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Iranian/English, trying to learn Farsi!

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PixiNanny Sun 04-Oct-09 22:35:22

I'm Iranian/English, Dad's Iranian and my Mum is British. I was raised speaking English and now, at 20, I'm trying to learn Farsi. It's bloody difficult! I've tried Rosetta Stone (the Farsi edition is Dari gr), have BYKI installed and all that jazz, but was wondering if there are any sites where you can chat to people to learn a language, I only have Dad to practice with and he's not being a great teacher!

I'm slowly learning bits but my reading skills with other languages are much better than anything else so I thought that reading it (transliterated that it) would benefit me more for now and I could pick up the spoken language later on. I really want to learn so that when I have kids they'd be at least bilingual (though I'm hoping to take French up again so that they could have bits of an extra language) and also know about their heritage, as I was prevented from knowing about mine as a child.

Also, any other Iranian/English people here?

PorphyrophillicPixie Wed 10-Mar-10 19:15:29


viddel Thu 09-Dec-10 15:03:36

Hi, I am Iranian and have a 14 monthes daughter.
email me on:


scouserabroad Thu 09-Dec-10 15:15:58

Do you read Farsi? If not it may be worth learning.

I'm learning arabic & I found that once I could read the arabic script I had access to more material, for example on BBC arabic they often have videos with accompanying articles. I can read the text & look up new words, which helps me understand the video.

You might find Farsi tv programmes & cartoons etc. on Youtube.

Farsi & arabic use similar alphabets I think, and I didn't find it that difficult to learn - far easier than learning to read English as a child.

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