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Hello im new

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natlee Wed 01-Dec-04 00:12:01

Hello im nat and i live in camberwell with my four lovely mixed race kids.I am white dh is black british jamaican parents, i introduced myself last nite but i dont think i did it in the right place , im not too good with all this technical stuff to be honest but im a tryin
thanks to tamla for your words of welcome and good luck with the new arrival
I love kids as you probably gathered from the amount i have [id have more tomorrow but i think dh would have a fit] lol
life is very hectic around here as i am currently preparing to go back to college to finish my teaching degree and i wondered if anyone else has any tips or experience for sudying and running a home and looking after kids, man, pets ,ect ec t...... so thats all for now but hopefully chat to some of you soon xx

tammybear Wed 01-Dec-04 00:17:54

hi natlee, just wanted to say welcome to mumsnet

sallystrawberry Wed 01-Dec-04 00:22:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cha Wed 01-Dec-04 16:25:36

Hi - this place is great, welcome to mumsnet! You'll get the hang of everything techie soon enough - if I can then anyone can.

yingers74 Wed 01-Dec-04 20:04:56

natlee, welcome to mumsnet and welcome to the multi-racial families section! I am also a mum to a mixed race child and hopefully one day another one will come along - don't get me started on that one!

good luck with college

joash Wed 01-Dec-04 20:15:57

Hi Natlee, just wanted to say welcome. Not mixed race myself, but do have mixed race brothers and sisters (and neices & nephews, etc, etc).

peskykids Wed 01-Dec-04 21:22:08

Hi Natlee,
Good luck with the studies - what are you going to teach?
How old are your kids?

Am thinking about what 'advice' i can offer but it's all rather slatternly ermm... drop the cleaning, sod the ironing (I don't even own an iron and I'm very proud of it!), and bulk cook food whenever you can.

(Oh, and don't get addicted to mumsnet - it east up your life! I'm supposed to be doing my planning for big family crombo right now.. third night running I've got distracted!)

natlee Wed 01-Dec-04 23:36:44

Hi again everyone thanks for the welcome.... well my kids are aged 7[ds1] 5 [dd] 15mnths[ds2] and 5mnths[ds3] yessss that is a small age gap between the last 2 i was already pregnant by my six week check but hey they are all great kids and it is tough but worth it
my littlest bubba has a cleft palate [not lip] and we are waiting for surgery wich will happen in march and that has been really hard as he is on assisted feeding and when he was tiny had to be fed every 20 minutes by syringe so i feel quite exhausted ....but hey a cleft palate is not anything awful it can be fixed and if that is my little bit of 'bad luck' after having the other three then im cool with that i mean so many babies are really really sick and i have seen some really heartbreaking stuff up at the hospital with him so i just think THANK GOD, you know, as for the teaching i hope to teach reception one day definately not secondary school i just could not cope with that at all farrrrrrrrrrr to stressfull lol anyway over and out for now nite

MarsselectionboxLady Wed 01-Dec-04 23:40:06

hi natlee and welcome. This is a fab place to be, but do know this, it is as time consuming as the kids. Probably more so lol. And I have 5. 12, 10, 6 and 9months.

JoolsTide Wed 01-Dec-04 23:42:24

hello and welcome - my usual name is JoolsToo - hope you have a nice experience on MN!

heymissy Thu 02-Dec-04 12:36:45

Hello natlee, very big welcome to you though thats silly coming from me as I'm still quite new here too. I live in Camberwell as well, but have only one cherub a dd aged nine months. If we write mumsnet on our foreheads we can wave at each other should pass each other by in Dog Kennel Hill Sainsburys or Camberwell Green Superdrugs

Zinger Fri 03-Dec-04 19:02:50

Hi Natlee - welcome

Dev81 Mon 13-Dec-04 20:54:50

hi natlee and welcome i still fel new even though i've been here for a couple of months now i also have a mixed race ds i'm black xp is white i live in oval and am also studying have you tried the student parents messaging boards you might get some good advice on there

GoingMad Sun 30-Jan-05 18:20:59

I'm new to! I stumbled on this website by accident and am glad I did. I'm mixed race and have a son of two months. My partner is Black affrican. I'm going mad hense the nickname. can't believe i'm a mum!

crouchingtigeress Sun 30-Jan-05 21:28:00

Oh I'm so glad the forum started up again I thought everyone had left the country.

Hello all
I'm mixed race, also new(ish), have an eighteen month old boy, Cameroonian husband,I've kinda got use to being a mum now - even though I sometimes look at him and think WOW.

Natlee you have a lot going on, do you have a support network? anyone who can mind the kids for a morning or afternoon.

My degree only runs each Saturday, 9-4, I usually stay in the library until 10pm, to get the reading done or finish assignments.

You are an inspiration- keep up the good work, teaching will be a minor, once you've finished your studies.

network Mon 31-Jan-05 13:12:29

Hi All

I'm also new joined last week and hoping to talk lots on this site. I'm afro carib, DH white Eng, DD 5 in March.

Dinadoll Sun 06-Feb-05 17:41:56

Hello everyone

I'm new to the site - was just surfing the net and came across this site which I think is fab! I'm a mum of 1 - DD 19 months - I'm black - British born (East African origin) - DH is white. We live in Hampton (Middlesex) not sure if there are any other mum from that area? Looking forward to chatting with all you mums - I think the topic discussions are great - and it's also great to network!

moosh Mon 07-Feb-05 12:04:44

Hi all new comers and welcome. Natlee I am a student as well as mum to two ds's one 5 and one11 months. I am doing a homestudy Yoga course to eventually teach it. I have already been studying for the last two years and have qualified in Indian Head and full body Massage. I just fit it in here there and everywhere. I make sure I practice my Yoga while ds2 is having his 2 hour nap in the afternoon and ds1 is at school, 5 times a week but do no college work at weekends. The theroy work i do when both boys are sleeping at night about 3 times a week. Good luck its great to study because you do feel a sense of acheivement when you pass.

network Mon 07-Feb-05 13:11:19

Hi All who have just joined.

Pls go on the meet up thread and add as i and my DD are keen to meet u all.

Blu Tue 08-Feb-05 13:02:35

natlee - Hi!
Where is your little one going for surgery? King's? My DS had 4 operations before he was one, so I can give you a detailed guide as to how to survive life in the children's wards at king's when the time comes! (he'll be FINE).

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