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Help!! Twins on the way....what will I need??

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frazzled2mummy Wed 03-Aug-11 21:29:26

Well Im 9 weeks pg with twins i have ds who will be 4 in Sept and a dd who will be 1 in a month. I obviously have all the equipment for a singleton baby, but what will i need with the twins? 2 cots? a triple buggy!!! (where do i find one and any recommendations)

Its a whole new challenge, new car needed the list seems to go on! HELP

AtLongLast Wed 03-Aug-11 22:34:44

Congratulations!! As for `stuff', I think you can get away with as little or as much as you like really. We only bought double of stuff that we absolutely needed, like car seats. We did buy 2 cotbeds but only used one for the first 6months. We're expecting our 3rd in 3 months time when the boys will be 19months & struggling to think of anything we need to buy other than a cot. I imagine a new car could be a necessity if you already have 2 children. People keep telling me I need a new car & that makes me more determined to prove mine (tiny Suzuki Alto) will do the job just fine (we do have a bigger 2nd car for full family outings / weekends away tho). I'm determined we're not going to buy a triple buggy unless it become clear it's totally necessary so haven't really researched them, but know Kiddicare have some suitable from 3months. We obv already have a double buggy so am planning on just using that together with the sling/backpack carrier....

PrincessScrumpy Wed 10-Aug-11 12:33:10

We plan for twins to sleep in the same cot initially but have bought a cot bed so they can do so for longer than in dd1's old cot. We got fed up having 2 small cars so traded my Clio in for a VW Touran about 18months ago. Thank goodness we did - it's fab and will fit 3 car seats along the back as well as have 2 seats in the boot. Ford S-max is fab too but we couldn't find any second hand except for really old ones.

I personally would do my best to avoid a triple buggy - a double with a buggy board or have a sling for one baby and dd can go in with the other baby. Plus keep a single buggy for family days out so you and dh/dp can have a buggy each (one single and one double).

frazzled2mummy Thu 11-Aug-11 18:04:18

Thank you such a confusing time!!

Chopstheduck Fri 12-Aug-11 07:38:09


Mine didn't actually settle in one cot at all. They had to go separate or they kept annoying each other. We bought two standard sized cots and they slept in them until they were 3 or maybe even 4. They dont actually need tons of room to sleep!

Depending on your budget, and if you walk a lot, you could look at something like a traditional style pram - I had an emmaljunga that I adored. Then you can get a seat to go on the top of that for your toddler.

When my dts were born, ds1 was nearly 2. We managed with a twin pram, buggy board and slinged a twin for when ds1 was really tired.

We managed with a fiesta until we could actually afford a bigger car. Most twin buggies don't fold very small, so we did really need a bigger one. Unless you go for an umbrella folding buggy that really are a nightmare to push.

Def agree with keeping two singles - great for holidays too.

WhiteRoses Sun 21-Aug-11 16:02:17


I've nothing useful to add but I'll be watching this thread carefully! Am currently 8wks pregnant with twins, and DS will also be 1 next month - freaking out with just that, never mind a 4yr old too, Frazzled! Like you though, I haven't a clue what I'm doing either! confused

Acceptableintheeighties Sun 21-Aug-11 23:48:18

Hi, congratulations!
My dd1 was 17 months when dts were born and I did the double buggy with a sling for whichever was the most clingy that trip. I also have a buggy board for when dd got a bit older and could walk further ( also had those back pack reins!).
Have seen the triple buggy in action and it is huge, would not be practical for ..... Well nearly everywhere!

Guessing you already have a bouncy chair, found it invaluable to sooth one twin while dealing with the other.

I had a travel cot with bassinet downstairs for dts to nap/play when a bit older safely out of dds way when she was tearing around!

I had visions of my dts sleeping all tucked up together for ages but in reality, once they started wriggling they ended up waking each other rather than sleeping peacefully, but they have always slept better if they know the other is in the room. Will not go down for a nap without their twin!

Good luck, my dts are now 20 months and although the sleep deprived first few months were probably hard, they are now a blur! My three play wonderfully together (most of the time) and actually seem to need less constant entertaining than singletons as they have a companion always around, believe it or not, I do occasionally get to drink a whole cup of coffee hot!

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