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Twins and a new sibling?

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MemmeG Thu 23-Jun-11 10:16:36

We have gorgeous twins boys of 18 months and my hubby and I are thinking of trying for one more little one. I just wanted to put it out there and if anyone has twins and a third baby I'd love to hear how you feel and what you went through.

DrownedGirl Thu 23-Jun-11 20:30:18

Yes, we had our latest baby when our twins were 2 1/2.

I felt I missed out somehow on the baby bit, juggling twins
Having one baby is so lovely! (We do have one older child too)

Mandy21 Fri 24-Jun-11 08:10:28

My twins were just 4 when Number 3 came along. Longer gap than we planned but has worked brilliantly. Hard to compare because my twins were very prem, in hospital for a long time so this time round, with a singleton that went to term and was discharged from hospital very quickly, its been a completely different experience. The pregnancy was quite hard, simply because I worried it would be twins again and they would be prem again, but once we'd had the 12 week scan and we knew it was just one, I settled down a little bit.

We carried on with the twins being at nursery (although reduced their sessions) so I had at least some time on my own with the new baby, but its been brilliant. Obviously it depends on your circumstances and what the gap ends up being but we've just gone with the flow really. Number 3 has had no choice but to fall in with our existing life / routine. It was hard that there was never any "down time" like there was with the twins - when they had their daytime nap I could do some cleaning / meal prep / put my feet up for a while, but obviously with the twins being 4, they weren't having a nap so when Number 3 was in bed during the day, it was a perfect time to have quality time with the twins. Meant that nothing else got done so its quite chaotic, but seeing the three children all together is perfect - wouldn't change it for the world. It is a juggling act and its really hard sometimes when you find yourself saying "Mummy will play in a minute, she's just feeding A" or "Just one minute, I've got to change her nappy" but (I tell myself) neither of my twins has ever had me to themselves, they've always had to share, there has always been an element of having to wait, so in some ways, they're used to it. Of course its a juggling act, but we make sure that everyone gets a little bit of one to one attention with Mummy, the same with Daddy.

Good luck

AtLongLast Fri 24-Jun-11 11:46:21

I knew there was another thread I meant to post on. No experience yet but my boys will be 19months when no3 arrives in Nov. Glad to see the positive experiences above. We keep telling ourselves we won't notice a singleton after twins. Our plan is to keep a couple of nursery sessions per week too. Twins are totally fab, but I do find myself getting excited at feeding, swimming and occasionally shopping with a single baby!

mercades1999 Mon 01-Aug-11 11:21:09

i have twins that are 10 months and i am 16 weeks pregnant. i am feeling happy because i am haveing a girl!! (the twins are boys!)
the pregnantsy was not intendid. but we were thinking about having a nuther baby in later live. smile

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