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what do you do when you can't use your buggy...?

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ILoveDrKarl Fri 20-May-11 12:32:42

OK so DTs are 9 months now and I also have a 6 year old and a 3 year old. When we're out and about we use our double buggy for the DTs - Nipper - so side by side, but narrower than most and fits through most doorways so no bother.

BUT - what do I do when I can't use the buggy? 3 examples that I will be encountering in the next 24 hours...
DS has a show of work in school this afternoon and his classroom is through a fairly narrow door, around 2 tight corners and up a flight of stairs so buggy is a no-go.
DD has dancing this afternoon (just her 2nd time going) and as I discovered last week at pick-up it is crazy busy in the corridor by the dance studios as there are 2 classes coming out and 2 more going in and no room at all for someone pushing even a single buggy through let alone a double.
DS has swimming lesson today (1st one) and spectators area is just some seats by the side of the pool, accessed by a narrow door - no room for buggy there either.

When the DTs were really small I carried them both in my arms or in their carseats. Then as they got bigger I carried one in a carseat and 1 in my arms as 2 carseats was too heavy. Now I can't carry them in their carseats at all, but carrying them both in my arms is nigh on impossible too. (They aren't huge (about average weight of 6/7 month old) and can sit up happily, but not stand and are wriggly as anything)

There are plenty of other situations where the buggy is either impossible, or just a friggin' nightmare to use, so what do I do? What do you all do?

I bought a sling today - the only one in the 1 baby shop in our rural area - it's a premaxx baby bag and I bought it to use as the hip carrier thing. It's a PITA though and I have a sore neck, just from trying it out this morning and I haven't even left the house yet. It's not really hands free either so doesn't actually help much.

HELP! Please! Feed me your wisdom!

irregularegular Fri 20-May-11 12:43:17

There's some info here about using slings with twins:

Otherwise, I guess you just have to ask for help sometimes?
I don't have twins, but I only had a 16m gap and oldest couldn't walk until 19m. I remember carrying them both for small distances - good weightlifting exercise!

weebleswobblebutidontfalldown Fri 20-May-11 16:06:03

I have done the sling/buggy combo, with the small umbrella fold buggy rather than a single pushchair iyswim?

Have you tried on line shopping if your shops don't have the biggest range? Haven't ordered for a while but is pretty reasonably priced and they usually do next day delivery.

AtLongLast Fri 20-May-11 16:40:17

My boys are 13 months and I'm still doing the 1 in car seat / carry the other. Hoping ds1gets the hang on walking soon as they are reaching the limit of the seat and it is a pain cos they're heavy. I spose I just do more rest stops now, esp being pregnant too. I'm lucky in that I usually do this combo at my surestart & everyone knows me there so lots of willing helpers if I need it.

oooggs Fri 20-May-11 16:46:35

carried one and one in a back carrier - not idea but doable

whatatip Sun 22-May-11 13:52:51

I carried mine and still do if needs be (they are 16 months). Although they are walking fine, it is pretty slow and can be dangerous as they go their own ways.

I often find/found that people are really happy to help and carry one for me.

At school pick up, we have to go in to the school to pick up, and are not allowed to take buggies in, so in that situation I would leave them in the buggy in the playground and ask someone to stand with them.

At school plays when I have not been allowed to take a buggy in, I stand at the back and there is always someone around who is willing to hold one of them if needs be.

At our swimming pool the setup is similar, except door you describe is glazed so at 9 months I would wheel the pram up to the door and then stand staring through the door at dd1, or hold it ajar and watch her. I would ensure I made enough eye contact and did enough thumbs up from that viewpoint to make her feel she had all my attention. Could you hold the door open and peer through?

rattling Tue 24-May-11 13:48:04

I use a mei tai type sling as a back carry leaving me both hands to carry the other one. I have 2 year olds, so getting a bit heavy now, but need to get them up 2 flights of concrete stairs every day and they cannot be trusted yet to go up together at the same speed (please let this change soon!!)

I've used this setup since they were smaller, but usually I would expect to be able to find someone to ask for help if going somewhere child related.

WassaAxolotlEgg Fri 03-Jun-11 11:06:17

I had a babasling (similar to premaxx babybag), but I think I gave that up at 8 months, because the uneven weight-distribution did my back and neck in.

I personally don't think that style of sling is any good if you start using it after the baby gets heavy, because you don't have any time to build up strength. Not what you want to hear, I know, but I think you should return the Premaxx while it's within the 28-day period.

I then moved on to a Manduca front carrier. That's brilliant, and I'm using it still with ease, even with a nearly-two-year-old. But it only carries one child, of course.

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