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did you know you were having twins before you found out iyswim, and why?

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broccolitrees Mon 29-Nov-10 17:21:18

what were the differences in your twin versus singleton pregnancies, e.g. were you more or less nauseas etc? were your symptoms comparable etc?

i am 6 + 4 and am having very different patterns of symptoms compared to my dd. i know ALL pregnancies are different and you can't compare really, but i have loads of pulling and stretching and have also had some old spotting which is completely different to dd, also with her i was really sick but it started after my period was late. this time it started about 3 weeks pg but not as intensly.

anyway, just curious....

droves Mon 29-Nov-10 21:06:03

was much earlier with morning sickness
clothes got too small , way earlier than usual ,( at 8 weeks) .
Smells were more intense, went off food quicker. Was extreamly hungry and very very tired.

More or less everything exagerated.

Oh and when i did "the test" it was blue imeadiatly ,didnt have to wait the 3 minutes.

StickChildrenThree Tue 30-Nov-10 21:33:08

Was actually pretty similar to droves -
With dd1 I had no sickness, with dts I was so sick for about 10 weeks and went off a lot of foods, couldn't eat during the day. Would only be able to eat after about 8pm! Was also back in maternity trousers at 8 weeks.
Could also smell random things from a mile away.
Did joke that it was either a boy or twins as it was so different. Had to get a sneaky scan pic (had early scan at 6 wks) as I didn't think dp would believe me!

1stMrsF Thu 02-Dec-10 21:25:44

my twins were my first (only?) pregnancy, and I can't say I 'knew' but looking back, there were some signs. I was very very sick, which doesn't always happen, but can be an indication because of the high levels of hormones. Also, I did an early pregnancy test, very early, and it was vibrantly, violently pink and positive - some reading since suggests that those early ones often don't work and/or show a very faint line. Like you, I had lots of pulling and stretching and some spotting early on - of course that can happen with a singleton pg and so my reading told me, but perhaps not having any comparison, it was more than usual. I was reading about the measurement of fundal height at (I think, might be wrong about the timing) about 10 weeks and decided to see if I could feel my uterus. I was sure I could, and quite a way out of my pelvis. My mother said I must have been mistaken, but of course, I probably could feel it.

Finally, the day before my 12 week scan I dreamed about sending a text message to my friends and family that already knew about my pregnancy (I was so sick, I'd had to tell quite a few people by then) telling them that all was fine with both babies. That was just weird...

1stMrsF Thu 02-Dec-10 21:27:30

NB it might be worth getting twin insurance? Google it - if you are right, it could be the best money you ever spend...

goodlifemummy Fri 03-Dec-10 17:39:22

I knew from the age of 9 that I would have twins <spooky>

Told my MIL and she scoffed and said how could I possibly know. But she had always wanted twins.

Fell pregnant - no sickness or any other symptoms. 12 week scan, I asked how many babies were in there and she said "Its twins"

Ha! Knew it! Anyway, MIL would NOT believe us when we told her, so had to go round and show her the pictures. Finally believed us when they popped out!

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