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new trippie mum

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sarah46 Wed 17-Sep-03 11:28:46

hello,new here,mum to triplets just getting to know my way round this site,i live in england,my babies are 14 months old,and i`m 46!!!!!!!!!!!!!nearly 47
have 3 older kids(much older)your all probually young things and maybe shocked at this old mum joining???????hope not,

Northerner Wed 17-Sep-03 11:30:50

Welcome Sarah!

we're never shocked on Mumsnet. Lots of Mums with lots of differnt ages/lifestyles etc.

Gosh - 3 babies at 14 months old. You must be vv busy!

Enjoy Mumsnetting!

WideWebWitch Wed 17-Sep-03 11:32:09

Welcome and don't worry, we're unshockable

M2T Wed 17-Sep-03 11:38:02

Welcome Sarah!

I hope your older kids help you out!

I'm 25, my sis is 27 and we have 2 younger brothers who are 14 and 11. So I kind of know what it's like to have much younger siblings. I enjoyed helping my Mum with the babies.... until I hit the age of 16.

My Mum had my youngest brother when she was 40. Like everyone says... Mumsnet is mostly unshockable!

Enjoy it and I'm sure you'll find it very useful.

ThomCat Wed 17-Sep-03 11:52:20

Hi and welcome - wow - when are you ever going to have time to post??!! Well I look forward to chatting to you on here when you do get the time.
So how is life with 3 triplets - are the older ones still at home?

EmmaTMG Wed 17-Sep-03 12:11:22

WOW....I'm amazed that with triplets you've even had time to find Mumsnet.....My hat is off to you!!!!!
We've got baby No.3 due in 4 days with the older 2 being 4.5yrs and 27 months so I might you be asking you for some 'coping with 3' advise soon.

Hope you don't mind addictions because very soon your be abandoning the housework in favour of the talk section on here. Can you little one make their own lunch yet.........he he he hehe he

sarah46 Wed 17-Sep-03 12:13:58

yes my older help now and again,daughter 15 at home very good,don`t push it after all my choice to have trippies not hers,older son comes and goes lives mostly in norfolk,older daughter lives here 5 days a week with her son(4)i take him to school and she is back at college doing nursing,so i`m helping out till she finishes,my babies r very good sleep twice a day,and 7-6 at night,i can get out if i want with the older kids at home,so if i want hubby and me go to quiet pub and chat,only place with privacy!!!we do have a lot of freedom after 8pm,so can`t moan,days hard,3 babies,1 walking 2 cruising,crawling,all climbing trying to escape

bloss Wed 17-Sep-03 13:00:06

Message withdrawn

monkey Wed 17-Sep-03 14:45:58

welcome & wow.

SoupDragon Wed 17-Sep-03 15:39:17

Wow indeed

I think I'm often amazed on mumsnet but never shocked.

Batters Thu 18-Sep-03 09:06:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Janstar Thu 18-Sep-03 09:21:22

Hi Sarah, nice to meet you. I'm 42 and my youngest child is 2. There are lots of older mums here, you are definitely not alone.

janh Thu 18-Sep-03 10:09:00

Hello, Sarah, I am very very impressed, the thought of one toddler at 46 makes me want to go and lie down but THREE! (I had my last at 42, he is 10 now.)

Look forward to hearing all about them as they get older! (How does their nephew feel about his baby aunts/uncles? )

aloha Thu 18-Sep-03 10:21:02

Hi there is a mum called Triplets (!) who posts here sometimes - she's older too, with IVF triplets. She has often posted asking if there are any other triplet mums posting - I think you'd have a lot in common with her! Why not put out a call on the Missing Mumnsnetters board or try contacting her through the contact a talker button?
Lots of 'older' mums here. Welcome.

tigermoth Thu 18-Sep-03 13:43:39

Hi sarah. I'm an older mum - 45 years old, with a 4 and 9 year old. No more toddlers now, so I can relax a little more. I take my hat off to you!

As aloha says, Triplets is another older mum of triplets. If you do a name search you can read her messages. I do hope you and her can make contact. She does post every month or two, so if you log on regularly, just keep looking out for her if all else fails.

Jollymum Thu 18-Sep-03 19:29:56

Sarah46-I'm coming up to 43 (groan) and I''ve got 4 kids-13,10,8 and nearly 5. Welcome to mumsnet and yes, I think we're nearly unshockable! How you have time to post..well, CONGRATULATIONS and once again, welcome!!! LOL

sarah46 Mon 22-Sep-03 09:48:17

thanks all,good to know not the only mum over 45,with trippies,
mum to trippies
insanity keeps me going!

wickedstepmother Mon 22-Sep-03 09:56:55


triplets Thu 25-Sep-03 22:17:29

Hi Sarah,
Well a fellow friend at last! Yes I too have triplets, two boys and a girl, what are yours? I was nearly 46 when they were born after 3 attempts at ivf, the last one using donated eggs. You may by now know that I have another child, Matthew, he died unexpectedly in June 1994, so he is now 24, thats how I always think of him. Life has been very hard these last nine years, the stress is awful. My trio are now in year one at school, so life is a little easier, until they get home! It is certainly the hardest job I have ever done, there are times when I am on my hands and knees at 9pm still clearing up the debris, they are still jumping on and off beds upstairs, and I just want to cry with the exhaustion of it all. Then I go up to bed, look at their wonderful, beautiful faces as they sleep, and feel such a surge of love for them, and also feel so proud of them, then I remember that other little blonde haired boy whose room that once was, and my heart breaks. If only I could have it all. Love them, cherish them, for our children as exhausting as they are at times make me what I am, a Mother who knows real love, some never have that do they? Please keep in touch, I am in Kent, where are you?

sarah46 Fri 26-Sep-03 14:16:25

sorry answered wrong thread,i have ggb,i was widowed and re-married,it seemed right to try for a baby even though my age was against me,i have 3 other children,15,23,25,ggb,
at present lots going on in my life,i focus on the babies and look for the positive,like u i have experienced family members dying,at my age it happens,but never my children,i can`t imagine how it must be to lose a child,i know i would never get over it but have to adjust to it, at present my dad (who has gone through cancer of the colon 4 times,pancreas cancer,and i can`t remember the other place he had it plus triple hernia ,)is going to have an op that the dr`s are not sure about and by the letter sent to him they would rather he left it unless there are signs of desease as they put it,and if he can live day to day without this op,the consultant wants to talk with him personally to discusss this,but my dad is now adamant his quality of life will deteriorate if he dosn`t have this op so is going to ask for it,he feels he`s had a good innings (84)so wants to take the chance,and just last week my friend been diagnosed with throat cancer,but is coming up to see the babies next week if possible,waiting for a friend to drive up,i put these things out of my head when i can and enjoy my lovely babies,i`m sure you get great pleasure from your children we`re so blessed to have them,i hope u contact me,lifes so busy,we`re thinking of moving to the country for the babies sake,and will take my dad if he`s up to it,i personally would prefer him to not have this op but its not my decision the odds don`t sound too good,my mum passed away 12 years ago,i`d like to keep my dad a little longer!!anyway babies gone down for a nap but i can hear movement,can`t 3 babies make a lot of noise it sometimes sounds like 10 up there bouncing on the cot matresses and shaking their toys,going to have a cup of tea and see if i get a lie down too?

tripletmum Tue 11-Jan-05 22:03:34

Hi hope someone can help I am 37 years old and pregnant with my 5th child I have a ten year old and 6 year old natural triplets. My husband left 18 months ago and I have met someone else. we decided to have a child of our own but know I am concerned that I may be too old, I feel extremely tired all the time and am worried about whether or not I will have another multiple birth. I have asked my doctor for an early scan but so far he has not got back to me. we have decided not to tell anyone until we know for sure what we are going to do as yet i do not feel that I can get excited. any advice?

Caribbeanqueen Tue 11-Jan-05 22:23:52

just bumping this up for you tripletmum

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Thu 13-Jan-05 19:38:34


{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} tripletmum hope it all goes well

Catan Sun 16-Jan-05 18:56:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

aloha Sun 16-Jan-05 19:06:31

Triplet mum, blimey, no wonder you are tired. I'd be on the floor! Pregnant AND triplets? I think if you were 20 and an Olympic athlete you'd still be tired. It's tiring just having one good toddler and being pregnant (I'm 41 but still think I'm knackered because I'm due in 3 weeks, not particularly because of my age). I am in awe of the lot of you.

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