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Any Recommendations?

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chikali Mon 13-Jun-05 23:22:58

Trying to find out about parent-baby groups in the Croydon/Thornton Heath/Norbury area that would be suitable for attending with my ds (6 months old). Keen to go where there is a reasonable 'multicultural' mix. Also appreciate any information or any other suggestions for places to go in the South London area or relevant organisations to contact.

jinglybits Tue 14-Jun-05 00:09:50

not sure about your end of london but have a look on, last time i checked they had quite a comprehensive list of local groups

tamula Fri 17-Jun-05 18:50:15

Perhaps you could try the Croydon CIS Children Information Service, number should be in Yellow Pages or Thomsons.

serenity Fri 17-Jun-05 23:46:58

There is one held in the church near Downsview School, thats just off Green Lane, nearer Thornton Heath than Norbury. I'm sure they do music groups for babies as well as just normal playgroups. I don't go there though so I'll have to check the details on Monday, I've heard it's good though.

We have a Mother and Baby group at our school, there are 4 sessions. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons 1.30 until 3pm and Wednesday mornings 9 until 11am. We're a greek Orthodox school with a good mix of other cultures and faiths, which is reflected in the M and B group. The school is called St Cyprians and it's on Springfield Road, just off Green Lane again.

HTH, and I'll try to remember to look at the church info on monday for you.

Kelly1978 Sat 18-Jun-05 07:54:09

Hi Chikali,
I go to a group on Surrey street, related to Follys End church. There is a fairly good mix there, quite a lot of black mums, a few Indian and others. It's a nice friendly group too. If you wanted, I would be happy to meet up and go along with you.

Kelly1978 Sat 18-Jun-05 07:55:37

also, It is on Wed and Fri mornings, and there are quite a few babies there, including my 12 week twins.

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