fri 13-Jan-12 21:58:12

Lavita - I've always bathed on my own, but we were lucky in that the girls room in Switz had an en-suite, so it was never much of an issue - I'd bath them both together, then dress one and put in cot (with bottle if necessary) while I got the second one out.

Chesty - sorry to hear about D falling downstairs... sad Hope he's okay now. We don't have stairgates here at mum's and I know we've been lulled into a false sense of security and need to be cautious too. It's easily done, we so want them to get the pleasure from doing things themselves and accidents are bound to happen.

Off to see the house in the morning. A bit fuming this afternoon though as I had a worrying phone call from our EA in London re. our buyers, who are turning out to be complete idiots. They've just switched solicitors (at this late stage angry) and appear to have only just submitted their mortgage application. They told the EA they had their mortgage offer, getting confused with that and the application (confused), and had no idea that a structural survey was different to the separate valuation survey done by the mortgage company. So we appear to be much further away from things than we thought. <takes deep breath>

LaVitaBellissima Fri 13-Jan-12 22:23:19

angry for you Lottie but thinking back to when I was a first time clueless buyer it really is complicated confused hope it gets better soon.

Maybe I just need to get on with it, I just get a bit scared as they are both such liabilities, can hurt themselves whilst sat on the floor laughing, as they through themselves back in fits of giggles and bang their heads on the woodenfloor.

LaVitaBellissima Fri 13-Jan-12 22:24:13

through = throw oops wine actually Port, I ran out of wine

londonlottie Fri 13-Jan-12 22:30:42

we had a large padded changing mat thing which we kept permanently in the bathroom (not as nice as this but similar) which I would line with towels and use as a 'holding station' for them when they were very small/not particularly mobile. I say just bite the bullet and do it, maybe the first time you try doing it on your own have an extra pair of hands there just in case you need them.

LaVitaBellissima Fri 13-Jan-12 22:33:51

* they aren't still for a second, they are as Tarti so nicely puts it, "destroyers of worlds" grin they are not still for a second, mostly cruisng/climbing around the furniture at speed, I have a marble bathroom and they would probably be knocked out flat within minutes aarrgghh...

londonlottie Sat 14-Jan-12 14:43:52

Ours was granite LaVita - throughout the whole flat (hated it for them) - but there were surprisingly few head-bounces and they soon learnt!

KateShmate Sun 15-Jan-12 12:15:53

Thanks for invite to thread LVB smile

Am definitely in need of this this morning - we had a delightful triplet meltdown this morning....
Mine are 2.6 (We have definitely hit the terrible twos X3) and will have a general strop a few times a day; but about once a fortnight/month they will have a a horrendously huge breakdown where they get so angry and frustrated that they bite themselves and head but things. So yes, they had one of them this morning. grin
LVB I do bath alone sometimes but the whole thing is performed with military precision ;) We have a bath in our en-suite so do baths in there as its just easier - before they get in the bath, I have books and milk at the ready. First one comes out the bath - is dried and dressed and then lies on our bed with milk and a book. #2 comes out, dried and dressed and does the same with milk and book. (This is the time when I need to watch them, or we have milk-splattered walls). Then after #3 is out and dried and dressed, we read a book together; and then bed.
Obviously it rarely actually happens like that as DD's often like to flatly refuse to get dressed/get out the bath/ read a book. I usually end up with only 1 DD at the end reading a book as the others have escaped..

LaVitaBellissima Sun 15-Jan-12 12:44:40

Yeay welcome KateShmate I knew you would fit right in grin

Other TTT ladies, bumped into Kate on another thread and told her our mantra
"One child is a piece of piss, but a least we don't have triplets!"
I think I'm going Kate's enjoy your posts, put it all into perspective smile

Now tell me what everyone is feeding said children, mine are at the delightful stage where everything gets spat out orr thrown on the floor. I think the current acceptable foods are sweetcorn, peas, blueberries, cherries and er that's about it!

LaVitaBellissima Sun 15-Jan-12 17:37:44

GG/Chesty Hope D is better, I keep forgetting to buy another stairgate for the bottom of our steps (we just gate of the top floor of our house and the 2 steps down to the bathroom, leaving the landing and ours and the girls bedroom) We don't normally let them into the hall, but it's their favourite game at the moment racing, along the corridor and clambering up the stairs at speed. Your post has given me a push so I'm off to order one now!

KateShmate Sun 15-Jan-12 18:37:19

LVB After Xmas has come and gone, all my girls ask for is ''Choc-it mummy, peas''
I have to be honest though, mine are pretty good eaters 'food wise' just not 'portion wise' - they will try pretty much anything, but just aren't hungry children. (Unlike DD1 and DD2) That said, triplets wolfed down a HUGE plate of roast today - was very impressed!
How old are your DT's LVB?

AtLongLast Sun 15-Jan-12 22:26:51

Welcome Kate! Luckily T works for triplet too..... Any quad+ arrivals & we may have to rethink grin

Oh no, Chesty... I hope you're both recovered now! I let ds1 go upstairs on his own at naptime / bathtime because ds2 is still rubbish at stairs & needs v, v, v close supervision and had a -heart-in-mouth moment the other day when he looked up at me & thought he was going to fall backwards. He also has a habit of stopping 3/4 way up as he can peek through the spindles to the tv at that point. One of these days.... We also have a bit on the landing that would allow a toddler to fall to the ground floor so dp needs to accept he isn't going to get round to sorting it ever really, really need to get someone out to board it in or something. At least it means I'm never lax unusual for me... about leaving the stairgate at the bottom open, or when we're upstairs.

Ours are pretty good eaters too Lavita but there have been times when it seemed unfeasible that they'd ever eat a `meal' (tho we did do blw). We went through months of peas & sweetcorn being offered at every meal as they were a def fav here too. I remember being v disappointed that ds2 wouldn't touch pasta up til way after 1 (ds1 loved it). Pleased to say it's a firm fav now & a staple for fast & filling! My big `problem' thing is starchy / fill-up lunch stuff as ds2 won't eat bread other than as toast (and only at `toast time'). I tend to give him lemon & raisin pancake. Not ideal, but he loves them. He's a recent convert to potato cake (don't understand, but not arguing!) so that's something.

Although we're not potty training as such, the boys spend so long out of nappies that we've had loads some `accidents' so potty is mentioned a lot. As in `where do we do wees and poos?' & the boys shout `in the potty' v emphatically but almost certainly with little true understanding. Ds1 taking his nappy off coincides with him needing one or t'other. Well, managed to catch the tail end of ds1's wee in the potty a couple of times now he's stopped backing away from it & he's enjoyed the huge praise for that. Yesterday he did a poo on the floor and........... put the potty on top of it!! Comprehension of sorts...........?grin

Went for a walk with the aim of plane spotting yesterday. Disappointingly few planes & boys pretty much missed 3 of the 4 we saw, so that went well. Ds2 walked really well tho. Ds1 insisted on being carried mostly so that was hard work but subsequently seeing the size of a cut/bruise on his knee after falling down, that was understandable. Did a pizza hut lunch which was OK except that ds2 spent the whole time facing the table behind us coveting the Thomas Tank engines the boys on that table had. Today we went swimming for the first time with all 3. Was fine.... if a lot of work for the 20-30mins actually in the water but we can improve that. Still, we did think we might be turned away due to adult/child ratio.

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