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Weissbluth - anyone bought his book? is it worth reading?

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LaVitaBellissima Sat 18-Jun-11 15:49:42

I've seen his name mentioned on sleep threads and googled him & he has a twin version of his sleep book?

There is only 1 review on Amazon which wasn't great confused

londonlottie Sat 18-Jun-11 15:55:10

Message withdrawn

LaVitaBellissima Sat 18-Jun-11 16:55:21

Ha, what problem aren't I trying to solve grin

The girls are now 7.5 months (6 months if you count the adjusted ages)

Just struggling with the following
-early morning waking, today was the earliest with 1 up at 4am the other at 5.15am! This varies so feel like the whole day doesn't really have a system confused and when it's that early I don't want to wake the other so they end up sleeping at different times.
-I often feed or rock them to sleep, both of which I keep getting told are bad ideas. At 7pm I do PUPD and they always go to sleep within 15/20 mins but this does not work in the day confused if I try and put them down for their naps, maybe I just need to persevere?
-We don't really have a schedule, they have 3 naps a day but do not resettle if you try to get them to sleep for longer, they just roll around their cots and scream. So it's difficult to know when to feed them (they are on 3 meals) when to BFetc and time it in with naps because it all depends on what time they woke up in the morning.


MamaChocoholic Sat 18-Jun-11 17:02:48

he basically says: there will be crying. you cab do cio or cc but that's the only way to sleep train. and says many parents won't be committed enough to stick with any sleep plan, eg he insists babies sleep in their cots for every nap even when young. so you can't go out and let them kip in a buggy.

at least that's what I remember from when I read it cover to cover in one sleep deprived night 4 months ago. I didn't follow his suggestions because I didn't want my then 4mo dts to cry.

I do try and keep the timing of the first nap fairly consistent regardless of wake up time, even when that requires a LOT of distraction and milk to get there!

LaVitaBellissima Sat 18-Jun-11 18:13:06

Thanks MamaC maybe that's my problem, if I stuck to set nap & food times. I just can't get them to have a long lunchtime nap & I like going for walks when they nap in the pram.
They've been cutting their first teeth too so that hasn't helped!

MamaChocoholic Sat 18-Jun-11 18:51:28

I wouldn't be a good role model for routine, but I know a good day starts with awake 6.30-7.00 and a nap starting somewhere 9-10. so if the day starts at 5 I do my best to force encourage them not to nap before9, and if by some miracle it starts at 7.30 or after I push them to be asleep by 10. after that I'm quite follow the baby, but dt1 has just gone to 2 naps, while dt2 still better on 3 so everything is a bit crazy grin

if I didn't use buggy naps to walk into town I'd go crazy too but mine don't do a long lunchtime nap. ds1 didn't either till he was down to 2 or maybe 1 nap a day.

londonlottie Mon 20-Jun-11 08:32:58

Message withdrawn

rattling Tue 21-Jun-11 12:38:06

Excellent, I finally get to disagree with Lottie!

I always took them out at lunchtime in the buggy and they slept brilliantly, then at about 18 months I started putting them in their cots at lunchtime, and that went really well too.

I did a bit of CC with one boy, but the other one was always cuddled to sleep as if left to cry he just escalated to hysteria. They go to sleep brilliantly now.

But I'm still trying to crack the early morning problems. They woke at 5am all last summer, but back to 7 in the winter. This summer it is more like 6am. I think this trajectory does take us to not getting up at all during the teenage years grin.

londonlottie Tue 21-Jun-11 20:02:51

Message withdrawn

MamaChocoholic Tue 21-Jun-11 22:03:34

I am happy to put mine in cot or buggy for naps. But I would be forever grateful if someone could explain how to get them to stay asleep beyond 30-45 mins? Thanks ever so etc :-)

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