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Starting up p + toddler group suggestions please?

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Rai Wed 04-May-05 14:18:25

I have been in contact with preschool learning alliance, for selfish reasons I am looking to start up a playgroup for parents and babies or toddlers who have any chinese links, thus parents do not need to be Chinese. i.e. multi-language/dialect, mixed parentage, adopted children etc.

The local Chinese community centre will provide space.

I suppose what I'm asking is what would you want from an idealised toddler group?

Ideas so far are to arrange an open meeting to get interested parents involved to ask them same question and to see if there is interest.

Number one for me would be that all parents and kids be made welcome.

Then mixed fun play activites which involve culture including stories and games. Library of books, cd's, videos and dvd's. once monthly parent information sessions for those who are interested i.e.language development, HV visit, baby massager, washable nappies etc.

Newbarnsleygirl Wed 04-May-05 14:24:49

I remember when we had our post-natal group meetings they had visits from different people and they were great.

We had a baby massager, someone from a childrens singing group, a nutritionist and someone from bookstart. They were brilliant classes. So I'm sure things like that would go down well.

A couple of weeks ago a company called Pressies4 kids came to our M&T group which did cost some of the mums as there were quite alot of bargains to be had but again it was very successful.

In a couple of weeks there is an organised trip to the local petting farm. So you could maybe organise trips out.

Fran1 Wed 04-May-05 14:29:03

Sounds like a great idea, but i'm confused.

You start by saying its a playgroup for people with chinese links, but then you say number one would be that all parents and kids made welcome? D'you just mean those with chinese links?

Either way, sounds like a v good idea, do you have a high population of chinese in your area? or could you open it up to other minorites? On the grounds that you want a place where people from minority groups can get together and share experiences, cultures and language. And be a tool to help keep those cultures alive for the benefit of the children and their "learning" of their family heritage?

Good luck!

Rai Wed 04-May-05 17:58:39

Thanks outings sound good.

re: welcome to all if parents and kids come and they have an interest and want to get involved thats the Chinese link. I have a friend who's son is interested in Chinese culture, otherwise no other link and he attends language and culture/music classes at a Chinese communit centre

Live in Birmingham, we will be the first city in the uk within 10 years where "minority" will include people of European ethnicity. Ds already attends culturally mixed nursery and p/toddler group, he will grow up knowing more about Asian and African Carribean culture than Chinese, I would like my kids to experience their Chinese heritage, I was brought up in the uk in countryside my problem was meeting other Chinese children and the lack of resources available.

I will be sending them to the Saturday/Sunday schools but ds and dd can't attend till 5 yrs old.

Pam70 Wed 04-May-05 20:37:02


Here's a link for that after-schools club in Belfast.

Thre's an American kids programme called Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat - the programme is in English but the stories emphasise Chinese morals eg. respect for elders and I think they weave in titbits about Chinese culture too. It's created by Amy Tan and I watched some episodes in Malaysia and Alexander enjoyed it too.

Have not seen it in the UK but Amazon (US) might have it.

Good luck with the playgroup!

Rai Thu 05-May-05 19:02:29

Just checked Segwa out on amazonUS looks interesting, with the £ so strong against dollar I think I shall order the 6 DVD set. Thanks pam

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