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NCT Sale Multiples & Prem babies N. Yorkshire

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jen80 Tue 23-Aug-11 18:51:42

I have 12 month old twin boys. I suggested a 'twins+more' and 'premature baby' section at my local NCT nearly new sale and they think it's a great idea.
So if you're in or near Harrogate, North Yorkshire, come along with your used clothes or equipment to sell and hopefully grab a bargain for your multiples.
Sat 24th September 2011, see NCT website for further details. Some items such as car seats and used breast pumps cannot be sold, contact NCT for further info. Hope it'e OK to post this on here - I'm hoping to gather some interest so the NCT run with this every sale, I'm always looking for a bargain when buying for my boys!

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