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One sleeps and the other doesn't!

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LittlePickles23 Thu 06-Oct-11 09:11:02

hi everyone,
Desperately needing some advice on how to try and get my little boy to self-soothe when he wakes during the night or even how to encourage him to sleep through (this seems like its never going to happen!). My little ones just turned 1. My little girl sleeps through but the wee man still wakes up to four or five times a night, although on a good night it's only about twice. The problem is he screams until one of us goes through and soothes him. He never used to wake up my wee girl so we've tried controlled crying which worked to the extent that he only woke up once or twice but never managed any more than that. After over a week (on three or four separate attempts). Now he is waking up his sister so we feel CC is not an option because of the effect on her too so we end up co-sleeping with te wee man. We've also tried cutting down milk during the night but now when he wakes he doesn't want milk and even his dummy doesn't always soothe him - only stroking back/head or a cuddle works and even then when we put him down thinking that he's asleep he's back bolt upright crying or only goes down for a short while.
Friends have suggested trying to put him in another room (would have to be hubby's office) to see if that helps but I'm no sure what effect that will have when we put him back in with his sister, or if it will actually make things worse because they are so used to being together. Am so confused, shattered and am also feeling the sleep deprivation effecting hubby and work (back full time since they were 8mo).
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

faeriefruitcake Fri 07-Oct-11 22:42:05

I just stick whichever one of mine is fussing in with me till they sleep then pop them back in their own bed once asleep. At the moment it's my girl but it can vary depending on who is teething/growing or wants a cuddle. I found being relaxed and not making a big deal about it appears to relax them the most.

LittlePickles23 Fri 14-Oct-11 20:16:49

Hi Faerie, thanks for your message. You're definitely right about staying relaxed, it definitely helps. Am a little reluctant to say in case I jinx things but, it seems that we've had a breakthrough the last week or so. We decided to move the babies dinner from 4:30-5 to 5:30-6 and also give them a larger bottle at bedtime and the wee man has slept through for the last five nights! Fingers crossed it continues!! Hope everything is good with you and your little ones and thanks again.

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