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anyone else's twins un-interactive?

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NKffffffffee0f8010X1140828dc0e Sat 17-Jul-10 17:01:09

by which i mean that they rarely look at each other and on the odd occasion when one smiles at other, other will not look. they are 15 weeks old.

cheggers Sat 17-Jul-10 20:05:22

mine! they are almost 14 weeks old and are still maintaining complete radio silence with each other.

we hold them up face to face and their eyes repel each other like magnets.


can't wait for then to acknowledge each other. i hear it's maybe 4 or 5 months??

NKffffffffee0f8010X1140828dc0e Sat 17-Jul-10 20:52:21

oh that's good news. mine are probably normal then. we've been doing that putting them in each other's faces thing and they look anywhere but at each other. weird, but at least they're not the only ones.

You know i really want them to start entertaining each other so i can sit back with a cuppa and a wispa.

AtLongLast Sat 17-Jul-10 23:15:41

Oh yes! Our non-id boys are 14wks now & we've deffo not had any holding hands from birth / soul mate type behaviour hmm.

A few weeks ago their eyes happened to meet while in the cot & they stared at one another for a wee while.

Other than that, they only seem to notice if one is on my knee / being nursed. The other glares at me & his brother with hurt / disgust from his position in the lowly bouncy chair. Or perhaps I'm just a little paranoid smile.

Spose the upside is that they are also largely immune to one another's crying too.....

londonlottie Sun 18-Jul-10 20:14:19

Message withdrawn

NKffffffffee0f8010X1140828dc0e Sun 18-Jul-10 21:12:43

can't wait for that

Somethingwicked Mon 26-Jul-10 02:33:35

Mine are nearly a year and they follow each other all over the house like a tag team, play peekaboo and laugh with each other and fight over toys and food. They have only really been like this since they both started crawling confidently by about 9 months.

Turkelton Fri 30-Jul-10 21:37:32

Mine are the same as somethingwickeds 10 months and stick together like glue grin it is lovely to see, dt2 was in hospital for one night recently and her sister was totaly heartbroken sad, the reunion was fun though smile

NKffffffffee0f8010X1140828dc0e Mon 02-Aug-10 08:48:08

finally. 17 weeks old and they had a smiling at each other session this morn

glamourbadger Wed 04-Aug-10 21:24:15

Mine barely acknowledged each other for the first 9 months. I think they were so used to seeing each other it was like an extension of themselves - like an arm!

Bartok Thu 05-Aug-10 00:48:22

Mine too barely acknowledged each other until they were 12 months or so.

Now they interact a lot, but mainly through fighting. sad

PeasPlease Tue 10-Aug-10 16:33:23

Mine are 4 months and have just started to look and smile at each other. Boy twin babbles away at girl twin who just looks and smiles grin

I can't wait until they say each others names.

marmitesarnie Wed 18-Aug-10 20:22:24

Mine are 16 months and only really started noticing eachother when they were about 9/10 months. When they're tiny, they're totally unaware of other children really and I don't think really aware of being a twin. Mind you they did seem to like to be together even from quite tiny.

From about 10 months they started playing peekaboo and nowadays they run round chasing each other and wrestling in fits of giggles. Very sweet. But be warned, with the bonding comes the sibling rivalry and it ain't pretty!! Serious fighting over toys - we've had to resort to getting two of everything for the big stuff. They bite each other and push eachother over and have been known to shove the other one off if he's having a cuddle. It's definitely a love hate thing!

AbricotsSecs Wed 18-Aug-10 20:28:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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