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Does anyone know of a good Chanukah story for young children?

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lummox Sun 05-Oct-08 15:45:24

We've got some lovely Christmas books, but I'd like to get some good Chanukah stories too.

My kids are 3 and nearly 2 - any thoughts?

lummox Sun 05-Oct-08 20:39:05

bump for evening Jewish mumsnetters

lummox Mon 06-Oct-08 17:07:53

Final hopeful bump for late afternoon Jewish mumsnetters

RubySlippers Mon 06-Oct-08 17:09:18

do you want a board book?

DK do some pictoral ones which are nice

RubySlippers Mon 06-Oct-08 17:10:24

this one is nice as it goes through the rituals

you can use the arrows on the pages to flip through the book

lulumama Mon 06-Oct-08 17:10:51

DK also do a nice sticker book which my two enjoyed last yaer. although DD ate most of the stickers grin

look on t'internet, for websites that have childrens;s versions of the stories, you could download some and htey usually have pictures to download, recipes and other interactive stuff

american sites seem to be better for that sort of thing

RubySlippers Mon 06-Oct-08 17:11:43

lots here too

lulumama Mon 06-Oct-08 17:12:11

hello ruby !

RubySlippers Mon 06-Oct-08 17:12:42

hello lulu

TheConfusedofthedeadOne Mon 06-Oct-08 17:22:27

I bought this as well Kids loved it.

lummox Mon 06-Oct-08 17:24:22

ooh, they look great, thanks. I will definitely go for the sticker book (glue being one of the major toddler food groups).

I was hoping that I might find a story book with Chanukah in it (if that makes sense) in the same way that there are lots of books with Christmas in. I'd like the boys to think of Chanukah as being something normal that children in books do as there is no Jewish community where we live.

Board book would be fine, although we seem finally to have weaned ds2 off books now, so an ordinary one would probably survive.

lummox Mon 06-Oct-08 17:26:16

theCoftheDone, didn't see your message before I posted. That does look great - might send it to my nieces who are slightly older than my two.

lulumama Mon 06-Oct-08 17:54:48

mine have eaten many books between them too !

hope you find what you need.

lummox Mon 06-Oct-08 18:05:05

I should probably make it clear that we are Jewish (rather than just people with an obsessive approach to multi-culturalism)

lulumama Mon 06-Oct-08 18:44:33

i don;t think it matters ! it is nice to have a mutlicultural approach, although i have found it hard to make chanukah exciting and fun when compared to xmas and santa etc.... donuts help though !

ummadam Thu 09-Oct-08 11:52:41

I don't know if you could hold of it over here but what about this one

includes the story Beni's first Chanukah

ummadam Thu 09-Oct-08 12:01:28

from amazon uk

board book

the best hanukkah ever

or this one

or this one

or maybe this one?

I need to stop now - I'm not jewish but have googlitis, (caught while searching for my first Eid t-shirts for my DS!)

Lionstar Thu 09-Oct-08 12:11:39

Anyone else thinking about the 'Holiday Armadillo'?

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