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Potty training twins, day 1, lots of crying on the potty - normal?

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1stMrsF Sat 28-May-11 13:58:56

Help, I was expecting a lot of possible reactions but not this one!

I'm on day one of potty training twin girls 2.1 who are clearly ready as by the second wee of the day they were both telling me they needed to use the potty even if they didn't quite make it on time.

However, each time DT2 has wee'd she's jumped up after a tiny drop, so I've persuaded her with hugs/stories/singing to stay sitting down and then when she's properly let go and done a full wee she's cried while doing it. Afterwards she seems really pleased with herself and accepted praise. She's also cried a lot when she's had an accident.

DT1 managed 2 tiny wees in the potty this morning and then clearly needed a wee but wouldn't sit on the potty - kept crying and saying 'No!' Eventually of course she wet herself on the floor and then got terribly upset about it.

They are asleep now, DT1 I took up for her nap early, as she just seemed knackered - emotionally exhuasted?

Is this a sometimes normal reaction? Will it pass? Should I keep going? sad

PrincessScrumpy Sat 28-May-11 15:02:01

My friend's ds hated his potty but happily used my dd's padded fifi toilet seat. Maybe the wee is splashing up but it might just be fear of unknown. I wouldn't make a big thing about it and give it a few more days.

dd gets very upset when she has accidents, but was fine on a potty - hers was big with a high back (Babybjorn one) but didn't like the one at my parents - very small one. We ended up holding dd over the loo when we were there and she was happy with that.

It's a big change for them and will probably be fine in a week. Give them lots of reassurance. Good luck. x

gkys Sat 28-May-11 15:10:54

STOP. THEY ARE NOT READY, TRY AGAIN LATER. If they are crying you are heading for huge problems later down the line, leave it a while

1stMrsF Sun 29-May-11 09:43:13

Thank you for reassuring words.

I asked them if they'd like to use the potty in the afternoon and they agreed happily. DTD2 continued to ask when she needed it and is still in pants this morning, but DTD1 asked for her nappy back the first time she needed a wee today so I've put her in nappies and I'll wait for her to ask if she wants to. All going well with DTD2 though who is no longer crying - I think it was just that it was new and unfamiliar to start with.

It may be a blessing - it will be easier to focus on one at a time and as they often want to do what the other one does, DTD1 may follow soon enough anyway.

twinmummy24 Mon 06-Jun-11 19:31:36

i did one at a time it was so much easier, DT1 was potty trained day and night at 2.5 with only a handful of accidents, she woke up one morning and said she didn't want nappies anymore, DT2 was nearly a year later to be trained during the day and about 6 months after that for over night.
sometimes i forget that they are actually different and might do things at a differnt pace grin

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