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Twins, one had an accident the other saw and is struggling

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mwoo Wed 28-Sep-11 13:34:05

Hi there, my sister has twin girls aged 3, a few weeks ago they were all involved in a freak accident when a car came through a barrier in a car park, they all got knocked over and one of the twins ended up underneath the car, she was treated and rushed to hosptial, understandably my sister freaked out, and the other twin saw all this.

Thanksfully all was well after an overnight stay in hospital.

The one involved in the accident is fine and showing no knock on effects although early days. The other twin however is really struggling, she won't get in the car, cries and needs to be carried in a car park, covers her ears when she hears a car cry etc and is constantly talking about naughty cars.

My sister has made a gp appointment for later in the week, but has anybody experienced anything similiar or got any advice...

2ddornot2dd Wed 28-Sep-11 22:39:21

Don't know, Sorry, wanted to bump

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