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car seats for twins in a zafira

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marmitemad Sun 14-Aug-11 14:32:39

am asking on behalf of a friend who is having terrible trouble finding 2 narrow car seats for her 12 month old twins to go in the middle row of a 2005 zafira along with a Graco Junior Plus hi back booster seat (for her 5 year old).

she doesn't want to put the 5 year old in the boot seat as these are not very safe and then there is not enough room for the pram

mothercare have suggested that she puts the 5 year old in the front passenger seat with the air bag on (it can't be turned off)

any advice welcome.....

crazykat Sun 14-Aug-11 14:54:28

you can get car seats from vauxhall which deactivate the fron passenger air bag but they're likely to be expensive but may be cheaper than two new carseats.

has she tried putting the twins on the end seats and the 5 year old in the middle, we had to do this to fit two car seats and DSD in the middle seats of our zafira.

marmitemad Sun 14-Aug-11 15:51:49

yes she has tried putting the 5 year old in the middle with various seats but there wasn't enough room to get a hand in to do the seat belt.

what seats did you have when you managed this?

Tonksforthememories Sun 14-Aug-11 15:56:49

Hmm, we had a similar problem when our 3rd DC was due. I eventually got a Britax car seat and isofix base as it was the narrowest base on the market.

crazykat Sun 14-Aug-11 18:07:59

we had a britax forward facing carseat and a mothercare highback booster with harness and DSD had a booster seat.

the forward facing seats tend to be slightly narrower than the rearward/forward facing seats.

marmitemad Sun 14-Aug-11 21:24:39

Tonks & Crazycat , which britax seats did you have?

she does have isofix points but has never used them

someone else has recommended the britax Eclipse so we need to find a shop with 2 in stock for her to try....

Tonksforthememories Sun 14-Aug-11 21:32:16

I have the Britax eclipse too, i much prefer it to the maxi cosi ones which also have a narrow base. If she's planning on doing the 'twins on the outside' thing would it be worth getting a narrow booster seat for the 5yo to go in the middle?

5yo would be well protected there in the event of an accident.

PrincessScrumpy Mon 15-Aug-11 12:27:22

Just an extra point - I was told that it is fine for a child in a booster seat to go in the front with an airbag so long as the seat was far enough back. dd has been in my mum's two-seater car and I checked with maxi-cosi beforehand.

crazykat Mon 15-Aug-11 12:44:57

Mine's a britax eclipse too, while it's still quite big it's not quite as big as the rearward/forward facing one we used to have.

I would also get a narrow booster seat instead of the high back booster, we've just got DD1 one from toys'r'us for £7.99. It's they're own brand and is narrower than the graco booster seats as it doesn't have cupholders on it and it even fits safely in the seats of my dad's car which has shaped seats that are narrow and won't take most boosters safely without them being tilted.

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