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Hi All mummy with mixed-race kids

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mumof3gals Sat 21-Jun-08 17:08:35


Im new found this website today and i must say its the 1st ive been on with a thread like this!!! : )
Im mum of 3 girls,all mixed race My oldest is 1/2 white and 1/2 indian-black,My 2nd is Half Asian with blond hair blue eyes!! and 3rd Half asian with dark hair and eyes.
Ive had all the comments going believe me are they yours? do they all have diffrent dads? I would love to talk to other mums with mixed-race kids.
Im white my oh is asian (hindu)

Loriycs Tue 24-Jun-08 14:46:37

hi, my eldest is half asian/ half white. Up to the age of 2 she had very fair hair and blue eyes, gradually her skin and hair darkened. By 12 she had dark brown hair, hazel eyes and coffee colored skin. My youngest is half italian and at present has blond hair and blue eyes and looks exactly like me as a child, her dad has brown eyes, very dark hair and olive skin.But she's only 18 months so who knows....

mimismummy Tue 24-Jun-08 14:55:28

Hi! I am mixed indian and white british so have light brown skin. DH is white and red-haired. DS has white skin and dark brown hair, dd1 has my colour skin and light brown hair, dd2 is white with ginger hair! I am sure people think I am dd2's childminder as she looks so different from me! But, saying that, no-one has ever asked me the questions you have been asked,which i must admit I find strange considering how different dd2 looks to me. i love having such a mixed and varied family!

ManhattanMama Tue 24-Jun-08 14:58:40

I'm mixed black African and white. DH is white with blond hair and blue eyes.

DS came out the spitting image of his dad - white skin, blond hair, blue eyes. His hair is just starting to curl like mine did when I was younger so think he may end up with a loose blond Afro!

I've been asked if I'm his nanny on numerous occasions - it used to annoy me but what can you do? I'm intrigued to see what any future kids look like - am half hoping for a girl with my colouring next time.

MKG Tue 24-Jun-08 15:16:59

I'm white with brown hair and blue eyes and dh is Mexican with dark skin, black hair and dark brown eyes..

So ds1 is white like me with light brown hair and light brown eyes.

Ds2 is darker than ds1 but not as dark as dh with light brown hair and light brown eyes. They don't really look like either of us but they look like each other.

mumofoneboy Thu 26-Jun-08 20:29:20

Hi i'm new to this site.

I have a boy who's dad is from Glasgow and i am Carribean.

My ds has the most wonderfully head of curly brown and ginger hair.

He is quite fair as well.

Loriycs Thu 26-Jun-08 23:56:11

A mixed race guy from a large family once told me, if you mix black afro carribean and white (in any ratio) if the offspring is light skinned his hair is usually dark and soft and if he/she is darker skinned his hair is usually lighter and coarser. Looking at his family that tended to be the case, but is this generally so???

solo Fri 27-Jun-08 00:23:20

I'm half Indian/half white English, Dp is half black carribean/half white English. I'm half olive skinned and half pale English rose white skin(very odd),Dp is light skinned, but black iyswim! We both have dark hair and eyes, but his mum has grey eyes, my mum has green eyes. Our Dd has light stark white skin, browny/blond curly hair and blue eyes. Have regular windups conversations with Dp as to ' who her father is' (he winds me up) hmm

My Ds(his father was white skinned/black hair/blue eyes)is light olive skinned and brown eyes/hair. His hair used to be curly(when a baby)like mine, but is thick and straight now.

Loriycs Sun 29-Jun-08 20:05:44

how lovely,incidentally- what does iyswim mean??

ddusia Thu 11-Sep-08 12:57:31

I'm white european (white skin, brown hair, hazel eyes) my partner is half indian/portuguesee (dark hair,skin,brown eyes) Our baby has brown hair, caramel skin and blue-grey eyes! He's only six months now so they might change. Only my dad and my twinsister have blue eyes! You never know!

KnackeredOne Sat 22-Jan-11 09:21:55

Hello there, brand new to Mumsnet, and it was this strand that got me hooked.

Got 2 kids - mixed obviously. I'm mixed myself (southern african, greek, portuguese), hubby white.

Daughter has got gorg hair, but goodness does it get dry and knotty!

I've made up a concoction with Olive Oil, Avocado oil and Coconut oil, Jojoba oil

Put on straight after wash, comb/brush out only ever whilst wet, and put hair into twists or braids, only 4. Not enough time in the day! wink.

BEDTIME: Just 4 braids or twists, either leave in next morning or loosen depending on my instructions from 'Madame'

Top up lightly with oil on mid section of hair and ends through the week as needed.

Works an absolute treat

KnackeredOne Sat 22-Jan-11 09:26:25

Opps sorry, forgot to add. Daughter is nearly 3, and has so far never suffered the dreaded lice attack from nursery, despite the usual/expected infestations.

YoSugar Fri 11-Feb-11 15:31:13

Hi All, love this thread.

My DC's are both mixed race(Irish and black. DC1 is mediterannean -looking with bright blue eyes. her skin is darker in summer, but paler in Winter. She sometimes looks mixed race -sometimes white. My younder DC is much paler and completely caucasian-looking with hazel/brown eyes.

I am constantly mistaken for the nanny - until I whip out my boob to breast feed .......then I become the 'wet nurse'.

It makes me gigle the looks I get............. But I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

tigercametotea Mon 04-Jul-11 13:45:12

I am half Malaysian half Chinese, DH is mixed Dutch/German/Italian and our 2nd DC came out with my skin (medium light, tans easily) but light greyish green eyes and brown hair with light brown bits, small goldilocks ringlet curls which turns into a large bush if combed out. 1st DC has straight hair - like Chinese hair - and hair is dark brown in colour. Her skin is pale and burns easily and she has large dark brown eyes. 3rd DC has wavy dark brown hair with pale skin that burns easily, and he has very dark, almost black eyes.

2nd DC attracts the most attention though because people seem to find it so peculiar that a Chinese-looking mum can have a child who has brown curly ringlet hair and light eyes.

royaljelly Wed 06-Jul-11 00:39:10

I am 1/2 Nigerian. My DS looks like me now but when he was younger he had blonde curls and only got tanned once past the factor 50+ suncream stage. Now he is 13 he is darker but his hair still has blonde streaks in summer. People used to think he was either my mothers (white) child or he belonged to my 14 yr old half sister (she got sick of people tutting at her and thinking she was a gym slip mum if she took him out)

My daughter has wavy brown hair with blonde streaks, and blue /grey eyes. She has a pale complexion, but a slight african nose and lips. She also has my high cheekbones. Her dad is Irish and we both have brown eyes but my grandmothers on my mums side were blue. Strangers constantly ask where is your mum even when I am stood near her.

I must say though that mixed race children seem to get the best of both worlds and are absolutely stunning.

Elsy Mon 01-Aug-11 19:04:12

I am white but quite dark colouring (dark brown hair, brown eyes). DH is Indian with dark brown skin and black hair. DD1 was exactly as we expected - brown eyes, very dark brown hair, olive skin. DD2 was a complete surprise - olive skin but lighter brown hair and blue-grey eyes! We waited and waited for her eyes to change to brown, but she's 2 now and they're still blue-grey.

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