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Airports, slings and travelling with 8 month old twins!

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Lavitabellissima Sun 05-Jun-11 21:54:52

Ok holiday booked, shorthaul, flying with BA

Any useful tips about travelling with twins?

I think it might be a good idea to buy 2 slings, any reccomendations?

All advice gratefully received smile

londonlottie Mon 06-Jun-11 07:07:37

Message withdrawn

mummytime Mon 06-Jun-11 08:54:58

If you can, take your own car seats! A very big hold all fitted ours in, and we checked them in. You know how to fit your seats, you know they haven't been in a crash, and its usually cheaper. Check the airline may well take them as free extra baggage.

Lavitabellissima Mon 06-Jun-11 08:58:14

Thanks Lottie, problem is with our pram as they only let you take foldable ones and we have an I candy peach blossom. I've contemplated buying a cheap second hand Maclaren twin pram but think we are just going to check in the chassis and the car seats and use those instead. Just use slings at the airport confused

That's interesting about them splitting you up on the plane! I wonder how dp will cope smile

Lavitabellissima Mon 06-Jun-11 09:00:42

X posts mummytime Ba allow car seats so thats a good idea about a holdall, I was thinking about wrapping them in bubble erap but that makes more sense!

mousymouse Mon 06-Jun-11 09:13:57

I would go for a cheap(ish) umbrella fold buggy. I have seen the handlers at the airport dropping the pushchairs from the door of the plane down to the tarmac... don't want to know what goes on where we can't see hmm

yes yes yes to sling/carrier at airports, the walks can be very long and often you only get the pushchair back with the luggage after immigration.
I would recommend an ergo type carrier that is easy on you back and has a pocket convenient for passports. at 8m I think they are too big/heavy for babybjorn type carriers anyway.

take new interesting toys for the dc, maybe even a cbeebies magazine with stickers that they can take apart during the flight.

for take-off and landing I use soft mints with older children 18m+ and raisins or milk for younger ones. those cartons of raisins can keep a small one busy for quite a while as well.

the changing table on the plane is quite small and it can get bumpy on the plane, so better change before boarding.

I don't have multiples but when travelling with my two, dh usually sits with the older one and I with the younger so that each one know exactly what/who to look out for. no missing dc and toys so far.

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