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"Racial literacy" of white parents

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Zinger Fri 03-Dec-04 20:40:38

I've just been sent a pdf document "A White Side of Black Britain: the concept of racial literacy" - although it focuses on white couples who adopted black children, it looks more generally at the ability of white parents to prepare multiracial children to cope with racism.

Please CAT me if you'd like me to email it to you.

mammya Mon 06-Dec-04 21:16:51

Thanks for sending me that article Zinger, it's really interesting. It's an issue I have been giving some thought to ever since I've had dd, and it's given me some different angles to consider. If you have some more on the same subject please let us know!

pedilia Fri 17-Dec-04 00:44:20


having some problems with cat, but would love a copy, help !!!

Zinger Fri 17-Dec-04 13:18:57

Pedilia - hopefully you've got it now?

Zinger Fri 17-Dec-04 13:20:06

The focus is actually more on white birth parents than I thought! Got the description off the web before reading the article myself.

pedilia Fri 17-Dec-04 20:31:57

Thanks zinger

franch Sat 12-Mar-05 11:40:37

Hi all, Zinger here. Does anyone still have a copy of the article I emailed to them? Someone's just CAT-ed me to email it to them and I can't find it on my PC!

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Sat 12-Mar-05 12:13:20

I do. Will try to email it back to you, have got DT1 on my lap at the moment and she's not making things easy. lol

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Sat 12-Mar-05 12:19:47

Emailed you!

franch Sat 12-Mar-05 12:30:17

Ta Mars

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