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Washing machines and dryers

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tiggersreturn Thu 21-Jul-11 15:45:09

What do you have? We're buying a house and need to get one. With ds I had a bosch which I really liked. Then lived somewhere with a miele which I didn't think was that great or at least not double the price good. Interested in what other people have.

Acceptableintheeighties Fri 22-Jul-11 15:26:45

Zannussi are fab, reasonably priced and reliable.

Would recommend as big a drum and spin speed as you can get.

Also, a front filter is great as can easily unclog yourself without having to get a repairman out to remove the back like many machines need!

Tumble driers I would say you only need a hot and cool temp and obviously a big drum to take the whole wash from your big drum washing machine!

urbanproserpine Wed 17-Aug-11 22:58:07

Washing machines: worth paying for. Tumble dryers: cheap and cheerful. The man in John Lewis could not tell me a good reason to buy the one that cost £400 v the £150 one. There isn't much engineering in a tumble dryer.

Washing machine: Agree largest capacity as possible. I try so hard to keep my washing down, but twins are three now, plus five year old, and I do at least one large load a day. confused

jassinkernow Thu 18-Aug-11 14:15:41

Also, check the average speed of a cycle. We have a Zanussi and the cycle I use most is 1 hr 46mins. On my last machine it was 57 mins - makes a big difference. That said, the new one works. Our washing machine is a pretty good one, tumble drier cheap and cheerful.
also, get a quick wash cycle - it is a lifesaver when they're sick on their favourite soft toy!!!

WithManyTots Sat 10-Sep-11 22:17:51

The difference between a £400 and £150 tumble dryer is often the energy they use. An expensive one can easily save 45p per load over a cheap one. It doesn't sound much, but with twins + 1 all under 4, ours is on almost every day, every week. At 10p per unit of electricity, that come out as a saving of about £100 pounds per year... £500 pounds over the 5 year warranty period and that assumes electricity stays this cheap/expensive. As a bonus, our super efficient one, and yes quite expensive one, is also super quiet..

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