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Looking for mixed race children in the East Midlands area.

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savoycabbage Tue 15-Apr-08 19:36:22

Hi, I live kind of between Nottingham and Derby and I have two little girls aged one and four. I am white and my husband is black and we live in a REALLY white area and my children don't know many people who aren't white. My oldest is really starting to notice and talk about it. She has been known to point to black men on the street and shout 'DADDY!' which is obviously very embarrassing! She is not the most confident child and it would be fantastic for her to meet some other children who are not white. She met a little girl in IKEA nearly a year ago now and she is still talking about it and is really excited if she meets anyone with curly hair. Nottingham and Derby are both very multi-cultural places but you can't really go up to people and ask to be their friend - I know as I have actually tried....

pinkmagic1 Wed 16-Apr-08 12:05:59

I'm in Nottingham with 2 kids, a dd of 17 months and a ds whos nearly 4. I'm white British and DH is North African. Where abouts are you?

savoycabbage Wed 16-Apr-08 17:30:44

I live in Heanor which is not far from Nottingham really but it's like another world. Only this morning in the waiting room at the Doctors a bloke stopped his little girl from playing with mine. He didn't say why but he made her come out of the part with all of the toys and sit next to him and then stared at me to make sure I knew he had a problem with me marrying someone he didn't approve of.

marialuisa Fri 18-Apr-08 16:03:27

I know it's a drag but could you take her into Derby for activities? There are definitely mixed race kids at Derby Dance on a Saturday morning, for example.

chickenmama Fri 18-Apr-08 17:48:30

shock at the doctors surgery story!

I'd love to meet up (my dd is almost 2) but we're all the way down in Essex.

159159 Sat 19-Apr-08 15:50:58

hi, grin to this thread as i am in a simular situation and am unsure what to do as like you said you cant just walk up to people and ask to be there friend smile
Chickenmama - where abouts in essex are you? Im near Chelmsford........DD is almost 3.....

savoycabbage Sat 19-Apr-08 16:21:22

No you can't really. And it's not that bad if you have the non-white family around you but we don't. I want my four year old to know that there are other families like hers so when somebody says something unkind to her she doesn't feel that she's on her own.

Hi marialuisa, where is Derby Dance? I do go to Derby for swimming and I even go to the supermarket in Derby so that we can see other and I quote 'brown people'.

159159 Sat 19-Apr-08 16:28:07

lol lol savoycabbage i have just reread your orig post lol DD's dad is the only black person she speaks to so she also points to most if not every black man she see saying 'daddy??' in that question voice. Bless the kids eh

savoycabbage Sat 19-Apr-08 16:43:24

Yes, I look like I have trained her up to pick up men for me! I have to say "YOUR DADDY IS AT WORK" so that they can hear.

159159 Sat 19-Apr-08 17:18:58

Snap lol grin
To make things worse she calls my dad 'daddy', she refuses to call him 'grandad' lol She's said it a few times in her sleep so we know she can lol

savoycabbage Sat 19-Apr-08 19:27:44

That is worse! I'm glad it;s happening to someone else too.

chickenmama Sat 19-Apr-08 19:37:44

oooh 159159, I'm in Chelmsford... we'll have to meet up! grin

159159 Tue 22-Apr-08 00:13:26

grin Chickenmama email me on grin
savoycabbage i hope you find someone in your area smile There must be lots of mums on here in Nottingham.
I'll bump you every day im on here (4ish times a wk) its normaly late at night but it could help smile

marialuisa Tue 22-Apr-08 12:21:06

Derby Dance

Just round the corner from Queens Leisure Centre.

savoycabbage Tue 22-Apr-08 14:22:11

Thankyou 159159 for that and thanks marialuisa. I will try Derby Dance.

159159 Wed 23-Apr-08 12:47:55

Bumping....... wink

159159 Tue 29-Apr-08 16:44:09

Hey Savoycabbage Hows it going? Have you been to Durby Dance?

159159 Wed 30-Apr-08 16:36:40


savoycabbage Wed 30-Apr-08 18:35:49

Hi 159159, no I haven't as it clashes with football, at least until she is five which is not that long really. It has inspired me to do more things in Derby and Nottingham though.

All I want is one little friend for her!!!!!

159159 Wed 30-Apr-08 20:10:39

Oh sweety, come move to Chelmsford and we'll b ur friends smile
I'll keep bumping if you want- must say i expected more posts on here

marialuisa Thu 01-May-08 15:52:53

If you're up for travelling you might try activities here:

The Uni crowd is fairly diverse!

Hellsbells82 Sat 03-May-08 12:36:03

Aww bless your little girl, our baby daughter is white-black mix but so light she looks white, everywhere we go people say "isn't she dark" without realising she's dual heritage, I think she's going to have the opposite problem and be convinced she's white! We live in Coventry which is a pretty mixed area and I really like the fact there's children from all different cultures at the nurseries etc.

159159 Sat 03-May-08 20:55:45

Bumping xx

159159 Sun 04-May-08 14:14:51

Lazy sunday bump wink

savoycabbage Wed 07-May-08 19:13:02

Still nobody!

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