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Africa Remixed - who's been?

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peskykids Mon 28-Feb-05 19:56:43

Ok what's the score with this exhibition?
I can't get there till April (but I am also getting to see the Legends of Hip Hop show so I can wait, it'll be worth it)
Would like to be as prepared as possible so I and family can get as much from it as poss.
Any top tips?

DickWhittingtonsCat Tue 08-Mar-05 11:27:58

We haven't seen this yet but were at the S Bank on Sun for something else, and popped into Hayward bookshop just to get an idea about the exhibition. Bumped into friend coming out with her ds aged 5 and she highly recommended it. We didn't go in as ds was already tired and it's quite expensive, but plan to go back when we can spend few hours there. I had quick look at Hayward website and there are some family events on and a family trail. I also talked to another mother in the foyer with a 4-yr-old and she said there were lots of exciting 3-D objects.

hub2dee Sun 27-Mar-05 13:34:30

Just to let you all know this is worth visiting, esp. if you live in London.

We went yesterday for one of the free events. Free events listed here .

It was in a special stage / seating area at the Royal Festival Hall with mats / soft seats everywhere, African fabrics creating a nice ambience. Couples / families / kids of all ages / people of all colours.

Amazing music and later some drumming. Loads of kiddies bopping away, a few adults too.

There are also a pile of excellent concerts coming up (Listings and Tickets here ).

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