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my babys race plz help...

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tjgx Sun 06-Mar-05 23:19:15

Hi all would really like some advice on white 6months pregnant 2 a mixed race guy...his mum white dad was from jamaica....what race would they say my child is!!would ppl say mixed race,or white.or very sorry if it sounds silly but i just dont no many thanx x

sallystrawberry Sun 06-Mar-05 23:39:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fran1 Sun 06-Mar-05 23:39:44

Mixed race/parentage are the common phrases, but its up to you and your family which term you use!

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Mon 07-Mar-05 23:52:36

Mixed race. A quick word about the colour though, your baby could be any end of the colour spectrum.

4kids Wed 09-Mar-05 16:15:07

My dd1 (rest in peace) father is mixed race & i refere to her ( when asked if she was mixed race like other kids)as being 1/4 caste i dont refere 2 my kids as being 1/2 caste they are mixed race but everyone i know classes people with a mixed parent as 1/4 caste or 1/4 mixed as they are not fully mixed (1/2 & 1/2). With having 1 mixed parent they can differ in colour some look totally white some tanned the same can happen with mixed race.

HappyMumof2 Wed 09-Mar-05 16:37:04

Message withdrawn

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