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Mixed Race Hair

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KatieMac Sun 31-Oct-04 15:57:15

If I start it here they can move it to the right place (If they decide to start a topic (& ever decide what to call it))

where do I start......

KatieMac Sun 31-Oct-04 21:34:23

Come on guys - quite a few of you wanted to talk hair....

Shall I start with how difficult I found it as a new mum dealing with Afro hair....and how my poor DD's hair borke and fell off 'cos I washed it too much.

Or about the time she got sand in it at playgroup and that cut the hairs and a load more fell out....

At least my SIL's both help keep me on the straight and narrow - however I was concerned that 'as she's nearly 7 - she should have it straightened' Not a chance

mammya Sun 31-Oct-04 22:14:59

Oh yes please I want to talk hair... I love my dd's mad curly hair, but boy is it hard work to maintain! Spent 2 videos plaiting it this morning! I count in videos because that's the only way I can get her to sit still for long enough...

KatieMac Sun 31-Oct-04 22:17:19

Been there ....done that.....I've cut it SHORT

People keep mistaking her for a boy (which is ridiculus) but when she swims 3 times a week it's more practical

sallystrawberry Mon 01-Nov-04 00:13:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

femi Mon 01-Nov-04 09:47:53

DD (9 months) has a gorgeous head of curls but oh, the agony of brushing and combing! I dread it every day. Currently using SOS shampoo (for dry hair & scalps) + Body Shop leave-in conditioner + Body Shop detangler. Then when I comb it I use BabyLove detangling spray. Too many products, I know! They build up and I have to wash them out - but if I don't use them it just goes into one big tangled fuzz. Also BabyLove has such a strong scent - ugh! Still experimenting as to what works best so would appreciate tips. Neither 'European' nor 'Afro' products seem to quite work. Sometimes I wish I lived in the States: seen this site ?

Also does anyone else get irritated at the way adults want to touch mixed-race hair all the time, like they want to know what it feels like? I've never seen white babies being touched in this way and it gets on my nerves. DH (afrocaribbean) says he suffered from this all the time at school and it became a big thing for him.

femi Mon 01-Nov-04 09:51:40

And - as the white mum of a mixed-race child, I feel such PRESSURE to get this thing right!! Oh, the shame of having a baby with 'bad hair' and ashy knees!

KatieMac Mon 01-Nov-04 10:17:11

Oh Femi you are SO right everyone touches her hair - it's like an assault
In Spain she asked for a hat 'to stop people patting her - like a dog'!! out of the mouth of babes
I use Pro-line Oil Moisturizing Lotion - It's very good (and only one product) It builds up over the week but washes out quite easily (with head & Shoulders)

Poshpaws Mon 01-Nov-04 10:25:28

Hi all. Nice to know there are other mums on here with mixed-race babies!

I use a pink coloured shampoo for children with afro hair on Ds's hair (can't remember the name). Used to use Johnson's products but used to dry out his hair. Luckily it's ok for him to have it short

I also agree about the touching or marvelling at his curly hair, like it is something rather alien. People do it in a nice way, but it is very annoying.

femi Mon 01-Nov-04 10:31:24

Is it Beautiful Beginnings or some such, poshpaws?

Poshpaws Mon 01-Nov-04 10:45:52

No, that does not ring a bell. The label has a picture of a little black baby with very soft- looking hair.

It will come to me....eventually!!

BTW what are ashy knees?

misdee Mon 01-Nov-04 10:47:51

not mixed race, but cud u offer some advice?

my dd2 has a head of ringlets. its mad trying to keep the curls nice. what could i use on it? have tried detangling sprays, leave in conditioners etc, but she still wakes up with a big bush of hair at the back. any special brushes/treatments would be fab. asked my hairdresser, (who wont cut more than dd2 fringe lol), and she is stumped.

btw lots of people touch her hair as well. thinks its the novelty of curls really.

femi Mon 01-Nov-04 10:50:25

You know poshpaws when the skin goes all grey and ashy-looking because it hasn't been creamed!
Widely considered a classic sign of the neglectfulness/ignorance of white mums who don't know about the importance of lotion ...

femi Mon 01-Nov-04 10:51:34

You've described DD's hair exactly misdee. Wish I had the answer! The site might interest you too - link below

misdee Mon 01-Nov-04 10:52:30

can i see if this works here dd2 is 3rd pic

femi Mon 01-Nov-04 10:53:03

nope, got a file inaccessible message

misdee Mon 01-Nov-04 10:54:28

darn. will figure it out soon.

i have plaited dd2 hair the last few nights to stop the mttiness which makes things easier but now her hair isnt as curly. might go dampen it and curl it up.

misdee Mon 01-Nov-04 10:57:57

try again

was taken last year, so now dd2 hair is past her shoulders, more ringlets, and actually more blonde.

Poshpaws Mon 01-Nov-04 10:58:10

Ok femi, see what you mean. Being black myself, I hide my kness when I haven't creamed them . Have you tried cocoa butter?

misdee, don't know if you live in a multi-cultural area, but have you tried any of the afro shampoos on dd's hair? The ones for children are not oily or heavy so maybe of some use.

Must try and remember the name of that product....

misdee Mon 01-Nov-04 10:59:33

we did have an afro hair care shop in hatfield but it seems to have vanished the last time i went to hatfield. anything i can order online?

Poshpaws Mon 01-Nov-04 11:06:14

Sorry, don't know of any on-line shops. Maybe someone else may be able to help.

Poshpaws Mon 01-Nov-04 11:07:10

Oh...try ASDA. Apparently, they sell black hair-care products, although what their range is I'm, not sure.

misdee Mon 01-Nov-04 11:13:27

cheers. will have a look when i go to th one in stevenage (wont go in hatfield asda for personal reasons)

tech (MNHQ) Mon 01-Nov-04 11:15:29

We've added a "multiracial families" topic. I'll move this thread there. Regards, Tech

RnB Mon 01-Nov-04 12:06:38

Message withdrawn

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