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Any London mums of mixed-race babies fancy meeting up?

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Zinger Mon 01-Nov-04 13:47:34

I'm in N1.

jampot Mon 01-Nov-04 13:48:21

are you excluding Zinger?

Zinger Mon 01-Nov-04 13:48:52

Oops - everyone welcome of course!

jampot Mon 01-Nov-04 13:49:50

I know you're just excited about having this topic

MarsLady Tue 02-Nov-04 23:00:06

Would love to. In N10.

Zinger Wed 03-Nov-04 10:45:26

Fabulous! Anyone else?

How old are your little ones MarsLady? I have a 9-month-old girl - I'm white and DH is black (parents Jamaican).

MarsLady Wed 03-Nov-04 10:58:21

talk later Zinger. teething twins and visitor coming. Mars

MarsLady Wed 03-Nov-04 11:28:04

Whilst it's quiet. Hi Zinger, hold your hat. DS1 is 11~(12 Dec}, DD1 is 10, DD2 is 6 and DD3 & DS2 are 8months. That's right, I have 5 in total. And before you ask, he has his appointment with the scissors at the hospital in a couple of weeks. lol

MarsLady Wed 03-Nov-04 11:30:42

DH is white and I am black Jamaican, born here. Live in N London.

toky Wed 03-Nov-04 13:05:46

Wow MarsLady, I'm impressed. Where would be a good place to meet?

Anyone else fancy joining us?

MarsLady Wed 03-Nov-04 16:48:06

Why don't we see where the majority of us are from and find the most central point? It could be great fun or a huge disaster. We need somewhere that people can opt in and out of easily. You may fear my fertile genes are catching lol.

yingers74 Wed 03-Nov-04 22:19:46

I am in w3 although wish i lived in north london where i am originally from, grew up in sunny n17!

toky Thu 04-Nov-04 09:33:26

So you up for a meetup yingers?

MarsLady Sun 07-Nov-04 20:39:25

when? where? anyone? anyone? Bueller????????

yingers74 Sun 07-Nov-04 21:20:24

toky, will certainly try!

Embee Mon 08-Nov-04 12:45:47

Hi I'm in w7 - would love to meet up. My daughter is 1yr. Any ideas on where?

MarsLady Mon 08-Nov-04 12:58:52

Maybe we should meet in town. Now are we talking with or without children?

Zinger Mon 08-Nov-04 13:01:20

Ooh, with, I think - if only to compare hair

Zinger Mon 08-Nov-04 13:02:14

A Pizza Express somewhere central-ish? (Would have to be a late lunch / afternoon tea thingy for me as DD sleeps till after 2)

MarsLady Mon 08-Nov-04 13:02:58

Then if we all like each other we should meet up without and get rip roaring drunk and complain about people's lack of understanding (just kidding) lol.

MarsLady Mon 08-Nov-04 13:03:43

As long as it is close to a station. Have twins will travel.

Zinger Mon 08-Nov-04 13:09:26

Sounds good to me on both counts MarsLady!

MarsLady Mon 08-Nov-04 13:12:20

Ok, so that's four of us. Any more takers?

Zinger Mon 08-Nov-04 13:12:47

Would Islington be difficult for anyone? I'm not brilliant at getting around with DD by bus and you'll probably all have left before I get there if we make it too far from N1 - also DD sleeps till after 2 (did I say that already?) so my timing might be a bit antisocial in any case.

Don't want to be selfish about location though - West End-ish would be OK too. What time of day is best for everyone else?

MarsLady Mon 08-Nov-04 13:14:34

Islington good for me.

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