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Any Canadians out there?

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nametaken Mon 11-Feb-08 19:59:28

Just wanted to ask a couple of things

cally10 Tue 12-Feb-08 17:33:54

Hey there,
A Canadian here. Been living in the UK for the past 12 years. Ask away - will try to answer any questions if I can. smile

chibi Tue 12-Feb-08 17:40:07

am also Canadian ask away

nametaken Wed 13-Feb-08 17:38:17

Oh thank goodness, I was beginning to think there weren't any Canadians on mumsnet.

We are emigrating (hopefully) to either Toronto or Vancouver later this year and I was just wondering initially whether there was such a thing as a Canadian mumsnet so I can chat to people there and ask about school and stuff and lurk and read their threads.

Desparately want to fit in when I get there.

Any suggestions?

chibi Wed 13-Feb-08 17:43:12

when i left canada i was but a mere slip of a girl with no thoughts of children in my empty head. I will ask some canadian mum friends + get back to you.

If you have a choice, go for Vancouver. Toronto may be the centre of the universe grin but Vancouver has better weather and friendlier people.

cally10 Wed 13-Feb-08 19:18:14

Am in the same position as chibi as I left pre-baby days. Will ask some Canadian mom friends & get back to you too....

Both cities are great. Have only visited Vancouver once (as I'm from Toronto grin) & really enjoyed it. They each have their pros & cons!

brimfull Wed 13-Feb-08 19:23:30

I also grew up in Canada.

Have been here for donkey's yrs now though,all my family still live there.

Vancouver weather much nicer imo.But it is expensive to buy property there.

lounan Fri 15-Feb-08 03:57:49

Hi not canadian(british) but living in montreal try not as fast paced as mumsnet but still good to make new friends.

hellish Fri 15-Feb-08 04:32:16

Hi, I am British but living in Ottawa - haven't looked for Canadian mumset, spend too much time on here.

hellish Fri 15-Feb-08 04:32:42

Hi, I am British but living in Ottawa - haven't looked for Canadian mumset, spend too much time on here.

nametaken Sun 17-Feb-08 16:00:47

thanks guys, have had a look at Canadian Parents website and it looks promising. Any other advice gratefully received!!!

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