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Puddles, lots of them

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faeriefruitcake Tue 09-Aug-11 22:42:41

Finaly doing the potty training of my Dt's, please lighten my day with tales of fun and joy about what yours got up to.

We're having potty envy and races to see who can pee the fastest, the most and who can get the most coverage of the floor with a single pee.

Also the boy twin is seeing how far he can get his penis to stretch, now that he can get to it regularly. They also like to swap pants/knickers. grin

CoffeeDog Wed 10-Aug-11 16:43:29

i am potty training my twin boys atm as well ;)

One is sort of getting it - I caught him on the 'big boy' toliet waving byr byr to his poo's
The other one constantley has his hand down his pirate pants - and still claps when he manages to get 'wee come out' bought loads of differnt potty's as ds2 was really funny about them - turns out they prefere the floor/garden/padderling pool etc.
Both have found out that bare bottoms on a slide dosn't work out to well... especially if it has been sunny ;)

Good luck!

SouthGoingZax Wed 10-Aug-11 16:50:03

I am steeling myself to start training with my DT boys too!
We're moving house next week ao I'm waiting until after that but we are doing lots of reading of Pirate Pete's Potty and the boys seem to love sitting on their potties. We've had a couple of ewes and poos in there too but I haven't started it 'in earnest' yet.

What is your method? Huge praise and excitement when they get it right and 'never mind' when they get it wrong?
Mine are 23 mos, I have bought sticker charts but also thinking of utilising chocolate buttons.

faeriefruitcake Thu 11-Aug-11 15:23:58

So far it's just been 'lets run around naked for as long as we can and wee on every available surface!'

The 4y old is joining in with the naked but thankfully not the weeing.

SouthGoingZax Fri 12-Aug-11 10:43:04

Ok we are 1 hour in. So far one wee in the potty (DT2) one wee on the floor (DT2)
Big boy pants are ON, I am trying to keep control of them in the kitchen (hard floors) to avoid accidents on the carpet.

CoffeeDog Fri 12-Aug-11 17:23:17

My twins are so helpfull at the moment with their potty's .... they keep taking them and empting them in the loo...... I swear i have cleaned and bleached the loo/bathroom/boys a hundred times today.

They look so pleased - look mummy i help you.... covered in pooas it dribbles down into toilet pouring wee half in the loo and half over my best towel.
Me thinks i will hide potty's and they can both go on big boy toliet!!!!

I still love the way they both stand there and wave buybuy to their poo's as they flush ;)

faeriefruitcake Fri 12-Aug-11 23:14:07

Bye bye, I love it, to poos! that is brilliant.


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