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For those who had growth scans, how accurate were your estimated weights

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HappyAsASandboy Mon 11-Oct-10 21:09:53

I'm posting this in Multiple births firstly because it being twins might make a difference to the estimated weights, and secondly because mothers of multiples are more likely to have had multiple/late scans.

My query is about the estimated weights that result from the head/abdominal/femur scan measurements. I have been tracking my estimated weights with fascination (first children!), but I wonder how indicative they are of actual birth weight.

The only friend I have who had a late scan (singleton baby) was estimated to be carrying a nine pounder, which resulted in an induced labour at term to avoid excessive growth. It turned out the baby was only 7lb something, so perhaps things could have been left a little longer and an induction avoided.

I am not worried about the estimated weights I have been given, and I'm unlikely to make it to 40 weeks given my twin pregnancy, but just out of interest, how close were your estimated weights to your actual birth weights?

tartiflette Tue 12-Oct-10 09:52:26

My last scan was at 36 weeks, I had section at 37/5 and they had estimated them to be almost identical weights whereas there was actually 9oz difference. I think they overestimated twin 1 by about 3/4lb and twin 2 by well over a pound. Didn't matter too much as they were still not critical weights but I was a bit taken aback, having assumed they would be fairly accurate.
Congratulations on your pregnancy! Very exciting smile

HoolaHooper Tue 12-Oct-10 11:04:38

mine were both estimated at 5lb at about 34 weeks. and when they arrived at 38 wks were 5lb 6 and 7lb 4.

ps you never know about 40 wks - mine showed no signs of wanting out. i had a planned section cos no1 was breach otherwise they would have left me til 40 wks.

LouMacca Tue 12-Oct-10 14:00:27

Mine were estimated at 5.5lb and 6lb at 36 weeks. When they arrived at 37+5 they weighed 7lb 11 and 6lb 14 shock

Good Luck smile

HappyAsASandboy Wed 13-Oct-10 11:58:27

Thanks for responding with your weights - it sounds like the estimates are often quite different to the birth weights then!

I have a week to go until a planned C section, so I'll just have to wait and see how accurate my estimates are smile

Thanks again

chutneypig Thu 14-Oct-10 06:50:48

I was told mine were both around 8lb and they planned a section three days later (37w6).

One was 9 lb 2 and one 5 lb 10.

Good luck.

poorbuthappy Thu 14-Oct-10 22:28:52

Mine were both estimated at 5lbish each the day before the emcs at 34 weeks...they were 3lb 14 and 4lb 5oz...

also had late scans with eldest dd due to large ovarian cyst, she was apparently 7lb at least, and was 5lb 10.

So I don't have a lot of faith in growth scans!

clairefromsteps Sun 17-Oct-10 16:11:32

Mine were both estimated at 6lb 8oz, but DD came out at 7lb 3oz and DS came out at 5lb 8oz! They were both the same height, head measurement etc (which I think is what they estimate the weight by) she was just a chunky monkey and he was a skinny minnie! Interestingly, we weighed them the other day (they're nearly four) and there is still a 1 1/2 lb weight difference between them.

suiledonne Sun 17-Oct-10 16:13:34

Had a growth scan on dd2 at 37 weeks due to high BP. They estimated she would be 8lbs and she was 7lbs 15 1/2 oz so they were almost spot on.


MyFourGirls Wed 20-Oct-10 12:49:51

I had a growth scan yesterday (33wks) and they seem to think twin1 is 5lb 11 and twin 2 is 5lb 4... now they have concerns that i have gestational diabetes as they growing so well?! i feel so energetic and healthy i feel pretty certain this can't be the case... who knows how accurate it is... time will tell!

londonlottie Thu 21-Oct-10 12:15:25

Message withdrawn

rubyrubyruby Thu 21-Oct-10 12:17:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sophie2008 Thu 21-Oct-10 21:53:47

My b/g twins we estimated at just over 8lb each at 36 weeks and had c section at 37+4 (had to beg for it, wanted me to go to 39 weeks) as were both breech and one was 7lb 4 and the other 7lb 2.

AtLongLast Mon 25-Oct-10 23:03:58

We had the same sonographer for all but the final scan and all her measurements plotted on the same centile lines. According to the lady who did the final scan a week before the babies were born, they would have lost a considerable amount of weight (but clearly hadn't) & she said not to take any notice as it's hard to be accurate so late in pregnancy and different sonographers have slightly different ways of measuring.

At 36wks dt1 was estimated at 7lb 5 and dt2 7lb 1. I was induced at 40+3 and they were 7lb 13 and 7lb 11 1/2 so our regular sonographer was probably quite accurate for weight. However, dt1 has a huge head compared to dt2 and that wasn't apparent from the head measurements. Probably just as well I didn't know beforehand.......

cece Mon 25-Oct-10 23:08:53

I had a growth scan at 37 weeks with DS1

They estimated he would be 10lber by 40 weeks.

He was 11 lb and 4 oz at 11 days late.

sassy34264 Fri 29-Oct-10 16:07:13

I had a scan the day before my waters broke and they were almost bang on with the estimates. I can't remember now what they were estimated at,(it was 11 weeks ago and my brain is mush) but they were born at 7lbs 6oz and 6lbs 10ozs and I had gestational diabetes myfourgirls and i was 35+5 when they were born, so i don't think yours are too big yet!

MyFourGirls Fri 29-Oct-10 18:00:36

thanks sassy...did your babies need any special care when they were born? great sizes...having another scan on tues to see if they're going to test me for GD, so we'll see how big they are then...

sassy34264 Mon 01-Nov-10 15:19:35

myfourgirls No they didn't need special care when they were born, but they were put in cots (them plastic things) from scbu which have warmers in, cos they couldn't regulate their temps at 1st. And they had to have their blood sugars taken regularly (not sure if that was cos they're premature or cos i had GD. In the middle of the night on day 2, DD's blood sugar dropped to 1.6 and the next one was 1. (it's supposed to be 2.6 or over), so scbu nurses came for her at 7am and i didn't get her back till 7pm- so 12 hours in scbu for her. I was told that their sucking reflex wasn't very strong so they weren't getting enough food to keep their sugars up. (DS dropped to, but they gave him formula top up before it went as low as DD, so he stayed out of scbu.) DD had to be tube fed. Cried alot seeing her in scbu with a tube up her nose, but it doesn't seem as bad now.
I'm very much pro bfing, (although i don't judge those who don't) so i was a bit devastated about them getting formula (thought it would mess with my milk and make me not be able to bf in future). Once she was out, a brillant mw (there are some) helped me to hand express and i topped them both up after every feed by cup feeding. We went home after 5 days.

roselover Thu 04-Nov-10 00:22:49

my twins were born just over a year ago....its a year ago on Friday since we came out of hospital ahhhh!!! A real red letter day.....They were five pounds 10oz and 5lbs.....c section - which was fine - I have had worse trips to the dentist - people try and bully you into breast feeding...with an equal amount telling you to get them fed with formula- so whatever comes easier to you..I did both - I would feed one on the breast and lean over and bottle feed the other and then swap them - its really worked, they are great....twins are wonderful - I just love it! Lucky lucky you!

mistybluehills Fri 05-Nov-10 14:56:56

My b/g twins were 5lb and 5.7lb at 35 weeks with no special care. The estimates were out by 1 lb each.

At a 35wk scan DS1 (singleton) was thought to be macrosomic and estimated at 10lb+ hmm. Scared the pants off me and resulted in all kinds of tests for gestational diabetes and probing into my diet. He was born at 37wks weighing 7.13!!

Not accurate in my experience.

HappyAsASandboy Mon 08-Nov-10 07:50:36

Thanks for all the replies smile - I thought I'd update with my actual weights now my twins are here smile

At 36 weeks, my estimated weights were 5lb 13oz and 6lb 3 oz and ....... that's precisely what they weighed when delivered by planned CS at 38+1 smile

So I guess the conclusion is that estimated weights might be right or they might not be. Doesn't seem to be a way to tell.

Thanks guys smile

MyFourGirls Mon 08-Nov-10 09:39:12

My last growth scan estimated my girls to be 6lb 14 each at 35 weeks. I'm 36 weeks now and have been told no more scans unless things change so it's now time to wait and watch this space...!

(another gestational diabetes test has come back neg...i think i just make big uns...wink)

mistybluehills Mon 08-Nov-10 10:04:27

Congrats Happy

Seems to depend on who does the scan to some extent. All my friends who had scans with the same sonographer at the local hospital had fairly accurate results.

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