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Hi All mummy with mixed-race kids

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mumof3gals Sat 21-Jun-08 17:08:37


Im new found this website today and i must say its the 1st ive been on with a thread like this!!! : )
Im mum of 3 girls,all mixed race My oldest is 1/2 white and 1/2 indian-black,My 2nd is Half Asian with blond hair blue eyes!! and 3rd Half asian with dark hair and eyes.
Ive had all the comments going believe me are they yours? do they all have diffrent dads? I would love to talk to other mums with mixed-race kids.
Im white my oh is asian (hindu)

savoycabbage Sun 22-Jun-08 19:02:33

Hello, I have two mixed-race girls. They are 4 and 20 months. I live in a really white area and my dds don't really know any children who aren't white and I don't know anyone who is in a similar situation to me.

3timer Mon 23-Jun-08 05:37:42

Hi there!
I have 3 mixed race childre, 2 daughters age 6 and 3 and a little boy age 19mths.

Must say I have never been questioned about my kids! Must be strange?

Whereabouts are you living? I live in Dublin,

I thought it was great to find this thread, its a bit quiet though!
Talk soon!

candyfluff Mon 23-Jun-08 14:10:20

hi there i also have 3 mixed race chilren 2 boys and a girl .half white half bangladeshi,havent had any bad comments but think that is because they are very light skinned ,just look like they have a tan!!!
im blonde and very pale and dh is mid brown .i would of loved one of them to come out darker but to no avail!!!!

slinkiemalinki Mon 23-Jun-08 17:06:36

Hi, my DD is half Asian (my husband - also Hindu - Punjabi so not that dark himself). She looks like she's had a good holiday, dark-ish hair and eyes... pretty much exactly halfway between the two of us.
Very interesting thread, am currently pg with #2 and have been expecting him to be the same "shade" (!) so will be interesting to see as the penny has just dropped he could look totally different!!

Paris88 Mon 07-Jul-08 10:03:59

Hi, I have a 2 1/2yro and a 4 mther who are both european/ asian. We live in China, in my husbands home town and there are very few white people here so we get all kinds of comments. Most people find the boys beautiful and love their white/ pale skin. We also get comments on having 2 kids in a 1 child policey country (both children are foriegn cits as am I)

k01 Mon 04-Aug-08 16:42:57

hi back to the first message i have a 10 month old boy im white blue eyes patner is mixed race (barbados) our son is white with bright red curly hair and blue eyes we get asked alot if he is the dad which is sad really and quiet upsetting for partner x

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