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anyone english with a bengali husband?

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3kidsisquiteenuff Fri 11-Apr-08 11:41:59

hi just wanting to chat with any other mums with mixed race kids and all the challenges it brings

Halzer Sun 03-Aug-08 20:46:55

Woah Boulders! You got married in Bangladesh! How was it getting married there?
My inlaws wanted me to get married in Bangladesh but I just wanted to get it over with quickly before they changed their minds. LOL!
A Mullah came over to his sisters house and we did it there. We arent married in 'English law' but we plan to take the kids away with us when they are a bit older and have our own private ceremony on the beach or something.

Boulders Mon 04-Aug-08 17:53:31


It was good! My OH's parents are in Bangladesh and we had the wedding at his Uncle's house, it wasn't the full lenghty version just the official and religious part so it was probably similar to yours. Then we stayed for a holiday and vistied various relatives in Noakhali, Dhaka & Chittagong (my husband is not Shyletti, he is from Noakhali). We also went to the Bay of Bengal at Cox Bazaar.

I am really impressed that you can speak Bengali, I've got a couple of CDs/Books and have tried but not done too well! I am hoping that our son will pick it up as he is only 7months at the mo so should find it easier to learn as he learns English. Can your kids speak Bengali?

When are you going to Bangladesh? I think you will impress all the locals with the way you have made such an effort with your MIL and the language.

sufianoor Fri 08-Aug-08 00:49:09

hi everyone how you been i still want to link up it really would be great email me if any of you guys want take care my lovelies

Boulders Fri 08-Aug-08 13:32:18

I can't be in on the meet as I don't live near London (I am in East Anglia).

Have a good time!

Halzer Sat 09-Aug-08 20:18:51

Yes come on girls...whats going on? Maybe everyone wants to let the holidays finish before we meet? The problem is that Ramadhan starts at the beginning of september so meeting up then might be tricky..
Help....Im in need of some english conversation!!!

Justthe3ofus Tue 12-Aug-08 16:04:43

Hi, are any of you still around? I am a white New Zealander and my DH is from Bihar in India (close to Bengal!). Would love to chat!

neefah Sat 16-Aug-08 17:38:40

hi i am married to a bengali.i find it very difficult as i also feel that they see us as not good enough.would love you meet anyone in the east midlands.

beeny Sat 16-Aug-08 17:55:06

im asian married to english from bihar

sufianoor Mon 18-Aug-08 02:36:15

omg i cant believe not one of you guys emailed me, anyway im free to meet up with you guys anyday really except for tuesday because im in hospital, but any other day is fine with me im gonna do something really really out of charcter now and give you guys my number so pls feel free to call me and we can arrange where and when to meet up if you guys are still up for it that is anyway my number is 07728380686
ball is in your court now take care and hope to hear from at least one of you guys soon wink

Halzer Mon 18-Aug-08 14:38:04

I sent you an email last night sufia...
Hope to hear from you soon. wink

sufianoor Mon 25-Aug-08 00:33:39

halzer why have u replied my text i truely hope i dint dissapoint u or make a bad impression pls forgive me if i did sad

eandz Mon 25-Aug-08 01:06:02

hi hi everyone. lost this thread for a while.

i'm close to term. y'all wana come to my house for lunch?

maybe on a friday?

eandz Mon 25-Aug-08 01:11:19

oh, you guys can add me to facebook if you look for my school email address:

moondog Mon 25-Aug-08 06:44:29

Hi girls smile
I'm in Bangladesh at present (Dhaka)wher my dh works.

What a great place!
Wewent up to Rangpur and environs last week.
What strikesme most is

1. How gorgeous women look in shalwar khameez
2. The staggering green of the paddy fields
3.)The great art on the rickshaws and lorries.

I'm going home next week but next time I'm here we will go to Cox/s Bazaar and the Sunderbahns.

Also, what lovely lovely people !

eandz Mon 25-Aug-08 11:53:23

really moondog?

my husband has been scaring me about how destitute bangladesh is. granted he's only been 3 times in his life and he compares it to london.

i'm quite terrified of going to dhaka to be honest, but i know since i skipped the wedding trip i can't skip the 'meet the first grandchild trip' ...

moondog Mon 25-Aug-08 17:13:05

Eandz, yes there is plenty of poverty but also a growing middle class and lots of shops and restaurants comparable to any in other parts of world.

It is afull on place-a heaving seething mass of humanity with worst traffic Ihave ever seen.

Still great though.

Boulders Tue 26-Aug-08 18:04:42

Hi Moondog
Sounds like you're enjoying the best of Bangladesh. What's your husband job out there?

Halzer Tue 26-Aug-08 21:37:24

OMG sufia! Just popped in here to read your post! Dont be silly! You were great!
Sufia and I met up last week at my house and we had a great chat. Im gonna text you now Sufia.
Are you all still meeting up soon? Count me in if you are!

Halzer Tue 26-Aug-08 22:05:30

EandZ...I searched for you on Facebook using your email addy but the search didnt come up with anything.

sweet78 Tue 09-Dec-08 03:02:57

Hi Every1,
Well i have been dating a bengali man for ova 6 mths now,im welsh mixed race british/black.
And we have been talkin bout getting married and letting his family know but i have 1 big problem i wasalready married to a pakistani and have 2 children with him (bet they goin to love me)and im really scared of wot they goin to say as i knows he loves me dearly but he aint that strong enough i think to go against them (he wants us to marry then tell them) doi agree or make him stand up and face it first?????

beeny Tue 09-Dec-08 22:40:54

Make him tell them first.

MyPrincess Thu 11-Dec-08 09:57:25

Hey Sweet78,
I'm in exactly the same situation as you, it would be really good to talk. My head is spinning. I didn't realise that there were so many people in this situation. Gives me hope

Halzer Sun 14-Dec-08 16:38:04

Sweet 78..

DONT get married before telling his parents.
That will probably make his parents really dislike you and they might think that you made him get married that way.
Its tough meeting Bengali parents for the first time, and as you have kids it may be especially tough for you. My advice would be to play by the rules. Do everything 'right' and hopefully his parents will see that you both care for each other enough to give their blessing for you both to get married.
If you did get married would you be living separately from your inlaws?

mixedmama Fri 02-Jan-09 16:54:37

just saying hi havent been on for ages... just wanted to say that i have emailed sufia and eandz about future meet ups... am in kentish town, so dont be alarmed when u see an email from a strage person

brummiegal Wed 21-Jan-09 08:25:40

ive been with my partner for 13 years and have 3 kids.He is bengali and i am english.Never learned bengali but would love to learn.anyone on here from birmingham?

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