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Suntanning in Mixed Race Children?

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katymac Thu 14-Jul-05 22:00:29

Reading on the other thread about suncream & the baby

QueenofQuotes says

"What really irks me is the comments and looks I get from some people who I see reguarly - especially this summer as the boys have become visibly 'darker'. They assume that they're not wearing sun lotion and that they're getting 'tanned' "

What I want to know is why, when DD gets brown arms & legs, does the rest of her body go brown..all of it. Even the bits that get no sun.

And she never gets strap marks???How and why does this happen?

alux Thu 14-Jul-05 22:06:09

because UV light penetrates clothing as well. I think a decent t-shirt has an spf of about factor 20.

If she is olive skinned it means that she has lots of melatonin which is the key to tanning.

Curlylox Thu 14-Jul-05 22:07:01

Don't think I can answer that but my DS complexion changes throughout the year, tans effortlessly during the summer and pales through the winter months and I'm pretty much the same.

fqueenzebra Thu 14-Jul-05 22:08:20

I bet the melatonen collectively darkens in the whole child as a result of just some sun in some parts, but sounds like a question for tamum, really.

My tummy never sees the light of day, but also gets darker in a summer when the rest of me gets tan (and I am a white person).

katymac Thu 14-Jul-05 22:09:36

So it gets through jean and knickers.......

Her Dad is Jamaican and he just says "well it spreads"......not very scientific

She is quite pale in the winter, but first sign of sun (this year in February) she turns toasty brown - ALL OVER - and she only had hands and face out in Feb (I hope - unless she is doing naked sunbahing at school)

QueenOfQuotes Thu 14-Jul-05 22:11:11

DS1 stays dark in the winter, and just seems to 'darken' each summer

tamum Thu 14-Jul-05 22:13:18


I have no idea I'm ashamed to say, but my best guess would be exactly what zebra just said, that's there's some kind of whole-body response, like a hormone, that ups melanin production. I had no idea that happened though actually!

QueenOfQuotes Thu 14-Jul-05 22:14:56

you're fired Tamum

katymac Thu 14-Jul-05 22:15:03

It's so funny - i look like some sort of wierd spider (white body - vaguely beige arms & legs) DH just changes his sg=hade of brown and DD just ends up with 'perfect' tan

fishfinger Thu 14-Jul-05 22:15:28

call oyuself a medic/

tamum Thu 14-Jul-05 22:16:26

<sob> And actually no I don't coddy, I am a mere PhD....(and one who doesn't know much about melanin, clearly )

fqueenzebra Thu 14-Jul-05 22:22:29

I am almost olive-skinned, may be you English Roses wouldn't notice.

My mother also was olive-y skinned and never had strap marks, but then, she was a bl**dy nudist, too.

katymac Thu 14-Jul-05 22:25:12

Well my half Jamaican half English Rose has a perfect tan and as you M/Netters don't know why....
I'll just sit here and be envious of her

sallystrawberry Thu 14-Jul-05 22:29:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MarsLady Thu 14-Jul-05 22:55:30

Mine get tan lines. I see them on their feet (sandal straps) and with the girls strap marks from their tops.

Mine started life rather white but have darkened up rather nicely.

Who knows why it happens. (Unless someone has told me on this thread and I haven't noticed).

Same with my skin, it gets darker and it has strap marks.

We all wear sun lotion btw

suzywong Thu 14-Jul-05 22:56:30

I keep thinking this thread says " Stunning Mixed Race Children"
I want to say, yes we know they are but we aren't meant to brag in front of the others

MarsLady Thu 14-Jul-05 23:00:48

PMSL suzyw. However I'll join in you the bragging lol

RnB Thu 14-Jul-05 23:01:42

Message withdrawn

kid Thu 14-Jul-05 23:01:48

SW - You have made me keep reading it as that now, even though I read it right first time round!

sallystrawberry Thu 14-Jul-05 23:02:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

alux Thu 14-Jul-05 23:05:10

oops, should have said 'melanin' NOT 'melatonin' Melatonin is the stuff that gives a good night's sleep.

QueenOfQuotes Thu 14-Jul-05 23:09:16

" but we aren't meant to brag in front of the others"

why not

RnB Thu 14-Jul-05 23:12:51

Message withdrawn

suzywong Thu 14-Jul-05 23:13:10

God I love little boys in stripey t-shirts

HappyDaddy Fri 15-Jul-05 10:12:06

I was amazed to see my dw with white marks, when on holiday in barbados. She's black and just smiled knowingly at me.

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