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odd comments

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sarah46 Mon 06-Oct-03 14:11:20

sunday went to the park with hubby and triplets,stopped by a couple with 3 dogs,oh she said is it twins plus one or 3 twins?by the time we got away there were 2 lads on bikes, 3 dogs,2 couples ,1 couple with 2 kids,surrounding us and in between myself and hubby who managed to escape while they discussed wether it was triplets or not,
still not as odd and as funny as the little boy in tesco`s cafe who said to his pregnant mum "that lady had to eat 3"mmm so thats how she explained her condition!!!!!!!it also took the attention away from us to her,he he

WSM Mon 06-Oct-03 14:16:17

Most bizarre, 3 twins ?! I have to admit to finding twins and triplets fascinating though. I appreciate that you parents must get a bit fed up of people like me coming up and asking you questions!

I'm sure that they were just interested in your family as it fairly rare that one comes into contact with a trippie family, they were just getting their questions in whilst they had the chance I think most of us parents of 'single births' find it tough enough with one baby at a time and so 3 is quite an overwhelming thought !

sarah46 Mon 06-Oct-03 15:41:22

yes i can understand the interest,my friend who has triplets said she found herself trying to see if a lady with 3 kids was a triplet mum and she was dodging in and out of the aisles to catch a better look,but while mostly nice,it can be tiring sometimes its nice to be alone in the park and play with the babes,on holiday we sat on the beach and i still heard ,oh look theres triplets playing in the sand,i hadn`t realised i was so close to the pier!i looked up and found we were the attraction,some even were eating icecreams and sweets while gazing over, just like we were a show,it made me embarrassed but not angry,i saw the funny side,me trying to stop 3 babies eating the sand and rubbish and hubby running after 3 crawling babies,all in different directions,then we fed them a few bits and gave them a drink each,unpacking our stuff onto the beach,how long they were watching i don`t know,we stayed a little longer then packed up,
we first went there as it was away from the dog area,and away from the cars and crowd,

WSM Mon 06-Oct-03 16:02:12

I have one little DD (and 2 big DS's) and I get comments like that from total strangers 'Ahh look at that little baby playing in the sand' etc. We get it often and people do ask us questions when we're out and about , so triplet families aren't the only ones !

sandyballs Mon 06-Oct-03 16:44:17

Sarah46 - I've also had some bizarre comments about my twin DDs:

"One egg or two?"

"I don't suppose you know if they are twins yet !?!"

"What position did you use when you conceived because I would really love to have twins!"

"Was that "Buy one, get one free luv?"

The attention they received has almost stopped now because they look so different.
I occasionally get someone saying "they're close in age" and I reply "Yes, 3 minutes", and the reply is usually "Oh are they twins then?" as if I could possibly have two children within three minutes without them being twins!

jac34 Mon 06-Oct-03 16:57:21

My DS twins are nearly 5 , and I can't believe that people still stop us to ask questions.
I could understand it when they were small, all the old Grannies used to stop me, to ooh and ahh, over them.
They started school in September, and seem very popular, I think the other children remember their names because they are twins.
They seem especially popular with the older girls !!! There is one in particular who keeps coming up and hugging them !!!

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