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West Indian food

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Cha Sun 07-Nov-04 14:04:43

Am bored to death with what I cook and although I have dabbled with West Indian food, it has always been with my friend beside me, telling me what to do. As she can't be there every meal time, I would love some help!
I don't eat or cook meat - major drawback, I know - but am happy to do fish and seafood. At the moment I have 6 plantains in my frige all begging to be cooked, and a forlorn tin of ackee. Any suggestions? Dp's Mum is from Aruba (then Monseratt and Antigua) - are there any good dishes from there that anyone knows?

MarsLady Sun 07-Nov-04 14:08:01

what about curried goat or jerk chicken? then of course there's baked chicken ~(used to be fried until we all got health conscious

Cha Sun 07-Nov-04 14:12:58

Don't do meat - sorry! I know, I know, how can I start a thread like this, dumb. Still, there must be some good fish / seafood recipes out there - like can you do jerk prawns??

KateandtheGirls Sun 07-Nov-04 14:14:11

As you don't eat meat, goat and chicken are probably out of the question!

Your question took me back to my holiday in Jamaica earlier this year. The food was so yummy. Could you do jerk with fish or prawns? And how about seafood curry? I had some fritters, I think they were conch and ackee. Yum.

If you do a google search you could probably find some recipes.

KateandtheGirls Sun 07-Nov-04 14:14:34

Post crossed cha!

MarsLady Sun 07-Nov-04 14:15:56

you can jerk anything.

MarsLady Sun 07-Nov-04 14:17:27

give me a couple of days and I'll have half a dozen recipes for you. I'm sure that walkerswood have a website and you'll get loads there as well

jane313 Sun 07-Nov-04 14:20:23

I bought some of the west indian brands of food in the supermarket and they had recipes on the back. The salted cod was a bit of a faff but I like the rice and beans one. Basically it was gungo (?)beans mixed with rice but you cooked the rice with coconut milk instead of water. It was lovely.

KateandtheGirls Sun 07-Nov-04 14:20:38

Here's a website.

Here's another.

Here's another.

And another.

Getting hungry now!

merlot Sun 07-Nov-04 14:21:25

What's Jerk - sounds interesting!

MarsLady Sun 07-Nov-04 14:22:07

darling, we call it rice and peas. I know that it is beans, but that's what we call it. It's only a faff until you've done it a few times. Not really anymore difficult than most dishes. But then I did grow up on them, so I'll cut you all a little slack lol

KateandtheGirls Sun 07-Nov-04 14:22:41

It's marinated in spices - the strongest flavour is allspice, and also chillies. Yum, yum, yum!

merlot Sun 07-Nov-04 14:24:57

Want some now! Can someone courier me round a batch, my roast chicken could do with some pepping up!

jane313 Sun 07-Nov-04 14:25:41

Oh yes I remember now! I was thinking of the ones that i had in cuba. I'm not very good at bones so I hated picking them out of the cod. Theres two west indian restuarants near me and they both do lovely rum punches whcih is a bonus. In one they did chocolate chilli chicken which was really different and very nice.

MarsLady Sun 07-Nov-04 14:26:17

nice websites kateandthegirls. Haven't seen those before. Have bookmarked them. thanks

KateandtheGirls Sun 07-Nov-04 14:27:04

Jerk chicken

MarsLady Sun 07-Nov-04 14:27:23

jane you need to get back to that restaurant right now and demand the chocolate chilli chicken recipe. My mouth is watering at the thought. My mother NEVER cooked that!!!!!!!

jane313 Sun 07-Nov-04 14:28:55

they have a web site I think, not sure if recipes are on it. I'll look.

One of my friends said she used to melt a few cubes of bournville in her chilli.

KateandtheGirls Sun 07-Nov-04 14:29:15

The rum punch has my mouth watering and it's only 9:30am here!

When I was in the Caribbean I drank Miami Vices, which are half frozen strawberry dacquiri and half frozen pina colada.


KateandtheGirls Sun 07-Nov-04 14:30:05

In Mexico they do a similar thing with chocolate in the sauces, it's called a mole sauce.

jane313 Sun 07-Nov-04 14:30:28

no recipes I can see though, tyme

jane313 Sun 07-Nov-04 14:31:01

I always wondered what mole meant

incywincy Sun 07-Nov-04 14:33:42

Try here also recipes . Mmmmm now i'm hungry. The Black cake is to die for.

MarsLady Sun 07-Nov-04 14:33:45

You can buy jerk seasoning in the supermarket. You can get the dried version or a wet version by Walkerswood. Walkerswood do a mild and a spicy version. Start with the mild and graduate up. It really is spicy. The simplest way to do it is to mix a tin of tomatoes with a dessert spoon of jerk (wet version), pour on your chosen meat/fish and pop in oven. Don't forget to chop onions, peppers and mushrooms (whatever really) and add to mix. Taught DS1 and his class to do this, many grateful parents. DS1 does this for the family once a week. Of course taught him how to do rice and peas as well. Hiring him out. Any offers? lol

KateandtheGirls Sun 07-Nov-04 14:35:38

In case your son can't come to my house, how do you cook rice and peas, Marslady? My kids love that.

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