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Why are my 9 year old twin boys STILL such hard work?

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TwinsTooMuch Tue 11-Oct-11 19:30:04

They are a bleedy nightmare. I keep being told that they should be easy now but I actually prefer the toddler stage.

One of them constantly attacks jumps on his brother and does not know when to stop. So I have to put up with DS1 squealing until he loses it and attacks DS2 which then ends in DS1 crying.

They do not listen to anything I say, they will not do anything I say. Homework is an ordeal as they will not do it without DH or I standing over them. They will not get themselves ready for school without being shouted at. They share a room unfortunately (no choice) and they will not sleep as they are jumping up and down/throwing things around, until we make one of them sleep in our bed. We then have to lug them back to their bed when we go up.

I refuse to take them shopping any more as they behave terribly. Fighting in public, calling names, touching produce, running around etc. They are 9!

I have to supervise their bath/shower STILL as they will literally flood the bathroom. They don't seem to have any empathy that they are driving me crazy at all! I admit to doing a lot of things for them as it is such hard work to get them to do anything and as there are 2 of them it saves time, but I expect at this age, they will not behave like this.

Is it because they are twins and have each other to wind up (both of them would be easy to deal with as singletons I expect) or have I had the bad luck to end up with TWO bloody delinquents? Any experience greatly appreciated.

dreamfeeder Sun 16-Oct-11 22:19:18

God, no idea.

I came on to say my friend with twin 7 year olds is having problems getting them to get out of the car and go into school, and bad behaviour at home (one saying she hates her and worse etc and raging at her), though they are angelic whenever I see them, at school or when they are in public. I don't think she'd say they were easy at all!

My only thought is to be consistent with what you ask of them and the behaviour expected of them and dole out the consistent punishment if it doesn't happen.

Good luck!

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