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One of my twin girls is ruling the roost!

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hellswelshy Sun 10-Jul-11 19:03:47

Gosh what an awful day ive had! My twin girls are 3 and half, and around 4 months ago, just before they started nursery we had a 'difficult' phase. Then they started nursery and everything eased, myself and husband are enjoying two - count them!- two hours to ourselves and the girls are loving the learning and interaction and so on. However, the last few weeks, what with holidays and minor illnesses, one of my daughters behaviour is APPALLING. She has always been strong willed, this i accept as i am too, but this week especially after feeling poorly, she has been unbearable. This ranges from cheekyness, stubborness, major tantrums, whining continually....i could go on. The whining constantly if something doesnt suit her, does really get to me, and is unfair to my other daughter and after a while really stresses us all in the household. I have tried ignoring, but often get into a bicker with her - shes very good at it! (I should know better), and my main tactic is to send her to her room for 'quiet time' rather than punishment, which seems to help short term but frankly after two days of it without my husband, i am drained. Her twin sister is so good at the moment, i fear she has no choice, and i cant believe this mini person is wearing us all out so much.
Any wise words or amusing ones would Thanks for listening!

CoffeeDog Sun 10-Jul-11 20:58:57

I have twin boys 2 1/2 A is being a propper little pain atm he kicks bites throws and pushes his way around... yet a month ago he was the most adorable little chap who wouldn't say boo to a goose.

2.5minutes on the naughty step i get a 'sorry' a hug and then he goes to hug his brother/.sister 10 minutes later he is off again.

My 2 start nursery in january mon - fri 12-3 (and its free!! ;) I have NO idea what i will do with myself for 3 hours a day!! that is of course if we survive the holidays!!!

Sums it up - A & L were in the trolly at Morrisons a lady comes over and has a chat with them they were looking very cute and behaved in the trolly seats - she asks L if he is a good boy he says yes she asks A if he is a good boy for his mummy... he shouts NO I AM A PICKLE at the top of his voice.

hellswelshy Mon 11-Jul-11 09:17:21

Thanks CoffeeDog, that made me laugh! I had a very embarassing moment yesterday as we were walking back home from softplay, and Mini minx was tired (fair enough) and started screeching loudly 'youre spoiling me, youre spoiling me, i dont want you to spoil me'.....i think she was under the impression this was a very cruel thing to do!! Not sure where she got that from. I also get a lot of 'ow youre really hurting me' if i grip her hand near a busy road....cue strangers looking at me like im torturing her...!!! Only one tantrum so far this morning, and its hoping for a better daysmile

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