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Left-Handedness in twins...

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RainbowWalker Thu 13-Oct-05 00:34:53

I've read that although less than 10% of the "normal" population are left handed, in twins the figure is more like 20%...

Just wondered what the split is with all you other mums of multiples... and who was born first?

I'm left-handed (and not a twin) and my 7 yr old twins are one of each...

dd (born first naturally) Left-handed
ds (second by c-section) Right-handed

Just thought a little survey might be nice, if you get a moment all you mums of twins out there...

Tortington Thu 13-Oct-05 01:02:17

bg twins girl first boy left handed

lucylady Thu 13-Oct-05 09:54:00

BG twins girl first, both right handed.

SoupDragon Thu 13-Oct-05 09:57:19

I would have thought that statistis is only applicable to identical twins as fraternal twins are essentially "just" siblings rather than "copies" of each other IYSWIM! Just MHO, obviously - have no other reasoning!

bundle Thu 13-Oct-05 09:59:13

could be soupy, but there's also the in utero environment eg level of testosterone might have a part to play in influencing handedness and this could affect both fraternal and non-fraternal twins

Psychobabble Thu 13-Oct-05 10:07:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lucylady Thu 13-Oct-05 10:14:58

I have not heard that theory before. My BG twins are definatly right handed.

sandyballs Thu 13-Oct-05 10:21:16

I have non-identical girls and the first born is right handed and the second born is left handed (both by caesarean).

Psychobabble Thu 13-Oct-05 10:38:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bundle Thu 13-Oct-05 10:39:53

boy girl

Psychobabble Thu 13-Oct-05 10:41:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Psychobabble Thu 13-Oct-05 10:41:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TinyGang Thu 13-Oct-05 10:43:58

Hi Rainbow. Mine are B/G and were born naturally. Boy born first (ventouse) is right handed now, girl is left handed and so am I (as is my mum).

waterfalls Thu 13-Oct-05 10:47:06

My identical twin girls (22months) seem to be left handed.

I am left handed too.

aloha Thu 13-Oct-05 10:49:19

Left handedness is associated with mental illness, addiction and genius, apparently. My ds is left handed, dd, too early to tell, but suspect right handed.

waterfalls Thu 13-Oct-05 10:53:15

Apparantly, people who are left handed, use the right side of their brain, and people who are right handed use the left side of their brain.

Therefore only left handed people are in their right mind

bundle Thu 13-Oct-05 11:57:00

also disproportionate number of tennis players/architects are lefties

mumofthreebeauties Thu 13-Oct-05 17:08:07

I have 2 boys. first born is let handed, other is right handed.

magnolia1 Thu 13-Oct-05 22:14:37

I have non identical girl twin girls both left handed

magnolia1 Thu 13-Oct-05 22:15:11

pmsl!!!! I really should check what I write

ScummyMummy Thu 13-Oct-05 22:17:17

my fraternal boy twins are both right handed

toomanypushchairs Fri 28-Oct-05 20:19:05

I have non id boys, both born by c-section, 1st born is right handed 2nd born left handed. they have 2 older siblings neither of whom are left handed, nor are I or my dh,

TwoIfBySea Fri 28-Oct-05 20:42:55

Dst1 is left handed but seeing Dst2 use his right hand has meant he tries to use both!

But he is definitely left-handed and dst2, like his mum and dad is right-handed.

TwoIfBySea Fri 28-Oct-05 20:44:15

Oh and mine are non-identical (although no one seems to believe me!)

AndreaP Wed 02-Nov-05 23:12:32

I have id girls, (by c-section) and one is left handed. However my consultant said that this might happen as a high number of scans can cause this. Has anyone else been told the same?

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