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This should be on Style Thread. Need advice re Asian style.

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Starbear Mon 12-Oct-09 09:58:34

We had a lovely night out on Saturday at a local restaurant. They had a 'Bollywood' evening with a couple doing a bit of a show and the whole restaurant dancing to an Asian disco afterwards, it was great. Never had that sort of thing when I was growing up.
A lot of the women,who were a variety of races & ages, dressed up in very cool Asian inspired clothes. I would like to have a couple of outfits that I could pull out for these types of evenings. I'm 47 yrs 5'7 size 14/16. Any tips on how to dress and where to go shopping. I live South West London

sweetgrapes Wed 21-Oct-09 13:47:20

You could have a look in Tooting. That shouldn't be too far from you. There are lots of clothing stores on the high street. I would suggest window shopping and bargaining before actually buying.
You could check out either a 'salwar kurta' set (top and bottom set with a scarf) or just a 'kurti' (top) and wear over your regular trousers/jeans. I'm thinking the kurti and regular trousers will be more comfortable and actually get worn more. You can buy a 'dupatta' (scarf) seperately and team it up too.
Happy shopping smile

chopstheduck Wed 21-Oct-09 14:40:36

that sounds great! Where was it?

Southall is also good for clothes shops.

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