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Books for mixed-race children

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toky Mon 01-Nov-04 13:09:28

So far the best I've found is the lovely African Princess by Lyra Edmonds.

Got "My Skin is Brown" by Paula de Joie out of the library but can't find it to buy online.

Bright Eyes, Brown Skin also looks good, and later on I'll probably buy Remember Me: Achievements of Mixed Race People, Past and Present .

What has anyone else found?

toky Mon 01-Nov-04 13:15:21

Ooh, and look at this: Black, White, Just Right

toky Mon 01-Nov-04 13:36:55

I'm on a roll:

These 2 on the Intermix site look good, although they might be hard to come by:

Through My Window by Tony Bradman & Eileen Browne
That's My Mum by Henriette Barkow & Derek Brazell

Poshpaws Mon 01-Nov-04 13:38:25

DS owns a copy of 'Black, White, Just Right.' So does my nephew.

Like the sound of the others. Shall have a look and see.

toky Mon 01-Nov-04 14:58:04

Aha - found "My Skin is Brown" (lovely board book) on a useful site:

jellymum Tue 02-Nov-04 11:28:17

Double the love - Bernard Ashley
not so much about being mixed race as about having two grandmums' just that one is balck and one is white
lovely book

moosh Tue 02-Nov-04 13:07:45

Yeah I have Black white just right and we got Double the Love from the library. Our library does great books can't remeber the names but it has rhyming books about all skin colours e.t.c.

toky Tue 02-Nov-04 13:10:33

moosh let us know if you remember the names of the library books you mention - I'm compiling a Christmas wishlist for DD!

toky Tue 02-Nov-04 13:10:52

Double the Love sounds LOVELY

moosh Wed 03-Nov-04 10:53:48

Am taking ds2 to library Friday hopefully if my scatty brain remembers I will jot down some of the books ds1 and I have borrowed over time.

toky Wed 03-Nov-04 10:56:10

Thanks moosh!

Zinger Thu 18-Nov-04 13:08:12

Just bought both DOUBLE THE LOVE and BLACK WHITE JUST RIGHT. Both lovely.

Interesting that all the protagonists of the storybooks I've bought so far (these 2 + AN AFRICAN PRINCESS - also highly recommended) are female. Great for me as I have a DD - but I was also looking for a 1st-birthday present for a friend's little boy - am going to give him DOUBLE THE LOVE but wonder if there are any mixed-race boy books out there? After all I may have a ds myself one day!

peskykids Thu 25-Nov-04 14:35:25

"My Best friend" by Pat Hutchins is a lovely book which my daughter has read over and over.
Unusual in simply showing black children in an everyday (Western) situation and no subtext!

peskykids Mon 29-Nov-04 21:20:28

Ooooooooooooooooooh!! Look at this. (I bet you all already know...but it's new to me and I'm really excited!!)

Do you all know about Letterbox Library??

Letterbox Library is a non-profit driven workers co-operative. It was started eighteen years ago by two single mothers operating from home, who wished to provide multicultural and non-sexist books for children - offering essential topics and titles which were sadly neglected by mainstream booksellers.

Over the years we have expanded but still hold firm to our co-operative values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. Our books can be found within educational institutions, libraries and homes throughout the UK and abroad. Customers come to us primarily for our unique book selection service.

Our Contact details: Letterbox Library, 71-73 Allen Road, Stoke Newington, London N16 8RY, UK.
Phone: 0207 503 4801 Fax: 0207 503 4800 Email:

falasportugues Sat 15-Oct-11 23:34:57

[ rapunzel]

falasportugues Sat 15-Oct-11 23:35:34


falasportugues Sat 15-Oct-11 23:37:56

sorry, messed up the link! I like the look of this but it is sadly expensive. perhaps another request at the library...

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